The Ultimate List of MMA Equipment

If you’re contemplating training in martial arts or looking to join a gym, you may not be sure of what gear you need.

The most common question is, what do I need to start?

Well, that depends on the MMA discipline you are pursuing.

Combat sports are full contact, and therefore you will need a comprehensive set of gear.

Fundamentally, there is an essential set of gear that you need to start training.

This is to make sure you do not injure yourself while training.

Therefore, this gear should be on hand before beginning your training.

This essential gear or wear should be on hand before starting any training.

In the following guide, we’ll take a look at the essential tools and equipment that you will need before starting training.

MMA Gear

Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves (Thai boxing gloves if that’s your sport) are a crucial part of MMA training in order to protect yourself.

The gloves protect your opponent from the hard impact of striking.

So, which gloves should you choose?

Well, a boxing glove is defined as padded plastic and covers the whole wrist and hand.

Ultimately most sports practitioners use it on their hands during sparring and when attempting punches and strikes.

The purpose of these gloves is to protect the hands of the striker during combat and also to protect your opponent from the impact of the punch or strike.

Ultimately, it decreases the risk of facial injuries to the opponent. The second purpose, of course, is to strengthen your strikes.

There are lots of different types of gloves on the market, most used for sparring with others, training, and some are specifically designed for competition.

They are available in various sizes and weights as well.

Ultimately the glove you choose will depend on your weight as an individual too.

In MMA, there are boxing gloves used in training, and then there are gloves used in competition for MMA and are much smaller in size.

The recommended glove size for anyone starting training is 60oz and offers more protection.

They also help support your shoulder and arm strength.

There are hundreds of boxing gloves on the market to choose from.

There are different colors, types, brands, and designs, as well.

Ultimately the rule that applies to all merchandise is true here as well, and that is, you get what you pay for.

Cheaply made boxing gloves may save you a couple of bucks initially; however, they do not have the durability of premium boxing gloves, which are more expensive.

So if you’re practicing combat sports and plan on doing it for a long time, you want to invest in good quality boxing gloves.

They will last much longer than cheaply made ones containing synthetic leather and vinyl materials.

Shin guards

MMA Shinguards

Shin cards are an essential requirement of fighting and training for beginners.

Irrespective of which discipline you are pursuing in MMA, shin guards will help protect your foot and lower legs.

So what are shin guards?

This is basically a piece of gear that’s created to cover the shins and feet.

It’s made from various materials and contains thick padding, and this is to soften the impact and strike on legs.

Its main purpose in training is to give you protection. It also helps you sustain the maximum endurance for the maximum duration of training.

Training without these essential tools will not make you tougher; however, it will just increase the likelihood of injury.

And when you are injured, you certainly cannot train.

A shin guard is only used in training and not really in competition.

They are lots of aspects to consider when choosing the right shin guard for you.

Ultimately it all comes down to durability and comfort.

When choosing shin guards for Muay Thai, make sure that they are the right size.

The sizes start from small to extra large to accommodate different leg lengths.

As for the quality, you want to invest in good-quality, such as premium quality leather, especially if you plan on using it in the long run.

Another point to consider is that the top of your foot is prone to injuries because the bones are smaller and also more sensitive in that area.

So your shin guard must have good coverage on the foot area in order to absorb impact and protect your joints.

Ultimately this improves your mobility as well.

Mouth guard

American Flag Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are an essential piece that all MMA fighters need. Good thing that we’ve reviewed the best MMA mouthguards!

Irrespective of whether it is for training or competition, they are designed to minimize dental fractures.

They can also help reduce jaw injuries and head trauma from impact to the head and face.

So what exactly is a mouth guard?

It is a protective device made of plastic material that covers the mouth and prevents or reduces injury to the teeth, lips, and arches.

It molds into the shape of your teeth for a more personalized fit.

In MMA organizations such as the UFC, there are rules and regulations to keep competitors safe.

One of the non-negotiable rules is to use a mouthguard when competing.

These mouthguards are recommended for training because all it takes is a matter of one kick or one knee or elbow to break a tooth off.

This can also lead to expensive visits to the dentist.

When choosing the appropriate mouthguard for you, there are things to consider.

The right fit is essentially the most important aspect.

Mouthguards that are fitted properly will be safe and comfortable as well.

Among other things, it should remain securely in place, and you should be able to speak and breathe normally through it.

This device should also be approved and certified to CE standards and impact tested.

Finally, you should consider choosing a mouthguard based on the design, and the main thing should be the level of protection that it can provide.

MMA gloves

Blue MMA Gloves

In various styles of mixed martial arts, it’s essential that you have a piece of fight gear.

You will be perfecting techniques such as grappling, punching, and striking.

The only difference between a boxing glove and an MMA glove is that your fingers are exposed. 

However, it is still an essential piece of gear to protect your hands from injury.

MMA gloves are also referred to as grappling gloves and are small in size.

