Best React Reflex Ball for Boxing

Boxing requires you to be quick with your actions and react even quicker. To give yourself an advantage when boxing with someone, you need to work on your reflexes. A good way to do this is by investing in a react reflex ball for boxing.

They are known to improve agility, fight skills, hand-eye coordination, and speed. The real trouble, however, lies in picking the best react reflex ball since there are many options on the market. Worry not, we’ve done all the homework and picked some of the best react reflect balls for you to choose from.

Winner: TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball

TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball

The react reflex ball by TEKXYZ comes in two different options, making it suitable for both adults and children. Each pack comes with level 1 and level 2 balls. Both balls have different levels of difficulty. 

They have been specifically designed to be much softer and lighter than the usual tennis ball. This makes them very safe for use as there’s little to no risk of injuries to the eyes or nose.

This react reflex ball comes with an elastic cord that’s very easy to adjust. Moreover, the headband is adjustable as well. You will have no difficulty in getting it on and starting a nice workout.

The TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball is the perfect reflex ball for beginners and pros thanks to its 2 difficulty levels. There’s little to no learning curve and it’s easy to get started.


  • Ball made of rubber and foam for safe reflex practice
  • Durable and long-lasting cord
  • Does not require a gym for use


  • Available in a single size

Product Specifications:

Difficulty LevelPros and amateurs
Number of BallsTwo
Additional ItemsInstructions sheet

Runner-Up: Champs MMA Boxing Reflex Ball

Champs MMA Boxing Reflex Ball

This react reflex ball is great for beginners at boxing who want to progress up to the professional level. It encompasses 4 balls of varying difficulty levels.

This reflex ball is one of the few on the market with a rotatable buckle for ball attachment. This rotatable buckle prevents any random movements that can cause injuries or lack of control.

It is common to feel frustrated while using a reflex ball but you will have no such issues with this one.

The Champs MMA Boxing Reflex Ball set has an adjustable headband. It is easy to adjust and fits well. 

The Champs MMA Boxing Reflex Ball is good practice for beginners who wish to become pro boxers. Simply train with these react reflex balls and notice your boxing skills improve drastically.


  • Great for improving hand-eye coordination
  • Adjustable headband
  • Varying difficulty levels


  • Thin and fragile cord

Product Specifications:

Difficulty LevelPros and amateurs
Number of Balls4
Additional ItemsRotatable buckle

Alternative Option: SPANLA Boxing Fight Ball Reflex

SPANLA Boxing Fight Ball Reflex

The fight ball reflex by SPANLA is made for every boxer out there. It includes three balls of varying difficulty levels and is suitable for non-boxers as well. New users can opt for the black ball, the red one is for active individuals and the green one, weighing 60 grams, is for experts.

The SPANLA headband is full of a number of unique features including the comfortable Velcro strap that makes adjustments easy. What we liked the most about this reflex is its special ventilation system that ensures comfort and reduces sweat.

With this one, you will not have to worry about sweat burning your eyes and you’d be able to go for extended hours.

Looking for a good workout session as well as a reflex boxing training session? The SPANLA boxing fight ball reflex provides just that as it is among the best react reflex balls.


  • Extended Velcro for ease of adjustment
  • Soft silicone for headband durability
  • Compact packaging


  • The string does not come attached to the ball

Product Specifications:

Difficulty LevelProfessionals and beginners
Number of Balls3
Additional ItemsThree attachment hooks and a carryable bag

Alternative Option: YMX BOXING Ultimate Reflex Ball Set

YMX BOXING Ultimate Reflex Ball Set

The reflex ball set by YMX Boxing can be the right choice for anyone wanting to get their body in shape. It promises a good workout along with improved hand-eye coordination.

A great thing about the improved version of the reflex ball set is that it not only contains 4 balls of various difficulty levels, but it also has two sets of headbands. Both headbands are adjustable and comfortable to wear thanks to a Velcro strap.

With this one, you will never have to worry about running out of options.

No gloves or hand wraps are required to practice with the balls as they do not cause injury.

The YMX BOXING Ultimate Reflex Ball Set provides pros with varying difficulty levels so that they can make the most out of their training sessions. Plus, the huge number of additional items makes it one of the best react reflex balls.


  • Does not require boxing gloves
  • Varying difficulty levels
  • Comes with 4 extra cords


  • Can be tricky to change the balls

Product Specifications:

Difficulty LevelProfessionals and beginners
Number of Balls4
Additional Items3 cords and an extra headband

Alternative Option: Boxaball The Original Boxing Reflex Ball

Boxaball The Original Boxing Reflex Ball

People of all ages can make use of this reflex ball. It’s not only suitable for boxers but also for people looking to lose weight. The unpredictable movement of the ball calls for good arm and chest workout.

