Best Reflex Bags For Speed & Cardio Training

Reflex bags are one of the most common types of punching bags that people buy. They’re great for all levels of fighters, beginners and experts. Some may think that reflex punching bags are only for beginners and children, but that is far from the truth.

The best reflex bags come with smaller, harder to hit balls. As well as the ability to adjust the speed to make it a more challenging workout. We’re going to review these more advanced bags and beginner reflex bags.

Carry on reading to see the best reflex punching bags.

Top 9 Reflex Punching Bags

Ringside Cobra Flex Adjustable Punching Bag

Ringside Cobra Reflex Bag

The first reflex bag that we’re going to look at comes from the well-known boxing brand, Ringside. It is one of the most advanced on the list as instead of having the spring at the base of the stand, it is in the middle.

This makes the ball bounce back quicker than the other type. This means that you have to be quicker to react after you hit it the first time. In fact, this makes using this bag into a serious workout.

Ringside’s Cobra Reflex Bag is easy to set up. The base should be filled with water or sand, when full it weighs 140 lbs. Then, connect the stand to the base and apply the speedball.

The aim of using this bag isn’t to hit it with your full force, but to train your reflexes and footwork. So, put on your gloves, and boxing shoes and work hard to become a better boxer. It’s important not to overdo your punch force as this can damage the bag.

What’s also great about this bag is the fact that the heigh is fully adjustable. It starts at 5 feet, and goes all the way up to 7 feet. This makes it great for children, and taller persons. The material used over the entire structure is also top-quality. The speedball uses EPE foam, and the stand is stainless steel.


  • Adjustable height
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Revolutionary middle spring reflex bag


  • Known to rip if hit excessively hard

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Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag

Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag

Ringside is one of the best brands for reflex bags. This is clear from the second reflex bag from them that we’re going to review. Ringside’s fitness reflex bag is much cheaper than its Cobra Bag. This is because it’s an older, less advanced model. It has the chrome spring at the bottom of the stand instead of in the middle. As well as this, the bag head is a slightly bigger target making it easier to hit.

As with the cobra bag, this bag is also height adjustable. It starts at 49 inches and can be as tall as 69 inches. The plastic base is what keeps the stand in place, this can either be filled with water or sand. Water is obviously easier, but sand is heavier. The actual bag material uses a synthetic leather cover with foam material underneath.

This Ringside reflex bag is better for novices compared to the Ringside Cobra bag. So, it is a perfect first punching bag for someone. It’s advised to use boxing gloves whilst punching the bag, but you can also just use boxing wraps.


  • Height adjustable
  • Sturdy materials used
  • Great for cardio training


  • Not good for experienced fighters

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MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag

MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag

MaxxMMA has two types of reflex bags, this version is their advanced one as you can tell from the name. What’s impressive with MaxxMMA’s cobra reflex bag is the fact you can adjust the reflex speed and range. In total there are four-speed settings, which can make your training harder or easier.

This advanced model comes with two different size bags, as well as a pair of hand wrap gel gloves. The smaller size speed bag is harder to hit which can improve your precision punching. The bigger one is ideal for someone who has done a bit of boxing, but not a true beginner. For beginners, we recommend the other MaxxMMA reflex bag (see our review below).

The bag also comes with a core weight training bag which weighs 33 lbs. This should be placed on top of the base to increase the stability of the steel rod. This isn’t a replacement for filling the base with sand or water, that still needs to be done. It just adds extra weight for harder workouts.

Fortunately, MaxxMMA have made this bag simple to set up, taking just 15 minutes to do so. Just below the speedball is an anti-loose fixation screw. The use of this is to ensure that the ball won’t get looser each time you punch it.

It’s hard to go wrong with this reflex bag from MaxxMMA. Hands down it is one of the most advanced reflex punching bags on this list.


  • Easy to set up
  • 4 different speed settings
  • Comes with 2 sizes of speed bag
  • Comes with hand wraps and weight training bag


  • Not good if you prefer foam speedball

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MaxxMMA Free-standing Reflex Bag  

MaxxMMA Free-standing Reflex Bag

Next up is a reflex bag from MaxxMMA who have patented the tension adjustment feature. Included with the reflex bag is a core weight training bag which can also be used an anchor for double-end bags. By placing the weight training bag at the base of the reflex bag it makes it more sturdy for heavier training.