They have an opening the same as normal MMA gloves and are mainly used in submissions and clinch fighting.

There are two major types of gloves, such as the ones for sparring, which have more padding and weight 7oz, and the second type used in competition and are small in size, and between 4oz to 6oz.

The majority of MMA organizations have made this essential gear compulsory.

It’s more essential in training when performing different styles, such as a combination of striking and grappling.

The main purpose of gloves is inevitably to protect the hands when striking.

When it comes to protection, some have tried to debate saying padded gloves allow a fist to hit the head and attack the brain, all while not damaging the face.

Most professionals will recommend the use of larger size grappling.

It should also allow the hands to fit comfortably inside and should not be too tight.

If you’re planning on doing MMA long term, then make a wise investment in choosing gloves made of quality, which will go along way.

Our top selection or recommendation is The RDX MMA gloves for grappling martial arts.

Ultimately this pair of gloves makes every punch count and lets your opponent know that you are serious.

It is made from authentic cowhide leather and is strong and durable.

It also contains three layers of gel padding that protects you from uncomfortable impact and is evenly distributed across the entire surface area.

There is also stitching to avoid cracks and tears.

This is an open palm design that allows more skin on skin contact, especially during grappling.

MMA shorts

Wearing MMA Shorts

MMA shorts are a crucial part of MMA. The ones pictured above are your classic Muay Thai shorts.

Ultimately it’s designed to give unrestricted movements and keep you comfortable while striking and maintaining peak performance.

What exactly are MMA shorts?

Well, they are three types of shorts you can choose from depending on your personal preference.

The traditional type MMA are shorts, which are longer and have Velcro and string.

Ultimately this makes for the superior hold waste and gets the name superior MMA shorts.

It’s ideal for various styles of MMA, making these shorts ideal as they stretch while striking to safeguard you from scratches as well.

The second half of MMA shorts is the Vale Tudo style shorts, which is competition MMA shorts designed to provide the ultimate fit giving unrestricted flexibility during combat.

The shorts, however, cannot be used on their own without a groin guard. So this is essential for MMA.

The third type is the hybrid MMA shorts.

These shorts are a combination of both board shorts and Vale Tudo.

They can also vary in cut and design.

Having been re-designed to maximize mobility, they are more popular than the conventional shorts.

It became so popular due to its distinct design and shorter leg length, higher reinforced slits, and lightweight materials.

They also do not contain irritating Velcro. So this definitely makes the hybrid MMA shortens the best in the industry.

Groin guards

MMA Groin Guard

Perhaps one of the most valuable and essential pieces of gear used is the groin guards.

It is also referred to as groin cups or groin protectors.

It is worn at professional combat sports and is the most mandatory piece of your gear.

However. although nobody is prohibited from hitting in the groin area during the competition, you don’t want to get injured during training too.

All it takes is one accident to cause serious injury and damage.

So it’s best to take precautions during the training because you can avoid serious pain damage or potential long term damage.

So what exactly is going on?

Basically, it is a study material that is shaped and molded like a cup and used in martial arts, kickboxing, time, BJJ, and boxing and various other contact sports.

Its main purpose is to protect your sensitive areas some serious injury to the spine.

Head Gear

MMA Head Guard

This is perhaps one of the most crucial pieces of protective gear and is important for MMA training.

Headgear provides you with the ability to spar and reduce the risk of head injury.

So what exactly is MMA headgear?

It is basically a protective gear that covers the head and is made of materials that absorb impact such as high-density foam.

The main purpose of your gear is to prevent superficial injuries to the face and the head.

Headgear is not worn in competition during professional MMA. But it is recommended that you use it when sparring.

There are specific training such as striking, which is more focused on the body and head, and this is where headgear is absolutely necessary.

Some injuries are common when training and these are cuts to the eyebrows, nose, accidental head butts.

It’s also not unheard of when for eardrums to pop and concussions to occur.

When choosing headgear, you need to consider a few aspects.

Firstly, make sure you get the right size, and it fits perfectly on your head.

So if it fits correctly, you won’t have to adjust it too often, and it won’t affect your line of sight and focus as well.

The next step is the weight and the size of the headgear. Lightweight headgear is more comfortable as it feels like a part of your body.

Another important aspect of picking headgear is its visibility.

It should not affect your peripheral vision; therefore, it should be wide enough not to block our line of sight.

Lastly, the protection rating should also be considered when purchasing headgear.

It should protect you not just from the front but also from the sides and rear part of the head.


In order to truly excel at boxing or mixed martial arts, you’ll need the necessary equipment and gear.

Thankfully, there are literally hundreds of boxing and MMA essentials available online.

However, before beginning training, you need to gather these essentials and make sure that they are a good fit.

Ultimately, boxing and MMA essentials are available in different types, brands, and price ranges as well.

So irrespective of your budget, you’ll be able to purchase essentials that will greatly assist you in your journey towards becoming boxing or MMA professional.

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