Best Hand Wraps For Kickboxing

Depending on your kickboxing training, kickboxing hand wraps might be better than gloves. Don’t call us crazy just yet. 

For example, there are many people that do kickboxing for cardio rather than to compete. If that’s you, you might want to have the option of using wraps instead of cardio kickboxing gloves.

We know that this isn’t the only time when they’ll be used though. You should always wear wraps under gloves when competing, sparring, and doing bag work. That’s another reason why we advise that you get a pair of the best kickboxing wraps that are available.

Below you’ll find 6 pairs of top quality wraps. We’ll also answer some of your questions about this product type. 

Sanabul Hand Wraps

Sanabul Hand Wraps

Sanabul is one of the best brands for affordable, high-quality martial arts gear. This is shown when looking at their 180-inch elastic hand wraps. These wraps are suitable for kickboxing, and boxing. So, you don’t have to buy different pairs for each one. 

Sanabul has designed them in many colors so you have a good range to choose from. The wraps are made from a mixture of cotton and polyester. This enables them to be semi-elastic for easy, tight wrapping. It also enables them to be more breathable compared to some other kickboxing wraps.

You can easily use them under gloves, or if you’re doing some cardio work, on their own. All Sanabul’s products are super affordable, and these wraps are no different.


  • A mix of cotton and polyester
  • Many colors to pick from
  • Quick-drying


  • No indicator to help when wrapping

Product Specs:

MaterialCotton & Polyester

Sanabul Paw Gel Kickboxing Hand Wrap Gloves 

Sanabul Paw Gel Kickboxing Hand Wrap Gloves

This next item on our list is also from Sanabul. These hand wraps are specifically made for kickboxing. They’re the Sanabul Paw Kickboxing Gel Hand Wrap Gloves.

As it says in the name, they’re a glove that acts as a hand wrap. You can use them for cardio kickboxing or as wraps underneath kickboxing gloves.

In the middle of the glove is a breathable mesh which ensures that your hands don’t over sweat. Making them one of the cleanest pairs of kickboxing wraps on this list.

In a total of 4 different colors, there’s one for everyone. The colors are all black, black/pink, black/orange, or black/lime green.

There’s one downside of these wraps. Which is, if you wear them under gloves you won’t have the same tightness that you do when you wrap them yourselves.

Counter to that, these gloves can be used for gym training as well as kickboxing. They’re very versatile.


  • Made specifically for kickboxing
  • No wrapping required
  • Can be used for many activities


  • Not as tight as normal a hand wrap

Product Specs:

SizeXS, S/M or L/XL
TypeTraining glove

Hawk Inner Gel Hand Wraps

Hawk Boxing Gel Inner Hand Wraps

Hawk Boxing offers an inner padded hand wrap that fits like a glove, but without the thumb material.

These gel kickboxing hand wraps give great support to the wrist and knuckles of the user. The wrap doesn’t stop at your wrist, it starts to creep up your arm so that there’s reinforced protection.

The hand wraps are 100% cotton which means that they’re breathable, as well as being easy to wash.

There are four size options available, small, medium, large, and extra-large. On top of that, you can pick between three colors, red, black, or blue.

Hawk’s padded wraps come with a velcro-fastening so they remain in place whilst in use. You can easily use these for a cardio session, or even on a speed bag or focus mitts.


  • Perfect for cardio training
  • Extra protection under boxing gloves
  • Made with breathable cotton


  • The velcro strap isn’t as tight as normal wraps

Product Specs:

SizeS/M or L/XL

Pro Impact Hand Wraps

Pro Impact Hand Wraps

Back to Mexican-style hand wraps which work well for kickboxing. This pair comes from Pro Impact.

Pro Impact is known for its boxing equipment, these wraps are quality but affordable.

They’re 180-inch in length, the standard adult size for hand wraps. The material used is a mixture of cotton and polyester. The latter is what gives them the elastic feel.

These kickboxing wraps are complete with an oversized hook and loop closure. Having this gives them a secure fit whilst in use.

Pro Impact’s hand wraps can be used with or without gloves, depending on the training that you’re doing. We wouldn’t recommend wearing them whilst pounding on a heavy bag for hours.

They come in a variety of colors so you won’t be stuck for choice. It’s hard to go wrong with this set of hand wraps.


  • Feature oversized hook and loop closure
  • Great for kickboxing, boxing, and MMA
  • Made with breathable material


  • May be too big for people with smaller hands

Product Specs:

MaterialCotton & spandex

Meister MMA Hand Wraps

Meister MMA Hand Wraps

The next pair of kickboxing wraps come from the brand Meister MMA. Although they are known for their MMA gear, these hand wraps are still good for kickboxing.

Meister’s hand wraps are composed of spandex and cotton. The combination of these two materials is what gives them a semi-elastic feel. This allows you to wrap them tightly for increased protection.

