Best Groin Cups for MMA & BJJ Reviewed (2021)

Considered by many to be one of the most important items of MMA equipment, selecting the best groin protector cup will certainly save you much pain later on!

This fully protective piece of kit is vital when it comes to shielding yourself from the potential discomfort incurred during training or sparring.

However, the best groin guard will also work hard to shield you from many types of accidental injuries that most boxers find they experience during many of their sessions.

Groin Protector – Top Picks

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Below we consider a selection of 9 of the best-selling groin guards, protectors, and cups that are designed with the intent of protecting the groin area at all times when worn. We look at guards that can be worn during MMA, BJJ, kickboxing, and boxing.

These products have all been chosen especially for their ability to provide the ultimate safety while being the more comfortable of products to wear throughout.

At some fantastic prices and with a variety of choices for review, we’re confident you’ll be able to find that perfect match for your training and sparring needs.

Winner: Diamond MMA Groin Cup With Compression shorts

Diamond MMA Groin Cup with Compression Shorts

Our winner on the list and in our opinion, the best MMA groin guard, is the Diamond MMA Athletic cup groin protector.

A visually pleasing pair of the most modern type of compression shorts, these are also Amazon’s Best Seller in their Martial Arts Groin Protector section.

In just the one color black with blue seams, the Diamond MMA shorts are available in a wide range of sizes for the most comforting of fits.

However, it’s their ultimate in groin protection that really seals the deal here.

These are made up using the most military grades of elastic combined with a premium of spandex. 

Leveraging the highest of performance throughout, these boast a four-star jock system design. This works to keep the cup in place, thus preventing any movement.

To further ensure both user safety and comfort, these shorts are finished with a polycarbonate core.

Working hard to protect those sensitive groin muscles and nerves, not only is the material here rigid but flexible, it’s also that same material that is used in bulletproof glass!

An award-winning design and approved by doctors and urologists, Diamond MMA protection shorts are worn the world over by many professional athletes.

Diamond MMA are now even producing their own rash guards and other items. The brand is growing!


  • Approved by doctors and urologists
  • Military-grade materials
  • Uncompromising comfort and safety combined


  • A higher than average price tag

Product Specifications

SizesSmall to XX-Large plus youth sixes available
Type Compression shorts 
Best forMMA/high impact sports/Competitions

Runner-Up: lo-bloo Muay Thai, MMA Cup

Lo-bloo Muay Thai & MMA cup

Our next best choice for review and pick for the best MMA cup comes from the makers at Lo-Bloo.

These are a professional Thai cup and groin guard that are ideally placed for all types of close contact sports.

Taking Amazon’s Choice Award also for the Best BJJ Cup, these have been designed by Swedish martial art Olympians!

Designed with one key purpose to give the utmost protection in every situation an athlete encounters, these claim to guarantee 100% protection plus enhanced mobility.

With their patented ergonomics, the Lo-Bloo is a standard one size fits all. It is claimed to be so comfortable that once it’s on, you’ll soon forget it’s there!

An extremely lightweight of cups, impact forces are redistributed evenly when wearing this while large vents to the cup ensure you remain cool and dry throughout. 

Featuring the softest of lining, the Lo-Bloo sits centered and stable, thus canceling out any vibrations, preventing potential whipping.


  • Patented ergonomics assure 100% protection
  • Machine washable
  • Lifetime guarantee attached


  • Some potential waist strap issues

Product Specifications

SizesOne size fits all
Type Jockstrap
Best for MMA, Grappling, Jiu-Jitsu, & all close-contact sports

RDX Groin Guard for MMA/BOXING

RDX Groin Guard for MMA/Boxing

Our next choice and one of the best boxing jockstrap designs alongside a great Muay Thai cup choice is the RDX groin guard.

In the one color black and available in sizes from small to X-large, this is a protector that’s constructed using a fabulous Maya hide leather material.

With the jockstrap comes a detachable groin cup. This is a triangular steel cup type and one that ensures complete protection with every use while absorbing shocks all-round.

Steely built intending to disperse all impact, the closed-cell rim of the RDX boosts the comfort throughout.

The PU-molded cup is a classic steel resin type that is designed to perfectly accompany the more modern looking of jockstraps.

Also, there’s a quick and EZ hook and loop strap system. This further ensures the RDX can be adjusted to suit while offering one of the most perfect fits every time. 

Claimed to be the ultimate of protection when it comes to MMA, and other close-combat style sports, the shatterproof metal advanced armoring of the RDX groin protector instills confidence for all in even the toughest of training or sparring sessions.


  • Advanced shatterproof metal construction
  • EZ hook and loop strap system 
  • Increased comfort throughout


  • The metal cup can’t be removed for washing

Product Specifications

SizesSmall to X-large
Type Jockstrap
Best for MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Taekwondo, BJJ, Karate

Shock Doctor Groin Cup with compression shorts

Shock Doctor Groin Cup with Compression Shorts

The winner of the Amazon Choice Award for Best Men’s Athletic Cup, the Shock Doctor receives our choice for the best compression shorts with groin guard.

