Everlast Boxing Gloves Size Chart

Everlast is one of the most popular boxing brands when it comes to boxing gloves. Some are best for sparring, others for the heavy bag, and then there are competition gloves too.

But, even though they’re all made by the same brand, in this case, Everlast, the boxing gloves size chart can differ on the model.

Below, we’re going to tell you the official Everlast gloves size chart for each different model so you can buy the right size. These have all come from Everlast’s website.

Classic & Pro-Style Glove Size

Everlast Pro Style Gloves

Everlast’s Classic and Pro-Style boxing gloves are some of the best cheap boxing gloves that you can buy. This makes them great for beginners, but it’s not always easy to know which size to get when you’re new. 

When buying boxing gloves you won’t always find the sizes in ounces so we’ve also put the small, medium, and large sizes next to the ounce sizes.

WeightHeightGlove Size
140 lb. and under5’5″ and below8-12 oz. (small)
140 lb. to 180 lb.5’6″ to 6′14 oz. (medium)
180 lb. and greater6′ and above16 oz. (large)

Elite & PowerLock Training Glove Size

Everlast Elite Pro-Style Boxing Gloves in red & black

If you’re not after beginner boxing gloves, then Everlast has their Elite Training gloves for more experienced fighters. These start at 14 ounces and go up to 18 ounces, all depending on your weight and height.

The next gloves up from these are the Powerlock Training Gloves and these use the same size chart. These are great gloves for the heavy bag and sparring with an advanced opponent.

WeightHeightGlove Size
140 lb. and under5’5″ and below14 oz. (medium)
140 lb. to 180 lb.5’6″ to 6′16 oz. (large)
180 lb. and greater6′ and above18 oz. (X-large)

Powerlock Pro Fight Gloves Size

Everlast Powerlock Pro Fight Gloves (Black & Gold)

The final Everlast boxing glove model is the Powerlock Pro Fight Glove and the Powerlock Training Gloves. As these are made for competitive fights they are lower-weight gloves. This size chart is simple as you only need to pick between 8 or 10-ounce gloves.

WeightGlove Size
146 lb. or less8 oz.
147 lb. or greater10 oz. XL

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