This reflex bag is also height adjustable, but not as fitting as both Ringside products. The height range is 53 inches to 61 inches. The base should be filled with water or sand even if you’re using the weight bag on top of it. The speedball isn’t made of foam, instead it’s a bladder that you need to pump up with air. Provided in the bundle is an air pump.

We like that you can adjust the tension of the spring to make the reflex bag swing back slower or quicker. If you’re more experienced then you’ll want it to rebound as quick as possible. This bag is a great way to increase your hand to eye coordination.

There are some comments that the inner bladder of the bag can deflate easily after use. This means you’ll have to pump it up occasionally. But, there have been some reports of the inner bladder breaking completely. If this happens MaxxMMA will replace it so make sure to reach out to them if that’s the case.


  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable tension settings for faster/slower rebounds
  • Comes with core weight training bag


  • Have to regularly pump up the inner bladder

Product Specs

Hurbo Reflex Punching Bag

Hurbo Reflex Speed Bag

Hurbo’s punching bag with reflex stand is next up. This reflex punching bag is suitable for teenagers (14+) and adults. It’s height starts from 53.5 inches and can reach 60.6 inches making it great for different height people.

There are three types of material used on this bag, plastic, metal and faux leather. The base of the punching bag is made of plastic, and needs filling with water or sand to make it stable. The stand is made from high-quality metal, and the speedball cover uses faux leather.

This reflex bag is ideal for use as an indoor or outdoor punching bag. It’s also extremely easy to set up. Hurbo claims that it doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes to complete the installation. Another claim that they make, is that it can be used 120,000 times before any issues with the bag occur. If this is true, we’re very impressed!


  • Great for teenagers and adults
  • High-quality materials used
  • Good for cardio workouts


  • Base could be sturdier
  • Not good for pro fighters

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Protocol Reflex Punching Bag Stand

Protocol Reflex Punching Bag

Protocol produces some of the best reflex punching bags. This is because they offer users the choice of two varieties, premium or standard. There are a few differences between the bags, which we’ll mention.

The first one is the size of the speedball on top of the stand. The premium has a smaller ball to punch and it’s made from EVA foam. Whereas, the standard version is an air bag and requires pumping up with an air pump (included).

The next difference is that height adjustability ranges are different. You can see the height ranges for each bag below. 

  • Premium – 47 to 61 inches
  • Standard – 48 to 58 inches

The Protocol standard reflex punching bag is more suited for beginners or as a kids free standing punching bag. Protocol’s premium version is for people that have boxed before, and who are looking for a harder workout.

Another small difference is the colors of each item. The premium version comes in black, as well as the gloves, whilst the standard is red with red gloves. Each pair of gloves that comes with the set is one-size and has a velcro clasp fastening to keep them secure.

Either reflex bag from Protocol is great for use indoors or outdoors. Although the bags are slightly different, the plastic base remains the same. You will need to fill the base with water or sand to make sure that it doesn’t topple when using it.

What we also like about this bag is the fact it’s the most affordable on the market. Protocol isn’t well-known like Everlast or Ringside, but they’ve still created two great products.


  • Extremely affordable price
  • Easy to set up
  • Good for indoors or outdoors use


  • Gloves included are poor
  • Knob adjuster can become loose over time

Product Specs

Tech Tools Punching Bag Stand – Boutmaster

Tech Tools Boutmaster Reflex Bag

Tech Tools offer not one, but four different reflex bags. The most famous out of them all is the Boutmaster bag, which is aimed at the professional fighters out there. They also have an adults beginner reflex bag, and two children versions.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the boutmaster it’s often sold out on Amazon. If that’s the case then the Protocol premium bag is the next best one.

The difference between the two children versions is one is smaller in height. As well as the smaller kids version has a plastic fillable base. But, the youth version has a stand-on board where you place your foot when punching the speedball.


  • Can be used outdoors or inside
  • Great for many ages
  • 4 different size and experience options


  • Not good for heavy punches

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Everlast Hyperflex Strike Bag

Everlast Hyperflex Strike Bag

To be honest, Everlast’s Hyperflex Strike Bag should be higher on this list of the best reflex bags. The reason it’s not is because it’s hard to find it in stock anywhere. Still, that doesn’t stop us writing a review about it.

