How To Start With MMA: 10 Tips

Lots of people would love to become MMA fighters.

However, the truth is that fame and fortune aren’t as glamorous as it may sound or look.

Millions of people want to fight on UFC and ESPN; however, only a few hundred of those ever make it to the big leagues.

MMA is different from many sports and is still growing. It’s actually one of the fastest-growing sports in this day and age.

More people are heading to their local MMA gyms and signing up for classes; however, there is a process to becoming an MMA fighter.

How exactly do you start MMA training?

Well as mentioned earlier there is a process to it, and you need to understand precisely what MMA fighting is all about, the techniques that are used, the gear that is needed, the time that it is going to take you to master it and of course the benefits of MMA before throwing yourself in headfirst.

In the following guide, we’ll take a look at all you need to know about mixed martial arts and exactly how you can begin your MMA fighting career.

What exactly is MMA?

Fighting In UFC

When you hear the term MMA, it basically stands for mixed martial arts.

This term is used for combat sport in which two competitors basically compete against each other for dominance using gentle tactics such as finishing holes, striking, and control.

A variety of martial arts techniques are used by these opponents and are allowed by the rules.

So punching, kicking, joint locking, choking, throws and takedowns are all fair game when it comes to MMA.

However ultimately victory is gained through knockout, submission or alternatively no holds barred.

However, the no holds barred term is mostly retired. Modern competitions actually make use of more rules than ever before.

The first UFC only rules were against, fish hooking and eye-gouging.

This is because it was really common to see toes stomping, hair pulling, and people being choked with the lapels of the clothing.

In fact, one such match featured a combatant repeatedly attacking his opponent in the groin.

So this is why there is a list of rules and also a list of banned techniques.

Modern MMA

Using Elbow In UFC

As a result of sporting events such as these, MMA training and the understanding of the effectiveness of combat and using various strategies have drastically changed over the last decade.

MMA has included lots of style possibilities, including everything from sumo to karate, while modern fighters are trained in a mixture of these styles.

These styles refer to amateur wrestling, submission wrestling, and kickboxing.

These three distinct styles coincide with the phases of combat and indicate that fights can be broken into three different phases.

Each of these phases will require different skill sets, such as clinch fighting, ground fighting, and stand up fighting.

So yes, lots of people want to get into MMA fighting; however, they are left quite bewildered when it comes to the process of getting started.

There so many forms of martial arts, and this often leaves people confused as to which discipline or MMA to start with.

Then there are gyms popping up all over the show, and this leaves people even more overwhelmed when it comes to choosing an MMA gym.

On top of that, there’s lots of concern about the potential health and safety issues.

MMA’s definitely a heavy contact sport, so differently can lead to serious and potentially fatal injuries.

Some injuries may be short term, and others may be long term.

However, too many people, it looks to be fun and games until someone gets hurts in the jaw.

But lots of people are really keen on getting into MMA irrespective of the violence, and that is what makes a sport so real.

So if you are into MMA, just be aware of what is involved and take note that it is a heavy contact sport.

However, then again, all contact sports are risky.

If it is one of your passions, then go for it. You should allow yourself to feel the adrenalin rush involved in unaltered fighting.

Training separately boxing/wrestling/BJJ vs MMA

Boxing vs. MMA

MMA vs Boxing Fighter

This is probably one of the most common questions that professionals are asked, and it’s that art is more effective between MMA and boxing?

The truth is MMA’s becoming popular; however, boxing can still be effective depending on what your goals are.

Ultimately there are pros and cons to boxing and MMA.

However, MMA training is a more well-rounded fight due to stand up and ground training that is involved.

So what is the difference between MMA and boxing?

MMA is not just one form of training, and this is what most people do not realize.

It is the practice of various martial arts such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai that dates back throughout history.

Not all martial arts are the same especially when it comes to techniques such as cage fighting, and some are more effective than others.

So when you want to find out more about MMA or mixed martial arts training, you need to be well-versed with the various forms of martial arts.

Training at an MMA gym if you want to become a professional fighter is ideal; however, boxing still has a useful skillset that can be used in MMA as well.

Boxing will teach you head movement and proper foot technique.

It’s also effective in self-defense situations because most fights start standing up.

It’s a sport that’s been studied throughout history and has evolved to the point where MMA fighters such as Connor McGregor even specialize in boxing techniques.

Both MMA and boxing are great skill sets to have especially when it comes to self-defense and real-life situations.

Boxing allows someone to prepare for most stand up situations as the focus is placed on timing, reading, and spacing yourself from your opponent for the proper use of your hands.

If the fight starts standing up then boxing is one of the best skill sets to help you fight for this reason.

On the other hand, MMA is much more adaptable to a wide variety of techniques and skills.

When you train in MMA, you are continuously dealing with kicks, punches, and takedowns continuously.

If you get taken down the training in MMA, you are expected to have a variety of options from your back.

If it is a standup fight, you are trained in defending yourself against kicks, punches, knee and elbow blows.

So what is easier to learn between MMA and boxing?

There isn’t an easy option or an easy answer to this question.

This is because both boxing and MMA challenge you in different ways, and each skill set has its advantages.

Boxing, however, is easier to learn than MMA because you are focusing on your hands.


