Diamond MMA Cup Review 2024

No matter which martial art you practice, you need to protect your delicate area. Well, in our Diamond MMA Cup review we’re going to tell you exactly why this brand now has the best groin cup on the market. This is down to the fact that their product is the best out there.

If you haven’t seen the video of a guy getting kicked in the private area whilst wearing it, don’t worry, we’ve put it below.

Diamond MMA also has the backing of professional athletes and even Joe Rogan. We’re sure you know who Joe Rogan is…if you don’t check him out. He’s an MMA commentator and is even a black belt in BJJ.

We’re going to review all groin cup products that are offered by Diamond MMA.

This video shows the Diamond MMA cup in use. It also displays how the cup fits into the jockstrap and compression shorts. 

Diamond MMA Compression Shorts (with cup)

Diamond MMA Compression Shorts

The Diamond MMA compression jock shorts are visually pleasing. The innovative design will keep you protected from the hardest hits.

The product color is all black with blue stitching seams. The Diamond MMA compression shorts are available in a wide range of sizes for both youth and adults.

Diamond MMA’s compression shorts use military-grade materials that can stretch in six different ways.

Then, within the shorts is a four-strap jockstrap system. This is what ensures that the cup stays in place, as well as the rubber on the edge of the cup.

The shorts are finished with a polycarbonate core. This works hard to protect your groin, glutes, hamstring, and lower back muscles. It does so by activating them and keeping them warm throughout your training.

Polycarbonate core is the material used in bulletproof glass not only is the material here rigid but flexible, it’s also that same material that is used in bulletproof glass!

The product has won many awards since the companies inception. Doctors and urologists have approved the design and fit for use when undertaking combat sports.

You’re able to buy the compression shorts with or without the cup. If you don’t have the cup already then you should buy both. The athletic cup also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Youth sizesM, L, XL
Adult sizesS, M, L, XL, XXL

Diamond MMA Quad Strap Jock (with cup)

Diamond MMA Cup + Jockstrap

The next product from Diamond MMA that we’re going to review is the Quad Strap Jock. Like with the compression shorts, you can buy this with or without the cup. The cup is the same core item sold across the other products.

This jockstrap and cup from Diamond MMA are great for people that don’t want the tightness on the entire leg, like with the compressions shorts.

With its four-strap support, the cup will be secured even without the shorts. When wearing the jockstrap and cup you won’t even notice that you’re wearing it once you start training.

Diamond MMA doesn’t stock youth sizes for this product. You can find adult sizes of the jockstrap though. There are five sizes in total, including S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

The cup and strap feature the same colors as the shorts reviewed above, black with blue detailing.

As the cup is also included this product is also approved by doctors and urologists. The cup also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Diamond MMA High Athletic Cup

Diamond MMA Cup

This last product from Diamond MMA is just the cup. No extras like the strap or shorts. If you already have your own compression shorts or strap that you’re satisfied with then this is a good purchase.

The cup is basically indestructible, in fact, that’s why they offer a lifetime warranty with it.

The material used is custom made by the team at Diamond MMA, it includes a blend of copolymer. This helps absorb the impact, as well as the shape of the cup.

Diamond MMA’s famous cup comes in two sizes, youth, and adult.

Youth size – 5.5″ top to bottom, 3″ width, 2″ depth

Adult size – 6.75″ top to bottom, 4″ width, 2.25″ depth

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