How to Wrap Your Hands For Boxing, Kickboxing & MMA

As a beginner in boxing, kickboxing, or MMA, wrapping your hands can seem like a difficult task. That’s why we’ve created a bullet-point breakdown of how to wrap hands for boxing.

It’s important to remember though that there are many ways to wrap your hands. For example, if you have 108-inch wraps the method will differ compared to if you are wrapping 180-inch wraps.

We’ve watched many YouTube videos trying to find the best hand wrapping tutorials for different needs. You can find the best videos below to wrap your hands for boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. As well as for different length wraps.

If you haven’t bought your wraps yet, we recommend taking a look at our hand wrap buying guides. We’ve got one for the best boxing wraps, and another dedicated to kickboxing hand wraps.

How to wrap hands for boxing 180-inch

How to wrap hands for boxing 120-inch

How to wrap hands for boxing 108-inch

How to wrap hands for kickboxing

How to wrap hands for MMA

How to Wrap Hands for Boxing FAQs

Why do you wrap hands for boxing?

The main reason for wearing boxing hand wraps is to protect your hands and your wrists. Hand wraps should be used when punching different bag types, as well as under gloves when sparring.

It’s extremely easy to fracture or break one of the many bones inside your hand and wrists. Hand wraps give you extra support so that there’s less chance of hurting yourself.

How do you put on boxing hand wraps?

There are different ways to apply boxing hand wraps as you can see in the videos above. You should try multiple ways to wrap your hands so that you get used to the process. This will also help you find which wrapping style you prefer. The way that you put on boxing hand wraps can vary as well depending on the size of the wraps.

How tight should I wrap my hands for boxing?

Your hand wraps should be tight as that’s what helps protects your hands. However, they also shouldn’t be so tight that you cut off the blood circulation to the rest of your arm. They should feel tight and secure when wearing them. If they feel too tight just reduce some slack.

Are hand wraps necessary for boxing?

Yes, wearing boxing hand wraps are necessary for many scenarios. They are there to provide your hand and wrist joints and bones with support and protection. The last thing that you want is to get a broken or fractured bone that will put you out of training for weeks, if not, months.

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