What we liked the most about this product is its headband that comes with a comfortable Velcro strap for easy adjustment. You can easily change the size of the headband according to your needs.

The build of the plastic string is pretty good, however, it may not be suitable for beginners as the string often stretches too much.

Get your hands on this one if you are looking for the best reflex ball for experts. The thin elastic makes it difficult to use, hence you will find it more challenging.


  • Comes with a money back guarantee
  • Good for a cardio workout
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Not for beginners

Product Specifications:

Difficulty LevelProfessionals and beginners
Number of Balls1
Additional Itemsnone

Alternative Option:  BattlePulse Reflex Ball

BattlePulse Reflex Ball

The BattlePulse reflex ball comes with an innovative 360-degree buckle that prevents any irregular movements of the ball. This provides a more supportive training session making it a good option for all kinds of users.

The headband contains a double layer of soft material and is comfortable to wear. Plus, it does not slip.

Made with a soft ‘polystyrene’, these react reflex balls are extremely soft and safe to train with.

For a more comfortable and non-slip headband that does not distract you during training, consider the BattlePulse Reflex Ball. This fight ball reflex combines innovative design with a good workout and is among the best reflex balls.


  • 360-degree buckle for a tangle-free training session
  • Built for all ages
  • Comfortable and durable design


  • Difficult to adjust the length of the cord

Product Specifications:

Difficulty LevelProfessionals and beginners
Number of Balls2
Additional ItemsCarryable bag

Alternative Option: Gdaytao Boxing Reflex Ball

Gdaytao Boxing Reflex Ball

Professional boxers like Vasyl Lomachenko seem to be a fan of this unique 80g rubber ball. This provides better stability and control than most other options out there and is known to be highly durable. 

Just like our previous head ball, this one also has a 360-degree buckle for added safety and fun.

You can choose from two difficulty levels and use it anywhere you like thanks to a headband that is easy to wear and adjust. However, we suggest that you use boxing gloves when using it as the ball is heavy and can cause injuries.

With its special weighted react reflex ball, the Gdayto Boxing Reflex Ball is good for professional boxers who want to train their reflexes. This makes it one of the best react reflex balls.


  • Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee
  • 360-degree innovative buckle
  • 80g ball for stability


  • Only suitable for pros

Product Specifications:

Difficulty LevelProfessionals
Number of Balls2
Additional ItemsNone

Alternative Options: BOXERPOINT Boxing Reflex Ball

BOXERPOINT Boxing Reflex Ball

Last on the list is the BOXERPOINT boxing reflex ball. It includes everything needed to get started including a manual. You get two difficulty level balls, so pick one that suits you more.

If you’re new to this then make sure to wear wraps for safety (included).

The highlight of this reflex ball set is the headband. It is adjustable up to a capacity of 26 inches and is anti-slip, hence no worries about having to pause every now and then.

We also like the Velcro strap it comes with. It is 100% sweat-absorbent which means it will not lose its sticking power even if you sweat. 

The BOXERPOINT Boxing Reflex Ball set can be a great purchase for anyone looking for the best react reflex ball. It works like a charm and is fun to use.


  • Eco-friendly and soft foam balls
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Moisture -absorbing Velcro strap


  • Can take a while to get used to it

Product Specifications:

Difficulty LevelProfessionals and beginners
Number of Balls2
Additional ItemsExtra strings with a tool for replacement and a carry bag

Best React Reflex Ball: FAQ

Let’s know more about the best reaction ball out there so you can pick the right one:

What are the benefits of using a boxing reflex ball?

Also known as a boxing head ball, a reflex ball for boxing is made to improve your reflexes and footwork. It’s a good way to become more agile whilst in boxing shoes too.

You need to be quick on your feet and have a fast reaction time to be a good boxer. These reflex balls can help you build your reflex skills from the comfort of your home without sustaining injuries.

Plus, this piece of equipment doesn’t require a training partner to learn and improve.

What are the different materials included in a kit?

A boxing head ball kit can include a variety of materials including:

  • Headband: Every reflex ball kit comes with its own headband. Look for an adjustable band that’s comfortable to wear.
  • Reflex Ball: Every kit comes with a different number of reflex balls for boxing. These are of various difficulty levels to make them fit for anyone to use and some are specifically designed for professional boxers.
  • Attachment Point: Every headband requires an attachment point for the cord containing the reflex ball. It is better to look out for a 360-degree rotating attachment point for safety and more control.

Can the best reaction ball lead to injuries?

Yes, if you are not careful, hence pick a ball that is not too heavy and wear hand protection if you’re new to punching.

Best React Reflex Ball: Conclusion

These were some of the best head balls for boxing. If we had to pick one we’d go with the TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball, however, other options on the list are also pretty good and reliable. Compare all these and pick what fits you the most.

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