This is perhaps the most modern of shorts on the list and is available in black and white colors with a fantastic flag patterning as a third option!

With an 80% expected fit rating, the Shock Doctor shorts all come in a massive choice of sizes from XX-small to XX-large and in both adult plus boy sizes. 

However, it’s their bio-flex cup protection that is the most crucial here. This is the body and the core protective section, which is a bio-shaped vented shield to offer a defense where it’s needed the most.

However, it does this flawlessly, allowing for an unrestricted movement while increasing airflow and comfort levels tenfold.

Utilizing a moisture-wicking material, these shorts also benefit from a four-way stretch fabric element.

Meanwhile, the dual mesh cup alongside flatlock seams and comforting waistband ensure the perfect fit for all users.


  • Moisture-wicking enhanced material
  • Bio-flex vented cup design
  • Ideal for a range of uses


  • Some issues noted with fabric durability

Product Specifications

SizesAdults and boys, XX-small to XX-large
Type Compression shorts 
Best for Baseball, MMA Softball, Lacrosse, Football, Soccer, Cricket, and Hockey

Diamond MMA Cup and jockstrap

Diamond MMA Cup & Jockstrap

Time for another groin protector from Diamond MMA. This time it’s the protector but with a jockstrap instead of the compression shorts.

Both a jock and cup, the Diamond MMA protector is claimed to provide all users with the ultimate groin protection. This is especially so during all high impact sports. 

The company claims its products can do all this while simultaneously encouraging the most comforting of fits and feels around.

Utilizing a military-grade makeup alongside a premium of construction, this four strap system works to keep the cup in place while allowing for ease of movement throughout.

With a patented design, the cup works to protect the most sensitive of groin muscles while ultimately doing so, taking advantage of a plastic that’s regularly used in bulletproof glass.

Available in sizes small to XX-large, this is a black jockstrap with a black/blue cup.

Approved by doctors and urologists, this is the Diamond MMA support jock and cup that is favored by athletes all over the world. Many choose this brand even without sponsorship, such is their confidence in it.


  • Military-grade materials
  • Made by award-winning designers
  • Approved by doctors and urologists


  • Some find the cup a little too stiff

Product Specifications

SizesSmall to XX-large
Type Jockstrap with cup
Best forMMA and high impact sports

Mueller Athletic Supporter With Flex Shield Cup

Mueller Athletic Supporter with Flex Shield Cup

With a slight variation in designs here from the other reviewed items on our list, this is the Adult Athletic Supporter from Mueller.

Mueller has also gained an Amazon Choice Award for the Best Male Cup Protection.

This is a support with a flex shield cup and one that is white/grey in color with sizes ranging from small to X-large.

The company claim that as soon as this cup is put correctly in place, it can actively reduce the number of severe injuries in the groin area, regularly seen in those with no such protection.

The cup itself has soft runner edges for increased comfort, and these allow the cup to bend for that increased flexibility in protection also. 

Boasting a superior of cooling ventilation, the Mueller is made up using a moisture management fabric throughout.

Providing the most comfortable of tagless waistbands, these jock strap protectors are also finished with the most refreshing of antimicrobial treatment. 

With the ability to remove and change the cup as when you like, the grey cup included here actually indicates an adult size. But teens, youth, and children’s cups are also sold separately by the company in a selection of other specific colorings.


  • Flexible protection
  • Maximum comfort through soft rubber edges
  • Increased ventilation throughout


  • Some problematic issues with the cup size

Product Specifications

SizesAdult Small to Adult X-large
Type Jockstrap
Best for Various athletic activities

Title Boxing Gel Elite Groin Guard

Title Boxing Gel Groin Protector

Title Boxing’s groin protector is their gel elite addition, which also works to extend its protection to that of the abs.

Comprised of a most durable of synthetic leather materials, this is the more lightweight of options and is present in the form of a much increased in size jockstrap type.

Available in white/black with red detailing to the sides, this comes in sizes medium through to XX-large.

Though this is indeed a most lightweight of options, the inner foaming is a fully cushioned layered makeup.

Allowing the most exclusive of gel inserts into the protector, this is a fully adjustable wraparound model that also benefits greatly from the inclusion of a hook and loop waist closure. 

Ultimately giving users the most comforting of fits, the Title Boxing guard ensures a wonderful resistance level and is effective at all times. This makes it a great groin guard kickboxing choice. 

The waist, hips, and groin are all carefully protected while the abdomen and waist placement of this model also increases your protection one step further than most standard groin protectors.


  • Unique gel side placements
  • Lightweight model
  • Layered inner foam


  • None to mention so far!

