Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bags

The best boxing gloves for heavy bags are those that allow you comfortable training and sparring, but with an enhanced level of protection.

To ensure you select the best pair of gloves for the ultimate performance, you’ll need to choose gloves that cater to your individual requirements.

When shopping for boxing gloves, it’s essential to consider key points like the material used, the sizes available, and, most importantly, what your primary goal is when using them.

Though it’s a good idea to spend as much as you can practically afford on a pair of boxing gloves, you’ll still need to ensure that they work hard to protect your hands, wrists, and knuckles for a prolonged period.

Here we consider ten of the very best boxing gloves currently available on the market.

Winner: Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bags 1

Everlast’s Pro Style Training gloves gets our top vote here for the best choice of boxing gloves. 

What we love most about these, though, is the hyperflexion in style that the gloves boast of. This ensures not just renowned comfort throughout use but ultimately works to protect the wrists regardless of how hard you hit.

Perfect boxing gloves for bag use, the technology employed in the Everlast model is a C4 foam type. This continues to further the maximum grip leading to increased punching power. Yet it does all this while providing maximum support and indeed cushioning.

Offering an improved anatomical grip and unique fitting, the gloves are available in a selection of color choices and sizes 8 oz to 16 oz. 

A fantastic pair of boxing gloves for women and men, all Everest models assure confidence in their durability, and these gloves are no exception.

Naturally contoured to mold to your fist and thumb, the result is a boxing glove that allows for greater maneuverability also. 

A wrap-around velcro strap completes the glove further, alongside and a unique thumb-lock feature. We rate this model highly and are sure you won’t regret purchasing this pair of gloves.


  • Superior design
  • Curved anatomical grip and fit
  • Evershield technology used


  • Suggested as more suitable for beginners

Product Specifications

Size8 oz to 16 oz 
MaterialPremium synthetic leather
Best for Bag work, boxing, sparring

Runner-Up: Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves

Sanabul Boxing Gloves

Our next best choice on this list comes from the makers at Sanabul in the form of their essential gel gloves. And, at their greatly reduced price, they offer the perfect choice of beginner boxing gloves.

Available in striking designs and in a selection of colors, these range from sizes 8 oz to 16 oz and claim to offer all you need in a boxing glove.

Designed predominately to keep your hands protected at all times, they’re also the snugger of fits, ensuring maximum comfort when in use.

Tested by professionals to ensure maximum comfort and indeed efficiency, these gloves benefit from an engineered leather construction.

Highly durable, the concept is to provide you with gloves that will last for many years to come, all the while holding up to everything you put them through!

Utilizing a fantastic longitudinal arch design, mesh palm construction, and gel infusion filling, the idea of the Sanabul boxing gloves is to ensure you feel the impact but not the pain to accompany it.

With a wrist protection element in the form of a hook and loop closure, you can simply tighten the straps and get on with your session.


  • Gel-infused design
  • Tested by the professionals
  • Great affordability


  • Entry-level gloves

Product Specifications

Size8 oz to 16 oz
MaterialEngineered leather
Best for Boxing, sparring & Muay Thai

ALTERNATIVE: Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bags 2

Hayabusa provides a pair of T3 boxing gloves that are ideal gloves for heavy bags, as well as training, sparring, and even kickboxing.

With sizes from 10 oz to 18 oz and a massive selection of colors to pick from, these are the gloves that don’t require any lengthy break-in. 

This is mostly due to the use of a four leather foam structure in their makeup. 

Handcrafted, the T3 gloves make use of engineered leather throughout their design. This ensures a pair of gloves that work harder to combat any potential abrasions, cracking, and tear issues.

Intending to deliver the most perfect of performances, these are wonderful for use in bag work and sparring.

There’s also a Dual-X closure system included in the construction of the gloves. This means the result is a lace-like fitting.

Also, the support that goes into protecting the wrists here is increased by way of the four interlocking splints set at the back of the hand. If you wear boxing hand wraps underneath the gloves you’ll have full wrist support.

Boasting a unique fabric thumb that helps simply wipe away sweat, these are the more professional training glove types that work well for both women and men.