They also have a thumb loop and hook-and-loop oversized strap for added comfort. With a variety of colors, at affordable prices, you might even want to buy yourself a couple of pairs.


  • Thumb loop for increased support
  • A mix of spandex and cotton
  • Extra tight when wrapped properly


  • Velcro could be stickier

Product Specs:

MaterialCotton & spandex

Ringside Mexican Style Wraps

Ringside Hand Wraps

Time for the last pair of kickboxing wraps on our list, and they come from Ringside. If you’re not new to boxing and kickboxing then you would have heard of Ringside already.

Out of all the wraps on this list, these are the least elasticated. Although they do have a bit of stretch. They are the standard 180-inch in length, perfect for any adult.

Ringside offers them as one pair, and you can also buy them in bulk of 5 or 10. This is great if you’re a family who needs new hand wraps. Complete with a thumb loop, as well as a hook-and-loop closure they offer strong protection.

These Mexican-style wraps are perfect for use on a kickboxing bag, mitts and for underneath a pair of gloves.

With six different colors available you’ll easily find the right pair for you. 


  • They come with a hand wrap wash bag
  • Pairs sold in 1, 5, or 10 packs
  • Slight stretch in the material


  • Might be too thick under cardio gloves

Product Specs:

MaterialElastic cotton blend

Kickboxing Hand Wraps FAQs

How to know which wraps are best for kickboxing?

As mentioned, you can use a wide variety of wraps for kickboxing. The most commonly used are 180-inch boxing wraps. These fit underneath a pair of boxing gloves and even offer protection without a glove.

Recently brands have created kickboxing specific wraps. For example, the Sanabul gloves that we featured and the Hawk Boxing inner wraps.

This type of wraps is good for kickboxing as you can easily slip them on and off. Some might argue that they don’t give the same protection, which is true to some degree. But they work perfectly for cardio training, speed bag work, and underneath gloves.

Different types of kickboxing hand wraps

There are a few different types of kickboxing wraps that we featured in the products above. We’re going to break down each one so you have a better understanding of each type. This will be helpful when picking which pair of hand wraps to pick.


Mexican-style hand wraps are actually the most common nowadays. This is because they have a slight elasticity to them.

The fact that they are semi-elasticated allows them to become tighter on your wrist and hands. This adds a bit more support.


When we say gel, we are referring to the inner hand wraps that you don’t have to wrap yourself. These are filled with a gel insert which acts as a shock-absorber.

They’re becoming more popular with people that do kickboxing due to the ease of wearing them. You wear them like a glove, fastening them with a velcro strap closure. Also, just because they’re like a glove doesn’t mean that they won’t fit under a pair of boxing gloves. They absolutely will!


Cotton wraps are like Mexican-style wraps but they don’t have the elastic element. You can get them in 108, 120 or 180-inches in length. They also have the same method of wrapping your hands.

They are 100% cotton, there’s no other material included in the makeup. The choice between cotton and Mexican wraps is a personal one. 

How to correctly wrap hands for kickboxing?

  • Put your thumb through the attached thumb loop
  • Start by wrapping over the back of your hand, away from the thumb
  • One wrap around the wrist
  • One wrap around the knuckles
  • Layer the knuckle 3-4 times (pinching the material to hold each time)
  • Secure this by wrapping around the hand tightly
  • Then one more wrap around the wrist before inner lacing the fingers
  • Inner lace each finger starting with the pinky, wrap around the wrist making a fist to keep it tight
  • Wrap around the wrist before doing the same for the next finger (ring finger)
  • Skip the middle finger, but do the same for the index finger
  • Wrap it tightly around the knuckle, then the wrist
  • Finally, secure the thumb and lock it in around the hand
  • The leftover wrap length can be used for securing the wrist
  • Wrap around each part of the wrist to keep it even
  • Lastly, secure the velcro hook-and-loop closure

Can I use boxing wraps instead?

The short answer to this question is, yes! Every pair of wraps that we’ve reviewed can be used for kickboxing and boxing. Even though some are called boxing hand wraps. 

Sanabul’s Paw Kickboxing wraps are the ones that we wouldn’t use for boxing. So, if you’re looking for a pair of hand wraps that can be used for both kickboxing and boxing we’d go for one of the others.

Kickboxing Hand Wraps Summary

That’s the end of our kickboxing hand wraps buying guide. Hopefully, you’ve found a pair that you’re happy with.

When it comes to hand wraps for kickboxing, the pair to buy depends on what type of training you’ll use them for.

If you’re going for a Mexican-style wrap then any will do but the price and quality of Sanabul’s pair are perfect.

If you want to use them as gloves, instead of under gloves, then you should try the Sanabul Paw Hand Wraps. These have been made for cardio training. They even come with a breathable mesh to keep air flowing around your hands.