Best Muay Thai Brands on the market

Most of the best Muay Thai brands originate from Thailand itself. This seems fairly obvious as it is the national sport of the country. But, some brands that make Muay Thai gear were founded outside of Thailand.

Venum for example is a French brand that focuses on MMA gear but also has many Muay Thai products. We’re also going to cover the traditional Thai brands such as Fairtex, Twins Special, Windy, and others that are popular in the home of Muay Thai and now around the world.

Keep reading to see our list of the seven best Muay Thai brands around at the moment.


The word Yokkao in Thai means “White Jade” and this is meant to represent your strength and connection with other people. Yokkao isn’t one of the oldest Muay Thai brands as it launched in 2010, but it has quickly become one of the most well-known.

Yokkao’s gear is a mix of traditional Muay Thai fighting equipment with new fashion designs. It is this combination that has made it so popular, along with clever marketing and events.

The founder is Philip Villa an Italian entrepreneur and martial artist who moved to Thailand in 2007 to train in Muay Thai. Even though Villa is Italian, the company is based in Bangkok and all of the products are handmade in Thailand. Yokkao now has distribution centers across the world in Asia, America, and Europe.

The brand even has its own training camp in Bangkok where many Muay Thai pro fighters have trained. This includes names such as Saenchai, Singdam, and Manachai. Muay Thai fans come from all over the world to visit this high-quality training camp. 

They sell everything from Muay Thai gloves to Muay Thai training pads. As well as the fighting hear they also stock training wear like Muay Thai shorts and ankle guards, t-shirts, and much more. Villa and his team have even gone one step further and created streetwear for the brand with cool t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories.


Fairtex is one of the oldest Muay Thai brands having been founded back in 1958 in Bangkok. The founder is ​​Bunjong Busarakamwongse who is also known as Philip Wong and now his son Prem Busarakamwongse runs the company from its headquarters in Pattaya, Thailand.

All Fairtex products are known for being of the highest quality and make a wide range of fighting equipment. You can find gloves, hand wraps, shorts, and some of the best Muay Thai bags for both home and gym training.

Fairtex makes sure to be source top-quality materials for all its products and then everything is made in their factory in Thailand. Plus, like Yokkao they also have their own training center where they stress test the equipment before it is put up for sale to customers.

As mixed martial arts (MMA) have become more popular, Fairtex also diversified and started creating products focused on this fighting sport, not just Muay Thai. They even went as far as winning the award for best MMA gloves at the World MMA Awards back in 2008. The company didn’t stop there either, with BJJ growing in popularity over the past decade, they now make BJJ gis and belts.

Out of all the Muay Thai brands in this list, Fairtex produces the widest range of products which is another reason why it’s loved. Fairtex has stayed true to its origins even though it has branched out to other martial arts.

Twins Special

Twins Special is another Muay Thai brand that was founded in 1992 by Narong Wongprasertkan. In the space of 30 years, it has gone from a small workshop to a large factory with over 500 workers! The brand has remained where it was founded all those years ago in Krathum Baen, Samut Sakhon which is on the outskirts of the capital Bangkok.

Twins Special became famous for its high-quality products and getting the basics right. It is a brand that is for all types of fighters – men, women, and children. One of the company’s best sellers has always been their Muay Thai boxing gloves with the famous logo emblazoned on them.

It’s a shame that their online operation isn’t as slick as their competitors as this brand could further grow on a global scale. You won’t see the company promoting overseas like Fairtex and Yokkao either. Instead, this is a proper Thai brand that is happy selling in Thailand and exporting via agents in certain countries. If you like the classic Muay Thai style then Twins is the right brand for you.


Windy was one of the first brands to start creating Muay Thai equipment way back in 1951. Nowadays, it isn’t as popular as Yokkao and Fairtex, but you can be sure that the quality of the items is still of the highest degree.

Windy is famous for using real leather on their products which makes them last a lifetime. You’ll see many Windy Muay Thai bags, old and new, hanging around gyms in Thailand. The same can be said about the gloves which will keep your hands protected for years.

Although you won’t find many Windy products on Amazon, their website has been updated and it now has its full catalog of items available. There are 99 products currently in this catalog which is 10x more than on Amazon. If you want a change from the other more mainstream Muay Thai brands why not check out Windy’s store for your next new item.

Website –

Top King

Top King came about after the founder left Twins Special to create his own brand. This was back in 2008/2009 and since then it has become one of the major players for Muay Thai gear. 

Top King was founded on the belief that the combination between great design and new technologies will advance the martial arts industry. With that, they don’t only make Muay Thai products but also MMA and boxing equipment. On their website, you’ll see that they even have a dedicated section for heavy bag gloves.

As well as gloves, they also manufacture their famous Muay Thai shin guards which are amongst the best out of all Muay Thai brands. Then, they make kick pads, focus mitts, shorts, and a whole lot more.

Boon Sport

Boon Sport is yet another Bangkok-based Muay Thai brand with its founders being from Australia. Having started out in 2002 it has grown from just selling Muay Thai shorts to now making gloves, bags, pads, and much more.

Boon isn’t as expensive as some of the other brands that we’ve featured. You can get yourself a nice pair of Muay Thai shorts for $25, more than half the price of these other Muay Thai brands. Every item sold is handmade in Thailand so you can’t get more authentic than that.

You should take a look at Boon’s products if you prefer the classic style as they never go over the top with their designs.


Venum has become a worldwide brand in recent years even though it was founded back in 2006. Franck Dupuis is the French founder and the company distributes its products all over the world. Most recently, in 2020, it became the official outfitting partner of the UFC. This huge deal for Venum saw them replace Reebok and has helped its reach grow tenfold.