  • Fantastic ergonomics 
  • Enhanced wrist support
  • Four-layer foam structure


  • Some tightness and size issues mentioned

Product Specifications

Size10 oz to 18 oz 
MaterialEngineered leather
Best for Boxing training, heavy bag use, sparring, kickboxing

ALTERNATIVE: Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bags 3

For a higher quality boxing glove choice, Venum provides its elite series model. 

Suitable for all levels of users, these are also the ideal choice for bag work or Muay Thai sparring gloves.

In a selection of many vibrant colors and with sizes ranging from 8 oz to 16 oz, these are made using a Skintex Premium leather construction. 

The Venum series boasts of handmade construction, a shock absorption process to rival all other glove types and strengthened seams throughout.

The result is a glove type that allows the user to fight harder and longer than average. 

With an emphasis on quality, the protection level of these gloves is also highly rated, with a concentration on protecting your wrists and hands at all times when in use. 

For extra comfort, the inside of the Venum boxing gloves provides relief in the form of a triple density foam. 

What’s more, with a reinforced palm design, a fully attached thumbpiece, and a mesh panel placed directly under the fist area, greater thermal regulation and maximum absorption are promoted at all times.


  • Maximum absorption properties
  • Greater thermal regulation
  • Construction extends training time


  • Some ventilation issues noted

Product Specifications

Size8 oz to 16 oz
MaterialSkintex Premium leather
Best for Striking training, Muay Thai

ALTERNATIVE: Hawk Sports Training Pro Boxing Gloves

Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bags 4

A modern pair of boxing gloves, Hawk Sports pride themselves on these high performing solutions.

Aimed at both men and women, they offer a wide range of sizes from 8 oz to 16 oz. These uniquely designed gloves are claimed to provide the most perfect of construction in their build.

Here, users can access a gel injected, and high impact multi-layered foam glove type. The primary aim of their fantastic make-up is to greatly reduce the potential of any injury to the fists when in use. 

The more durable of gloves, these are ideal for training and sparring and offer an all-round solution for many workout types.

With added built-in wrist support, you’ll also find an extra thick level of supreme shock foam utilized in the Hawk Sport gloves. This works to add an extra level of padding to the knuckle area while increasing the padding over the wrist joint section.

Featuring anti-perspiration holes, there’s also a breathable palm pinhole surface. This ensures not just a reduction in odor and moisture for the hands but also improves the hygiene element.

A hook and loop velcro wrist wrap and thumb lock feature further work to ensure these gloves remain all about safety, comfort, and of course, increased power in performance.


  • Increased padding throughout
  • Anti-perspiration holes
  • Increased over-wrist joint protection


  • Many suggest they’re better as beginner gloves

Product Specifications

Size8 oz to 16 oz 
MaterialPremium synthetic leather
Best for Boxing, competitions, sparring, Muay Thai training

ALTERNATIVE: Pro Impact Boxing Gloves

Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bags 5

Getting some wonderful customer feedback, the Pro Impact Boxing Gloves are a simplistic and understated pair of gloves that provide some of the very best training sessions, sparring sessions, and indeed complete workouts possible!

By offering their gloves as either genuine leather or PU material, users can select the material that suits them best in a simple red or black color and from sizes 8 oz to 16 oz.

Designed to ensure these gloves withstand the test of time, their construction is of the highest quality possible while ensuring optimal protection to the user at all times. 

The Pro Impact gloves have a triple-layered foam core. This works hard to protect the user from the pressure and heavy impact that they experience in regular sessions.

In addition to this core, there’s an extra-long cuff design that completes the additional protection of the wrist area.

A more comfortable but balanced feel overall, hyperextension is prevented here due to the tighter wrist support offered, while an optimal fit balances out that snugness.

With the full wrist strap, hook and loop closure, and an attached thumb, the Pro Impact gloves are all about accommodating size, preference, performance, and indeed ongoing hand and wrist protection.


