Best Groin Cups for MMA, BJJ, and Muay Thai 2024

One of the most important items to carry in your MMA or BJJ gym bag is a groin protector. Wearing a groin cup during sparring and fights will save you from a lot of pain!

Not to mince our words, if you want to keep your balls safe then make sure to get the best groin protector out there. Here are our top 3 picks.

Our Top Picks

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It doesn’t matter which type of martial art you’re involved in, wearing a groin guard is essential. That’s why we’ve included the best groin cups for BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA, and boxing. Some will be better suited for specific arts, whilst some can be used across all combat sports.

Comfort and protection are key when picking, that’s what we’ve focused on in our reviews. So, here you have the 10 best groin guards available online.

Winner: Diamond MMA Groin Cup With Compression shorts

Diamond MMA Groin Cup with Compression Shorts

Our winner on the list and in our opinion, the best MMA groin guard, is the Diamond MMA cup with compression shorts. We’ve even got a dedicated Diamond MMA cup review if you want to check that out.

This isn’t only a groin cup, you also get a pair of compression shorts. It’s the shorts that hold the cup in place with a specially designed pocket. The compression shorts use military-grade elastic combined with premium spandex. That’s why the price is higher than others, but that’s why it’s the best groin cup on the market.

Diamond MMA doesn’t mess around with many colors, sticking to all black with blue seams. It does come in lots of sizes though. Here’s the full range of adult and youth waist sizes:

  • Youth Medium 23-24″
  • Youth Large 25-26″
  • Youth X-Large 26-29″
  • Small – 27-30″
  • Medium – 31-34″
  • Large – 35-38″
  • X-Large – 39-42″
  • XX-Large – 43-48″

The shorts boast a four-strap jock system design inside. This works to keep the cup in place, thus preventing any movement. As it’s not a typical jockstrap it’s even more comfortable.

For further safety and comfort, these shorts are finished with a polycarbonate core. Your groin muscles and nerves will also come under less stress when wearing it all. The material is rigid but flexible, it’s also that same material that is used in bulletproof glass!

Diamond MMA has won awards for its design. The cup is also approved by doctors and urologists. There are even videos of people getting hit in the balls and still being fine.

Expect to see more from Diamond MMA too, as they now even make BJJ rash guards and other items. This excellent brand is growing!


  • Approved by doctors and urologists
  • Military-grade materials
  • Uncompromising comfort and safety combined


  • A higher than average price tag

Product Specifications

SizesSmall to XX-Large plus youth sixes available
Type Compression shorts 

Diamond MMA Cup and jockstrap

Diamond MMA Jockstrap & Cup

Time for another groin protector from Diamond MMA. This time it’s the MMA cup with a jockstrap instead of the compression shorts.

This four-strap jock and groin cup provides users with the ultimate groin protection. If you don’t feel the need for compression shorts, this is a great alternative. It’s cheaper too.

You’ll still find the same quality military-grade materials being used with the product. The four-strap system keeps the cup in place whilst allowing for ease of movement. It’s also the same cup as the model with the compression shorts.

The one downside to this product compared to the other is that there are fewer size options. All adult sizes remain, but none for youths. This means the BJJ cup and jockstrap comes in:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large
  • XX-large

Many professional athletes now use Diamond’s MMA cups as they’re approved by doctors.


  • Military-grade materials
  • Made by award-winning designers
  • Approved by doctors and urologists


  • Some find the cup a little too stiff

Product Specifications

SizesSmall to XX-large
Type Jockstrap with cup

Diamond MMA Athletic Cup

Diamond MMA Athletic Cup

Although we’ve already listed two Diamond MMA products, we’re going to include the MMA cup on its own too. If you already have a jockstrap or compression shorts with a pouch then you can buy the groin cup on its own. This is the same cup that comes with the two above.

That means that you’ll still get the same protection. The only thing is that it might not fit as well as it would in the Diamond MMA compression shorts or jockstrap.

Still, it gives users full protection with the same high-quality materials. It’s one option to consider if you’re on a budget.


  • Affordable, high-quality product
  • Made by award-winning designers
  • Approved by doctors and urologists


  • Comes on its own

Product Specifications

SizesAdult or Youth
Type Cup only

lo-bloo Muay Thai, MMA Cup

Lo-bloo Muay Thai & MMA cup

Our next choice is the best Muay Thai cup from the makers at Lo-Bloo. Although marketed as a Muay Thai cup it’s also suitable for MMA and Jiu-Jitsu.

You can tell this is a great product as it has been designed by Swedish martial art Olympians. The design offers one key purpose, to give full protection in all close-encounters. Yet, it still allows its users to have great mobility.