This bag from Everlast is made for people looking to perform reflex training. The Hyperflex bag is aimed at teenagers and adults, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve never boxed before.

As with all reflex bags, it comes with height adjustable settings. It starts off at 57 inches and goes up to 70 inches so it’s still good for people over 6ft. The base of the punching bag needs to be filled with water or sand to keep it in place.

Like with other Everlast products, they offer a warranty guarantee with it. With this reflex bag they offer a 120-day warranty. This is much less than their 2-year warranty guarantee on their water punching bags. But still, it’s good that they offer any warranty as some of their competitors don’t.


  • Wide height ranges
  • Durable nylon bag material
  • 120-day warranty


  • Aimed primarily at juniors

Product Specs

Move It Smart Reflex Boxing Ball

Move It Smart Punching Bag

The Move It smart reflex punching bag is the most technologically advanced bag on this list. It comes fitted with a 6-axis gyroscope sensor which connects with an app on your phone via Bluetooth. From this you’ll be able to see your average punch speed, number of punches, and punch accuracy. This all comes to you in real-time, making it a great way to practice.

As well as this, there are LED indicators that also tell you if the punch was good (green) or bad (red). Like other reflex bags, the rebound settings are adjustable. You can make the training easier or more difficult depending on your experience.

The height range for this reflex bag starts at 52.7 inches and the maximum height is 68 inches. This makes it good for teenagers and adults.

If you’re looking to keep a track of your workouts then this is the bag for you.


  • Attached sensor for real-time feedback
  • Adjustable reflex speed
  • Refund or replacement given if unsatisfied


  • App is a bit clunky

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Reflex Punching Bag FAQs

What does a reflex bag do?

A reflex bag is like a boomerang, every time you punch a reflex boxing bag it will rebound towards you. It’s then your aim to punch it again and keep moving, this is what can help with training your footwork.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your house, apartment, wherever then a reflex bag is perfect. It doesn’t weigh a tonne, you won’t have to hang a punching bag stand as all reflex bags are freestanding.

Reflex bag vs punching bag

A reflex bag is a punching bag, but it’s obviously different from heavy bags, and other free standing bags. Reflex bags are most similar to double-end bags, as it’s the rebound action that means you have to act quickly to hit it again.

Reflex punching bags are ideal to practice your footwork, jabs, hooks, and elbows. A reflex bag shouldn’t be used if you want to pound as hard as you can on a punching bag. That isn’t the aim with reflex bags and could end up breaking it.

How to use a reflex punching bag

There are many ways to use a reflex punching bag, it all depends on the type of training that you’re doing. If you’re into MMA or Muay Thai, you can practice punches, elbows, and even jumping knees.

For the boxers, using a reflex boxing bag is a great way to improve your footwork. You can dance around the bag whilst throwing jabs and hooks at the speedball. To increase the speed of the rebound move closer to the ball and then you’ll be having to throw continuous jabs.

Be careful when uppercutting this type of punching bag as the base of the ball is usually made from plastic.

This video below is great for getting some more ideas on how to use a reflex punching bag. 

How to fill the base of a reflex bag

Filling the base base of a reflex bag is simple. You have two options on how to fill it.

Firstly, you can fill it with water. This is our preferred way as it’s easy to drain and move to another location if you want to. The second option is filling it with sand. If you fill it with sand, it’s best to fill it where you want to keep it permanently. Sand is heavier than water, so if you want it to be more stable then we suggest using sand.

To make reflex bags even more stable you can add weight over the top of them. With the models from MaxxMMA, they provide a 33 lbs weight training bag that can be used for extra stability.

In Summary

Picking the best reflex bag for you, maybe even your family isn’t the easiest thing to do. There are many varieties that are all very similar, so how do you know the best one to pick?

Key things to look for are the minimum and maximum height, as well as the speed options. Any product from Ringside or MaxxMMA will work well. Both brands offer an experienced and more beginner type of reflex boxing bag. 

If you’re looking for the most affordable option then we’d recommend the premium bag from Protocol. Although it’s not a household boxing name, the product is excellent for the price.

If you’re still searching for the right bag, take a look at our other buying guides.

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