Product Specifications

SizesMedium to XX-large
Type Jockstrap
Best for All close contact sport types

Shock Doctor Titan Alloy Flex Groin Cup

Shock Doctor Titan Alloy Flex Groin Cup

If it’s just the cup on its own that you’re looking for, then Shock Doctor offers the solution in the shape of their Titan Alloy Flex Cup.

Though only available in an adult large and a youth medium, this is the solution recommended by those leading sports protection experts and one which is widely used by both professional and college athletes worldwide.

With the utmost of performance and indeed protection at the fore of this creation, the Titan Alloy Flex Cup claims to sustain 90-100 mph impact before deformation. 

Composed of stainless steel alloy and a thermal plastic urethane, this unique design ensures maximum comfort, alongside a range of motions.


  • Stainless steel alloy
  • Professionally tested and recommended
  • Offers unparalleled protection


  • Cup only 

Product Specifications

SizesAdult large and youth medium
Type Cup only
Best for All professional sports

Pro Impact Boxing Groin Protector

Pro Impact Boxing Groin Protector

Last but by no means least on our review list is the brilliant Pro Impact model, offering the most perfect solution for your gym and workout use.

In three sizes and three color choices, this is not just a groin protector but also for abdominal protection, thus increasing your safety throughout each workout.

Made up with high-quality construction of PU leather, this is claimed to be the more durable and indeed longer-lasting of protectors.

Boasting optimal protection, the comfort offered by the Pro Impact groin protector is also unrestricted. This means your mobility isn’t limited.

A most secure fit, the cup remains securely in place without needing any frequent adjustments.

Claiming to be the more versatile of safety solutions, this also benefits from an elastic waistband with a hook and loop closure for ease of use.


  • High-quality design
  • Abdominal protector as well as groin protector
  • Increased comfort throughout


  • Considered the larger/somewhat bulkier of protectors

Product Specifications

SizesMedium to X-large
Best forMMA, Muay Thai and contact sports

Groin Protector FAQ

Is a groin protector necessary?

Though it’s not compulsory as such, a groin protector is certainly one of the most highly recommended pieces of kits!

Inevitably when participating in any form of close contact sport, the potential for receiving a blow to the groin or abdomen is extremely high.

Yet, alongside the indescribable pain, the potential damage several blows can do to this area isn’t worth thinking about.

Therefore, to eliminate this, a groin protector can be bought and used with a minimal amount of fuss and delay, but ultimately ensuring your overall safety long term.

Compression shorts or jockstrap?

Whether you choose compression shorts or a jockstrap for your groin protection may be solely based on your personal preference!

A jockstrap is perhaps the most common style and a firm favorite for many over the years. 

Some find jockstraps allow for increased freedom in movement and less restriction, and so are a preferred choice for many athletes in a wide range of activity types.

But compression shorts are now becoming increasingly popular alternatives to jockstraps.

Designed to reduce restrictions of movement, these are the all in one solution which comes in a wider choice of styles. 

Better still, many users like being able to wear some of the short types without needing to cover them up, as you have to do so with many jock strap varieties.

How to pick the right size

It’s strongly recommended that you look to each individual supplier when selecting that best size for your crotch protector.

Sizes vary with every manufacturer, so what may be a small in one product, can seem like a medium when bought from another supplier. 

However, to ensure the perfect choice throughout use, we recommend paying attention to:

Comfort and fit – As well as fitting snuggly and neatly, you will need to be able to move around freely while the cup remains in place.

However, this will also mean assuring the inner material for your shorts or jockstrap is designed with maximum comfort in mind. 

Those boasting multi-layered padding work well here as do those with gel inserts to keep you remaining cool and fresh.

Protection – It goes without saying that you’ll need to ascertain the right size of boxing cups to be sure of continued protection. 

If your choice is too tight, it will pinch your skin and leave marks, making it extremely uncomfortable in use. 

But too big a size and you won’t be afforded the necessary protection due to shifting. 

Thus, the correct size will be one that keeps the cup in place at all times and is so comforting, you’ll soon forget it’s on!

Which is the best groin guard for MMA?

For MMA purposes, the best groin guard is one that mentions MMA in its description. Our choice would, therefore, be the Diamond MMA Athletic cup groin protector.

Which is the best groin guard for boxing?

For boxing purposes, once again, we suggest considering those groin protectors that state boxing in their product’s description. Though there are more choices available here, we would suggest the Title Boxing groin guard.

Groin Protector Summary

By ensuring a safe level of groin protection each time your train or spar, you ultimately protect yourself from some powerful and harmful blows.

However, products such as those reviewed by us above keep this most sensitive part of your body safe at all times. 

This leaves you to work at keeping yourself on track and entirely focused on the task ahead of you – rather than taking time out to contend to a most painful incident each and every time.

We’ve reviewed other essential protective gear too. Importantly, MMA mouth guards, BJJ headgear, and boxing headgear.

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