With their patented ergonomics, the Lo-Bloo cup is a standard one size fits all (13+). The fact that it is super lightweight you’ll soon forget it’s there.

Even though it’s light, any impact is distributed evenly when wearing. Also, there are large vents on the cup to ensure you remain cool and dry throughout.


  • Patented ergonomics assure 100% protection
  • Machine washable
  • Lifetime guarantee attached


  • Some potential waist strap issues

Product Specifications

SizesOne size fits all
Type Jockstrap

Shock Doctor Groin Cup with compression shorts

Shock Doctor Groin Cup with Compression Shorts

Here’s another groin cup that comes with a pair of compression shorts. Shock Doctor’s model is much cheaper than Diamond MMA, but the quality isn’t as good.

Still, these shorts and cup offer users full protection during use. This model that we’ve reviewed is the adult large version. Shock Doctor offers other models with youth sizes too.

Together with the shorts, is a bio-flex cup that offers protection. The groin guard has a vented shield to offer airflow whilst in use.

The shorts are also made from moisture-wicking material and four-way stretch fabric. The flatlock seams and waistband ensure the perfect fit for all users.

Shock Doctor is famous for its protective sports gear. As well as a groin cup, they also make MMA mouthguards.


  • Moisture-wicking enhanced material
  • Bio-flex vented cup design
  • Ideal for a range of uses


  • Some issues noted with fabric durability

Product Specifications

SizesAdults and boys, XX-small to XX-large
Type Compression shorts 

RDX Groin Guard for MMA/BOXING

RDX Groin Guard for MMA/Boxing

Our next groin protector is from RDX and is perfect for boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing.

It comes in one color, black, and is available in four sizes from small to X-large. This groin guard uses Maya hide leather material over the PU-molded steel resin cup. All this combined ensures the utmost protection. The cup is also detachable from the jockstrap.

There’s also a quick hook and loop strap system. This further ensures the RDX jockstrap and cup can be adjusted for comfort. So, you can be sure that this groin protector instills confidence whilst fighting.


  • Advanced shatterproof metal construction
  • EZ hook and loop strap system 
  • Increased comfort throughout


  • The metal cup can’t be removed for washing

Product Specifications

SizesSmall to X-large
Type Jockstrap

Mueller Athletic Supporter With Flex Shield Cup

Mueller Athletic Supporter with Flex Shield Cup

Mueller’s Athletic Supporter and cup differ slightly in design to the other models. This is a support with a flex shield cup, rather than compression shorts. It’s more like the jockstrap guards. 

The cup is grey/white and the supporter is all white. This model is an adult medium, but there are also smaller and bigger sizes. Here’s a size chat that Mueller offers.

Mueller claims that when the cup is placed correctly it reduces the number of injuries in the groin area. The cup itself has soft edges for increased comfort, and this allows the cup to flex slightly. 

The supporter uses moisture management fabric making it fresh for users. You’ll find zero tags on the waistbands, offering even more comfort. The jockstrap is also finished with a refreshing antimicrobial treatment.


  • Flexible protection
  • Maximum comfort through soft rubber edges
  • Increased ventilation throughout


  • Some problematic issues with the cup size

Product Specifications

SizesAdult Small to Adult X-large
Type Jockstrap

Title Boxing Gel Elite Groin Guard

Title Boxing Gel Groin Protector

Title Boxing’s groin protector is as you might have guessed excellent for boxing. The gel elite addition protects the abs as well as the groin, this is important for sparring in boxing.

Made from durable synthetic leather, this is a lightweight boxing option. It is too big for MMA and BJJ. It comes in white/black with red detailing on the sides. There are also four different sizes to pick from:

  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large
  • XX-large

The inner foam creates a cushioned layer of protection, but still, it’s lightweight. The protector also has gel inserts for added protection. This is a fully adjustable groin protector that also benefits from a hook and loop waist closure.

Everything we’ve mentioned results in the waist, hips, and groin being protected. As well as the lower abdomen area. So, it offers more protection of the body but is much bigger than standard groin protectors.


  • Unique gel side placements
  • Lightweight model
  • Layered inner foam


  • None to mention so far!

Product Specifications

SizesMedium to XX-large
Type Jockstrap

Shock Doctor Titan Alloy Flex Groin Cup

Shock Doctor Titan Alloy Flex Groin Cup

If you don’t need compression shorts or a jockstrap, Shock Doctor offers its Titan Alloy Flex Cup sold on its own.