  • Simplistic but secure construction throughout
  • Increased padding
  • Superb customer reviews
  • Choice between real or PU leather


  • Slight sizing issues mentioned

Product Specifications

Size8 oz to 16 oz
MaterialGenuine leather or PU Leather
Best for Training and sparring sessions


Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bags 6

A fully authentically produced Cleto Reyes choice, these are the boxing gloves that provide that well known and loved quality. Gloves from Cleto Reyes offer superb craftsmanship.

Though these may be the costlier of boxing gloves, what users get in return more than makes up for such an increased purchase price! Be sure to check out our budget boxing gloves list if you are looking for something a bit cheaper.

With a massive selection of some of the most vibrant colors to select from, these training gloves allow for a more select sizing range from 12 oz to 18 ozs.

Designed and manufactured using strict quality control procedures, these are made from goatskin leather.

Also, the lining of the gloves is water-repellent to encourage comfortable and drier hands throughout your training sessions. 

The attached thumb enhances safety, while an increase of two inches of latex foam padding continues to provide essential protection to your fists.

With a full hook and loop closure, these gloves are the more practical of choices and can be put on or taken off in a matter of seconds.


  • Goatskin leather material
  • Water-repellent
  • Latex foam padding
  • Quality guaranteed brand


  • Tightness issues mentioned

Product Specifications

Size12 oz to 18 oz
MaterialGoatskin leather
Best for Training, sparring and punching bags

alternative: Fairtex Microfibre Boxing Gloves

Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bags 7

Fairtex’s boxing gloves are a limited edition choice, which the company claim are fantastic not just for training but work equally as well in competitive sports including MMA and Muay Thai boxing.

Featuring an ergonomically engineered design in their shape, these gloves are uniquely contoured. This offers a tighter hand fitting compartment and one which has the sole purpose of being snugger but more so better secured for the user.

Made up using a premium leather material, Fairtex also employs its unique foam system into the construction of these bag gloves. Thus, there’s a huge dose of knuckle protection and shock disbursement in these gloves as standard.

Complete with practical velcro straps, these are marketed as all-purpose boxing gloves and therefore accommodate a wider range of users in their 8 oz to 16 oz offerings. We can attest that they are a great pair of sparring gloves.

With a large selection of colors to choose from, men and women can take advantage of these limited edition boxing gloves.


  • Extreme comfort
  • All-purpose gloves
  • Premium leather material


  • Some customers experience initial color and design issues

Product Specifications

Size8 oz to 16 oz
MaterialPremium leather
Best forAll-purpose gloves

alternative: Twins Special Velcro Boxing Gloves

Twins Special Velcro Boxing Gloves

With genuine leather material in their make-up, Twins Special sells a pair of velcro boxing gloves, which they believe are ideal for all activities, whether training, sparring, or taking part competitively.

The inclusion of a full velcro wrist strap works to ensure an increased level of security as well as protection. This also makes the gloves easier to take off and put on within just seconds.

With sizes ranging from 6 oz to 18 oz and a selection of three vibrant colors, these are simplistic but overall high-quality sparring gloves.

Twins Special recommends that their smallest of gloves are the ideal solutions for kids, while the heaviest gloves at 18 oz make the best choice for those heavyweight fighters.

Whichever size you go with, Twins Special gloves aren’t one to disappoint.


  • Ideal for all session and training types
  • Genuine leather material
  • Secure fitting


  • Some sizing issues mentioned

Product Specifications

Size6 oz to 18 oz
MaterialGenuine leather
Best for All-purpose gloves

Alternative: Winning Training Boxing Gloves

Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bags 8

Our final pair of boxing gloves for review on the list here are the Winning boxing training gloves.

An authentic product, these are the most expensive on the list, but if you’re a dedicated and experienced user, these could just be the perfect pair of gloves to increase the power in your training. 

Aimed at the user who has knowledge of boxing, these are only available to buy in 16 oz. This means they’re especially for those people who are comfortable with the bag or know how to train safely.

With a hook and loop strap as well as an anti-thumbing style, these can be purchased in red, purple, or green.

A more substantial investment for your workouts, the Winning training gloves are certainly one of the better quality choices. Winning boxing gloves are used by professionals in boxing as well as Muay Thai.