Jiu Jitsu Fighters

Jiujitsu is a martial art form that is designed to allow an unarmed defender to conquer an opponent. Making it a martial art perfect for self-defense.

The name is translated as “gentle art,” and this makes sense given that its techniques are designed to use an opponent’s own force against them.

It’s also cheap at conducting arts making use of throws, pins, and joint locks.

There are various forms of jiu-jitsu being practiced today from judo to Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has its roots in judo practiced in pre-World War II Japan.


Karate is a martial art form that has its roots in Okinawa, Japan.

The training focuses on strikes delivered through the hands, feet, elbows, and knees, although modern forms incorporate graphing and throws.

Most martial art forms portrayed in the 60s and 70s and made it extremely popular in the Western world.

However, you shouldn’t expect a black belt or to become the ultimate fighting machine in a matter of days.

It takes a whole lot of effort and practice to become proficient in this ancient martial art form.

Creating a standard conditioning plan is never a black-and-white thing.

While some people rely on drills or exercises that should be learned over a few years, others listen to whatever they feel like doing on that day.

However, to perform at your peak and improve, you need to stay energetic and avoid injuries and there are principles that should be followed to achieve this.

What is the most important aspect of MMA?

Develop a plan

Two Kids Training MMA

If you thought that all there is to successful training or being a successful MMA fighter is to work hard, keep at it every day and hope for the best, then you are sincerely wrong.

In order to get the best out of your training and conditioning plan, regular training needs to have a plan of attack.

So you should start laying out your weekly schedule,  your strength work, MMA training, nutrition, conditioning, and recovery strategies as well.


Attitude affects everything you do when it comes to MMA.

A bad attitude causes you to sleep in, gives you more stress in your relationships, causes you to miss training sessions, and affects her performance ultimately.

So your thoughts, your words, and your actions on track with your goals.


When it comes to motivating yourself during MMA training, you need to ask yourself what you want and why you want it and then decide or determine what’s in your way.

But if things are going your way, it is easy to think about your goals; however, the entire aim or purpose of achieving or putting down your goals is to get back on track when life knocks you down.

So put your goals in fighting to stay motivated.


Female MMA Fighter Support

Everyone from your coaches, your family, friends, and even your environment has an enormous effect on your success.

So take a look around and see who is really helping you move forward and get better.

This is not always easy, but it’s vital if you want to excel in MMA fighting.

Surround yourself with like-minded people who are good for you.

Even if you have to reduce your friend circle to just three people that you spend most of your time with, that’s okay.

Using various movements

MMA is a demanding sport, and it requires a lot of strength and conditioning, transitions, standing clinches, grappling, takedowns, holding, pressure, and more.

When you combine all of these aspects, it can tend to be overwhelming if you are unprepared.

So in order to train the right way, you must use a variety of techniques.

Get the basics such as pulling, pushing, hinging, and squatting right.

Adjust your weak areas such as feet, shoulders, glutes, and abs. Ultimately you should strengthen your body from head to toe.

Vary your intensity during the week

Figter Training

An unprofessional coach will make you tired; however, a professional one will make you get better at MMA.

The goal is to improve and the key to improving his consistency.

If you want to stay consistent and healthy and improve in the week, then you must vary the intensity of your workouts each week.

Leave your ego out

If you’re like most people, then you want to be an MMA fighter.

In fact, everybody these days wants to be an MMA fighter until they start training.

If you want to survive as a fighter and last over a period of time, you need to leave your ego at the door.

Listen to your coaches, submit to them because they have your best interest at heart.


This is probably one of the most important aspects of MMA training.

Good fighters want to push hard and put all their effort into it.

Ultimately this makes them great fighters; however, in order to stay strong, and healthy, you must take time off.

6 to 8 hours of sleep every night is recommended, and one day each week dedicated completely to anything besides MMA is compulsory.

Eat healthily

Chicken Quinoa

The best athletes in the world understand that what you put in is what you get out.

If you want to increase your energy, recover faster, increase your cardio, and get stronger, you need to eat healthier.

Recover Quickly

In order to recover quickly, you need to eat healthily, varying intensities, and get enough sleep.

Some of the things that can help you immensely include an ice bath, massages, contrast showers, and trigger point therapy.

They do it cause some type of discomfort, so they are not popular activities; however, the pain is completely worth it.

List of basic beginner tips for MMA rookies

Do your research

Before joining an MMA gym, have a look at the options available to you.

MMA should also be a key player in the gym that you join.

Decide whether you enjoy it

Putting MMA Gloves

In order to be successful in MMA, you do need to enjoy the sport.

Lots of people think that because they have experience in other martial art forms, that MMA might not be for them.

So ultimately, take your time to figure out what you enjoy.

Be honest

Once you make your decision, keep at it.

Once you join MMA training, you also need to be honest about your fitness levels.

This will let your trainer know where to begin so that you don’t end up harming yourself.

Stretch continuously

MMA is not just about strength; flexibility plays a huge role as well.

After MMA, it is recommended that you stretch as it improves your flexibility.

Forget about bodybuilding

MMA and bodybuilding are like oil and water; they do not mix.

You need a high level of strength to overcome your opponents; however, too much bodybuilding can limit you.

Aside from that, the techniques used in MMA and that used in bodybuilding are very different.

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