Although Venum isn’t a Muay Thai-first brand, it does have top-quality equipment for Muay Thai fighters. As well as Thai shin guards and shorts they offer MMA mouthguards, speed bags, focus mitts, gym bags, basically everything you need for training.

Venum has been sponsoring Muay Thai fighters for a while now and they even have their own training center in Pattaya. When it comes to their Muay Thai products like their shorts, they outsource this to Thai factories. One thing worth noting is that compared to most Muay Thai brands that use real leather a lot of Veum’s equipment uses synthetic leather instead. Admittedly, real leather products will last a lot longer than fake leather so that’s something to keep in mind.

Overall, Venum is another good brand for Muay Thai gear and they often have large discounts, even up to 70% off on old collections.


TUFF doesn’t have the widest range of Muay Thai gear but we love their Muay Thai shorts. They also sell ankle supports, Muay Thai hand wraps, and t-shirts. But, shorts are their main focus.

If you’re looking for a new pair of cool Muay Thai shorts, then this is the brand to check out. They have many different patterns including animal prints, floral, and camo too. Here are the collections you’ll find available.

Tuff Muay Thai Shorts Patterns

TUFFSPORT is the brainchild of Wootinun (Oak) Sungong who in 2003 started selling Muay Thai gear from other brands online. It was after this early success that he decided to start his own brand and this was when TUFF was born.

Like other traditional Muay Thai brands, its offices and factories are in Bangkok. Meaning all their products are made in Thailand.



Primo Fight Wear is another Muay Thai brand that was founded in Bangkok. They have a range of different products all with high-quality materials and build.

They make Muay Thai gloves, shorts, t-shirts, hand wraps, and shin guards too. Compared to other brands like Tuff and Yokkao, the designs are simplistic and more like Twins or Fairtex.

The bold Primo logo is the signature design of the brand and we like this simple approach. If you don’t want to go for the crazy patterns then it’s a brand to consider.

We like their gloves too but they no longer sell lace-up Muay Thai gloves, only velcro.

Be sure to check out their website and follow them on Instagram too as they’re active on there.



ThaiSmai is a traditional Muay Thai brand that launched way back in 1960. They manufacture all Thai gear that you can think of, even boxing rings if you’re a gym owner!

Unfortunately, the brand is really only sold in Thailand as their e-commerce website is non-existent.

You can see the product offering on their website, but you can’t order from it.

It’s known to be one of the cheaper Muay Thai brands so it’s good for beginners and those on a budget. Also, if you go through Muay Thai gear quickly you won’t want to be paying for the expensive cool brands all the time.

If you can’t get to Thailand, but want to try out this brand then check out They have fast delivery worldwide and stock some ThaiSmai items.


Raja Boxing

Raja Boxing is another affordable Muay Thai brand that is quite hard to get a hold of outside of Thailand. If you’re after a cheap pair of Thai gloves or shorts then Raja is a great choice.

The cheaper gloves are made from real and fake leather, but the more expensive pair of all leather. The owner Cherdchai Hutasevi approves all the materials used before they get put to work making Raja Boxing products.

If you’re ever in Thailand, we recommend ordering a pair of their shorts as they retail at 500 Thai Baht which is the equivalent of almost $15!

You will pay double that if ordering on Amazon or you can also find them on where they’ll cost 838 Thai Baht around $25.


Nak Muay Nation

Nak Muay Nation is the creation of Sean Fagan from Muay Thai Guy and Lawrence Kenshin from his YouTube channel.

Nak Muay Nation sells its own gear in its online shop, but it’s also a community of other Muay Thai fighters.

By subscribing to Nak Muay Nation, you’ll get access to training videos, ebooks, and other courses full of great information. But, we’re going to focus on the Muay Thi gear that they make and sell.

On the Nak Muay Nation store, you’ll find everything from hand wraps to t-shirts and even its own Muay Thai gloves too.

Some of the products aren’t the cheapest, especially when you compare them to Thai brands like Raja. But at least they are manufactured up to a high standard. You could end up spending almost triple the price for a pair of Muay Thai shorts.

All its items are delivered from the United States so you won’t be waiting long for deliveries like you might do if you order from Thailand.



Sandee is a Muay Thai brand that launched in 1977 but has put most of its focus outside of Thailand and mainly in the UK.

That said, its manufacturing operation is based in Bangkok so all Sandee gear is made in Thailand. It’s just that most of it is exported.

Its tagline is ‘Unbreakable since 1977’ and having used Sandee gloves before, we can say that they are made to a high-quality.

In the last few years, they’ve updated their product collection now offering shin guards, hand wraps, shorts, and more.

Sandee is most famous for its Muay Thai gloves though. You can pick between a cheaper synthetic leather or its more expensive two-tone gloves that are genuine leather.



InFightStyle is another global brand that has a big focus on the United States. It was established in 2013 and offers Muay Thai gear as well as MMA and boxing equipment.

You’ll be able to find some funky Muay Thai shorts, we really like the neon ones although they are expensive compared to traditional Muay Thai brands.

They also sell gloves, ankle supports, protective gear and even Muay Thai banana bags in a wide range of colors.

Another thing we like is that there are a lot of options for women including sports bras and shorts aimed at women fighters.



Decha is a fairly new Muay Thai brand that launched in 2015. All its items are made in Thailand and all handmade!

They state that they use the highest quality materials even if that means the items will cost more to produce.

For such a new brand, they have a wide selection of products. Ranging from gloves to punching bags, shin guards, hand wraps, and even Muay Thai belly pads.

They offer clothing too with shorts and t-shirts although they are more simple than other Thai brands. So, if you’re after shorts with many different patterns, then try another.

Decha is one to watch as you can find well-priced equipment that is made to a high level. Also, if you have smaller hands and find Twins gloves too roomy, then Decha is a great brand to try.


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