  • Extremely higher quality design
  • Hook and loop strap
  • Anti-thumbing style


  • Very high price tag!

Product Specifications

Size16 oz
Best for Professional training

Boxing Gloves FAQ

What are the Different Types of materials for gloves?

The best material choice for boxing gloves is, without a doubt, real leather. The preferred choice of the professionals, real leather can withstand a lot of abuse and is the more durable of materials. 

The most commonly used materials include:

Genuine Leather

This can range from such types as buffalo, goatskin, or cowhide. Durable and immensely popular, this is a flexible material that offers wonderful balance. Comfortable and longer-lasting, it also gives an increased stretch.

Synthetic Leather 

Commonly called PU, this resembles genuine leather in its look but isn’t as durable. A cheaper choice, synthetic leather is widely used but is ideally suited to beginners or occasional users.


Another commonly used and suitable alternative to leather, vinyl is cheaper and simple to care for. Though it won’t be as durable as the real deal, vinyl is a fantastic budget choice for those who can’t afford leather boxing gloves.

Is there a difference in sparring, match, and Bag gloves?

If the gloves you’re considering state that they’re specially designed for a certain task, it’s advisable to use them solely for such reasons.

Therefore, you may need to select another pair to perform other tasks.

This is because sparring, training, and match gloves all have a unique design feature that allows them to cope with the task at hand.

Though you will find many all-purpose type gloves on the market, if you’re planning on spending most of your time sparring, for example, a glove that claims to cater to sparring will serve you better here.

Likewise, if your goal is to box regularly, you’ll find a bag glove inadequate for this task.

It’s worth considering how you plan to spend most of your time and look to see whether the glove you decide on is up to such a task.

Lace-up vs velcro gloves comparison?

Lace-up gloves were once the primary choice for many boxers. However, in recent years velcro gloves have increased in popularity.

Lace-up gloves provide wearers with a more customized fit. The preferred choice for professionals, they work to reduce scratching.

Velcro gloves are now chosen for their convenience. These can be taken off and put on in a matter of seconds. They, therefore, reduce the need for assistance. Velcro gloves also promote a reduction in injuries, offering more protection as a result.

How much should I spend on my first pair of boxing gloves?

Though there’s no definite figure as such of how much to spend on your first pair of boxing gloves, there are several factors to consider.

It’s recommended you spend as much as you can afford on a high-quality pair of gloves. This is because looking at a cheaper price tag here may also mean a reduction in the glove’s overall performance due to inadequate materials used. 

The brand that you select may also increase the amount you pay, as those more respected brands are costlier. However, the bigger the name of the brand, the more respect it carries with it concerning performance, so brands like Winning and Cleto Reyes can be worth forking out on. 

The type of activity you’re planning to concentrate on can determine the cost here. So too can the weight and regularity you want to work out.

Finally, it’s always worth considering paying a little more for top quality material in your boxing gloves, such as that of real leather.

How to select the right size?

As a guide, the size of your boxing gloves should depend on the activity you want to concentrate on but to get the best pair of gloves, look to weight here:

Under 10 oz Gloves – Under 100 Ibs in weight

10 – 12 oz Gloves – From around 100 Ibs to 125 Ibs in weight

12 – 14 oz Gloves – Between 125 Ibs to 160 Ibs in weight

16 oz Plus Gloves – Over 180 Ibs in weight

How should boxing gloves fit?

The best fit you should work toward when wearing your boxing gloves is one that provides a tightness – but one that is snug rather than depriving your hands of blood flow!!

Your fingertips should sit firmly against the top of the glove, while your wrist should be in the most comfortable of positions when you lace up or use the velcro strap of your gloves. 

Ultimately, your gloves should sit comfortably but securely and continue to offer that feeling throughout use.


Whether it’s boxing gloves for sparring, training, or high-intensity workouts, purchasing the very best pair to suit your individual requirements makes all the difference here.

Therefore, consider spending as much as you can possibly afford to, and aim for the glove type that will improve your performance over time.

This way, you can be assured of a long-lasting glove that will protect you throughout use but also provides the most comfortable experience possible.

For more of our best boxing product reviews check out this page.

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