This groin cup comes in only two sizes, one for adults and one for youth. As with all its products, Shock Doctor offers a high-grade cup at an affordable price. Both professional and college athletes worldwide use this cup.

The Titan Alloy Flex Cup can sustain 90-100 mph impact before deformation. This is because it uses stainless steel alloy and thermoplastic urethane. Rest assured, your sacred area will remain protected, and it has a comfortable fit.


  • Stainless steel alloy
  • Professionally tested and recommended
  • Offers unparalleled protection


  • Cup only 

Product Specifications

SizesAdult large and youth medium
Type Cup only

Pro Impact Boxing Groin Protector

Pro Impact Boxing Groin Protector

Last, but not least, is another groin protector for boxing. This time it comes from the famous Pro Impact boxing brand. Like with the Title Boxing model, this groin guard also protects your waist, lower abs, and below!

It comes in three sizes and three color choices. These are medium, large, and X-large. With the choice of colors being black, red, or white.

Pro Impact’s groin protector has been made with PU leather on the shell. With the padded banana-shaped cup underneath this material.

Even though it’s larger than others it still allows for unrestricted mobility. The waistband gives it a secure fit, and the cup will remain in place without adjustments. The waistband is secured by a hook and loop closure for ease of use.


  • High-quality design
  • Abdominal protector as well as groin protector
  • Increased comfort throughout


  • Considered the larger/somewhat bulkier of protectors

Product Specifications

SizesMedium to X-large

MMA Groin Cup Summary

As we’ve already stated, getting the best groin protector available is a smart choice. Even if it costs a bit more, it’s worth not getting injured in that delicate area. 

Your choice will depend on which primary combat sport you train in. The best groin cup for BJJ and MMA, is hands down the Diamond MMA cup with compression shorts. Though for Muay Thai, the jockstrap is better for kicks.

For boxers, Title Boxing or Pro Impact’s groin protectors are both good. The Title Boxing model offers a bit more protection so we’d go with that one first.

That’s all for now, make sure to protect these important areas!

We’ve reviewed other essential protective gear too. Check out the best BJJ headgear, and boxing headgear.

Groin Protector FAQ

Is a groin protector necessary?

Yes, when sparring and in competitive fights, a groin protector is necessary. Trust us when we say you don’t want to forget to wear it. Although sparring is done with training partners, kicks and punches can land anywhere!

You can recover from one hit to this area, but imagine it happens more than once in the same session…you don’t want that. That’s why this should be something that you invest in. Even if you don’t want to spend out on the compression short models, get a decent jockstrap and cup.

Compression shorts or jockstrap?

Picking between compression shorts or a jockstrap is down to personal preference.

A jockstrap has been the most common style and a firm favorite for many over the years. But compression shorts are now becoming very popular. Not only do they have pouches for the groin cup, but they also keep your muscles warm. So they also help reduce muscle injuries.

Then, there’s the argument that jockstraps allow for increased freedom in movement. We’d argue that once you’ve had compression shorts on for a while you don’t even notice them. Still, this comes down to personal preference.

How to pick the right size

The actual size of the groin cup doesn’t change much, generally, you get adult or youth size. Size matters when buying a cup along with a jockstrap or compression shorts. This is because both of these are measured by waist size.

But, cup sizes can vary depending on which brand you buy. A cup shouldn’t be too big or too small.

Here are more details on what we pay attention to:

Comfort and fit – As well as fitting well, you will need to be able to move around freely while the cup remains in place.

So, the inner material of your shorts or jockstrap needs to be designed with comfort in mind. Ideally, the groin cup will have a soft rim so that it reduces movement. 

Ventilation holes are great if the cup isn’t going to fit into a pouch. Then, groin protectors with multi-layered padding and gel inserts ensure freshness. These larger ones are generally for boxing though.

Protection – You’ll need to get the right size of cup to be sure of continued protection. 

If your choice is too tight, it will pinch your skin and leave marks. But too big a size and you won’t be afforded the necessary protection due to shifting. If you have either case you won’t be using it for long.

The correct size will stay in place at all times and is also comforting.

Which is the best groin guard for MMA?

For MMA purposes, the best groin cup is one that mentions MMA in its description. Our choice would, therefore, be the Diamond MMA Athletic cup groin protector. This model is light, and can even withstand bullet shots!

Due to its design, and a great fit with shorts or a jockstrap, it’s also a perfect cup for BJJ, and Muay Thai.

Which is the best groin guard for boxing?

For boxing training, the best groin protector is the Title Boxing groin guard. Title is well known for its boxing gear, and this product is another top range item. You’ll be able to use this in sparring and not worry about low punches to the groin and lower abs area.

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