Best Boxing Brands for High-Quality Equipment

Boxing is a sport that has been around for ages. This is one reason why there are many great boxing brands manufacturing equipment. Another reason is that boxing is a sport that doesn’t need a lot of investment. All you need to get started is a pair of cheap boxing gloves, boxing hand wraps, and some training gear.

But, there are some boxing brands that have been around for decades, they’re the ones that know what they’re doing.

We’re going to guide you through a list of the most popular boxing brands, and what equipment they have to offer.


Everlast Boxing Brand Logo

Everlast as a brand dates back to 1910. It was the creation of Jacob Golomb and did start out selling boxing equipment. Golomb loved swimming, and he started to manufacture sports gear for swimmers. His aim was to create more durable swimwear, so people wouldn’t have to buy a new one each year.

It wasn’t until 1917 that Everlast started to make boxing gear. Jack Dempsey was young at the time, he wanted boxing headgear that would last longer than a full fight. With this problem, he went to Golomb for help.

Everlast is now best known for its boxing gloves, punching bags, and other equipment. They’ve sponsored prized fighters like Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier over the years. This has made Everlast become the world’s most recognized boxing brand.

As MMA has grown in popularity since the start of UFC, Everlast has started making quality MMA gear too. The brand uses top-quality materials on all its products and maintains affordable prices.

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Winning Boxing Gear

Winning is a Japanese boxing brand that was founded in 1937. Unlike Everlast, they don’t have large budgets for sponsorships and other advertisements.

Winning’s boxing brand has become famous due to the quality of its products. Winning is best known for its boxing gloves. Many pro boxers over the years have chosen Winning gloves due to them being the best. Mayweather has donned this brand many times throughout his career.

Due to them being the best, they are also some of the most expensive boxing gloves. So, if you’re after cheaper boxing gloves you need to pick another brand.

They also make other equipment, like headgear, groin guards, focus mitts, and hand wraps. This is one boxing brand that isn’t going anywhere, as it does so well from its name.

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Cleto Reyes

Cleto Reyes Logo

Anyone that’s been boxing for even a short while will know how famous the brand Cleto Reyes is. This brand hails from Mexico as the founder was Cleto Reyes Castro.

He was a businessman and a huge lover of boxing. Originally, his profession was manufacturing leather goods like baseball mitts. Then, after the biggest boxing decade in Mexico (1930), he started making boxing gloves too.

Cleto Reyes is now a hugely popular name in boxing, and they produce more than just gloves. You can find Cleto Reyes hand wraps, speed bags, and other products.

Over the years, many professional boxers have worn gloves made by this brand. Most notably, Mike Tyson and Canelo Alvarez.

Cleto Reyes gear is more expensive than say Everlast, but it is cheaper than Winning. You’ll have a pair of Cleto Reyes boxing gloves for many years due to the quality materials used. Still, you must make sure to take care of and clean them properly.


Grant Boxing Logo

Out of these first four big-name boxing brands, Grant is the youngest, having been founded in 1995. The brand hails from New York and is now one of the most recognized boxing brands worldwide. Many famous boxers have worn Grant gloves, including Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez.

Grant produces professional boxing gloves instead of training and sparring gloves. In fact, you won’t find a single pair of Grant gloves that uses Velcro, they always have a lace-up closure.

Unfortunately, Grant boxing isn’t the easiest brand to buy. Most of the models are completely sold out, even on online retailers like Amazon.

Still, you’ll want to track down a pair of these as they’re top of the range. They’re hand-stitched in Mexico and use high-quality real leather.


Hayabusa Fight Logo

Hayabusa isn’t a typical boxing brand, but they do offer boxing equipment. In fact, they produce many different types of fighting gear. As well as gloves, they make BJJ gis, rash guards, and boxing/MMA headgear. You can see all their products in their shop by clicking below.

Hayabusa is a new brand compared to the others listed, having been founded in 2006. The name is Japanese, meaning peregrine falcon, but the owners are Canadian. The company has its headquarters in Canada with a distribution center in Las Vegas.

As a brand, they’re known for using engineered leather instead of real leather. They still produce high-quality products though. The team at Hayabusa invests a lot into research and development to make sure that they’re always innovating.

Century Martial Arts

Century Martial Arts Logo

Century Martial Arts technically isn’t a boxing brand, but they’re so famous now that it’s hard not to include them. In fact, the founder Mike Dillard is a world champion in karate.

They offer some of the best punching bags you can find. You’ve probably seen their punching dummies named BOB, Body Opponent Bag. As well as these models, they’re also well-known for other free-standing punching bags. Most notably the Wavemaster Original, and the larger XXL variation.

That’s not all though, Century produces hundreds of products in various areas. For example, nun-chucks, self-defense gear, as well as hand wraps, and kickboxing gloves.

If you’re looking for a new boxing bag then we recommend spending out on a Century bag. You won’t be disappointed and it will last for ages.

Title Boxing

Best Boxing Brands for High-Quality Equipment 1

Title Boxing was founded in 1998 and has become one of the most affordable boxing brands on the market. Since 2007 they’ve also started manufacturing MMA gear. Title is well-known for producing well-priced, high-quality boxing gloves. As well as some of the best boxing shoes available.

As well as fighting gear, they also make heavy bags, speed bags, speed bag platforms, and focus mitts. Title Boxing is becoming more popular due to some professionals wearing their gear.


Lonsdale Logo

Lonsdale was the creation of former British boxer Bernard Hart. It was established in 1960 as a brand that made boxing equipment. But, it soon started making clothing materials too.

The brand is named after the 5th Earl of Lonsdale, Hugh Lowther. It was in 1891 that Lowther introduced the first boxing matches with gloves. Before this, there were many deaths from bare-knuckle boxing fights.

Over the years, Lonsdale has sponsored many famous boxers, especially British ones. Some names are Lennox Lewis, Carl Froch, Joe Calzaghe, and many others.

Lonsdale is now seen as an all-around sports brand rather than just a boxing brand. But, they still produce boxing gloves, shoes, hand wraps, and much more. They have even delved into the world of MMA gear now too.

In Summary

That’s it for our list of the best boxing brands, if you think we’ve missed any, then please comment below. We know that there are many more, but these are some of the most popular.

The best brand heavily depends on the item that you are buying.

For example, Cleto Reyes and Winning are the best brands if you want a pair of professional boxing gloves. Then, Everlast produces affordable, high-quality boxing gear. As well as many punching bag models, and other equipment.

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