Best Boxing Shoes For Wide Feet & Arch Support – 2024

You might have great footwork, but are your current boxing shoes the right pair to take you to the next level?

Having strong footing is important to be able to box like a pro. Science has proven that poorly-made shoes can affect your feet and even lead to injuries.

This is why it’s important to update your locker and make sure you have the best boxing shoes on the market.

A pair of top boxing shoes will be so light that you won’t even feel them on your feet. That’s how they should be as you need to remain agile and don’t want your boots weighing you down.

Boxing shoes often get overlooked as boxers focus on picking their boxing gloves instead. But, you should put the same amount of effort into getting the right boxing boots as gloves.

That’s why we’ve made your life easy by bringing you 16 of the best options to pick from in 2024.

Our Top Picks

Adidas Men's HVC Wrestling Shoe, Black/White/Iron Metallic, 10.5
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Nike Mens Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoe Black/White/Black Size 8
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Nike Hypersweep Mens Wrestling Shoes 717175-001 Size 14 Black/Metallic Gold
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Adidas Men’s HVC – Best Boxing Shoes with Arch Support

Adidas HVC Wrestling Shoe

Adidas is a name that needs no introduction, they make all kinds of shoes including wrestling shoes that you will see many people wearing around the ring. 

If you search Adidas boxing shoes, you will come across many options including our top pick, the Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoe.

The highlight of these professional boxing shoes is the rubber sole. It’s quite thin and comfortable making it a good option for boxing as it offers good arch support and grip. You can jump like a bro and hit as hard as you’d like.

The shoes are quite supportive and provide excellent protection to the foot. They keep your feet comfortable thanks to excellent ventilation. You’d be able to go for hours without feeling tired or exhausted. These shows, however, may not be suitable for women due to size issues.

We think the Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoes are the best boxing shoes as they are lightweight, comfortable, durable, and affordable. Consider these if you want boxing shoes that’d be with you for a long time.


  • Available in six colors
  • The elastic strap is easy to handle
  • Excellent build and quality


  • Not unisex

Product Specifications:

SizesAll sizes including kids 1.5 to 16 – increments of 0.5
MaterialSynthetic leather and suede
Weight12 ounces
Fastening MechanismLace

Nike Men’s SpeedSweep VII – Best Boxing Shoes for Training

Nike Speedsweep Boxing Shoes

This is the first pair of boxing shoes from Nike on the list and our overall winner. We’ve chosen these as our best boxing shoes in 2024 as they offer top-quality build at an affordable price.

There are cheaper options, but this pair of shoes are famous in boxing gyms across the States for a reason. They’re called wrestling shoes on Amazon, but they’re for boxing too.

The Men’s SpeedSweep boxing shoes are ultra-light making them easy to move in and pivot on the balls of your feet.

On top of this, the gum rubber sole secures them to the floor when you plant your feet to throw a powerful punch. This means they won’t slip allowing you to get maximum power into every punch, from any position.

As with a lot of boxing shoes, they’re quite narrow. Especially for those with wide feet. This is why you might want to go up one or two sizes if you have fat feet like me. I went up only one shoe size and they fit perfectly.

On top, there is a velcro fastening strap which helps to secure them in place after you’ve done the laces up tightly.

There are two color options to pick from, the standard black or silver with a pixel design on the side.

Whilst there aren’t half sizes, you shouldn’t have an issue getting your number as the sizes range from 5 to 14.


  • Super lightweight
  • The sole has a secure grip that won’t slip
  • Many sizes available
  • World-renowned brand
  • Best looking boxing shoes


  • Only two color options
  • No half sizes
  • Not unisex although women will fit them too

Product Specifications

MaterialSuede with rubber outsole
Weight23 ounces
Fastening MechanismLace and velcro strap

Nike Men’s HyperSweep – Best Professional Boxing SHoes

Nike Men's Hypersweep Boxing Shoes

Another pair of boxing shoes from Nike now and these are the premium version of the SpeedSweep. The HyperSweep are also marketed as wrestling shoes but they’re perfect for boxing as well.

The upper part of the shoe is made from ply-mesh which allows your feet to breathe whilst training.

Your feet will remain fixed in the boot as they have dynamic Flywire technology incorporated. Plus, there’s an ankle support inside which helps greatly if you’ve ever had ankle injuries.

The outsole is made from rubber and it has grooves in different areas which keep your feet in place when you punch.

The width of the shoe is of middle size so you shouldn’t have to go up a size to fit them. That’s unless you have very wide feet.

Due to the higher-quality materials and build, these are more expensive than the more basic SpeedSweep. But, you’ll notice the difference in your movement when using them.


  • Great for people with wide feet
  • Made from premium materials
  • Available in half sizes
  • More aesthetically pleasing than the SpeedSweep (we think so anyway)


  • Most expensive pair of boxing shoes on the list
  • Weigh slightly more than the SpeedSweep VII

Product Specifications

MaterialMesh and rubber outsole
Weight29.6 ounces
Fastening MechanismLace

Adidas Adult Combat Speed 5 – Best Boxing SHoes for Wide Feet

Best Boxing Shoes For Wide Feet & Arch Support - [year] 1

Now for another pair of Adidas boxing shoes and these are great if you want them taller than the HVC model.

The upper part of the boot is a mix between mesh and suede so you’ll get air to your feet but not as much as the Nike models.

The sole of the shoe is a mix between rubber and leather which is different from others that are mainly only rubber. It is made from one piece though so they feel comfortable on the floor.

The arch support is also strong which helps the footing and there’s an elastic strap at the top to make them tighter.

They are a great boxing shoe to wear for training, but we’d go for the Nike HyperSweeps for professional fights.

Adidas shoes are better for people with wider feet compared to Nike and this is the case for these boxing shoes.

One thing that we like about the Adidas Combat Speed shoes is the fact there are many color options. Some of the other boxing shoes are only available in black or white.


  • Perfect training boxing shoes
  • Large range of sizes
  • Many color options
  • Made with quality materials


  • More expensive than the HVC model

Product Specifications

MaterialMesh/suede with rubber/leather outsole
Weight9.8 ounces
Fastening MechanismLace and elastic strap

Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe for Men & Women

Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes

Hayabusa might not be as big as Adidas or Nike, but they have been around since 2006 and focus on fight gear.

The Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes are unisex and come in four different color options – black, blue, red, or white.

The attention to detail that has gone into making this pair of boxing shoes is very high. They are lightweight and the outsole has tiny diamond-shaped grooves which help with stability.

Also, as you can see in the image, the sole slightly overlaps the bottom of the shoe making them great for pivoting.

It is this design that gives the wearer more power in punches too. They come in mid-level style only which is preferred anyway by most boxers.

The sole is rubber and it’s purposely slim to help you feel your footing and remain light. The rest of the shoe is made from Hayabusa’s famous microfiber leather and mesh for the soft parts of the shoes. It’s these mesh panels that keep the air flowing to your foot.

They are actually more expensive than the cheaper Nike and Adidas models. This is because Hayabusa focuses on the quality of material and durability of all its products. We do not doubt that these will last you years.


  • Grooved sole for extra stability
  • Mesh panels for breathability
  • 4 color options are available
  • Custom rubber outsole


  • Expensive compared to others on the list

Product Specifications

SizesMen’s – 6 to 13 | Women’s – 7.5 to 14.5
MaterialMicrofiber leather/mesh with a rubber sole
Weight32 ounces
Fastening MechanismLace

Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes

Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes

If you’re looking for professional boxing shoes that look good and support the foot of the boxer then get your hands on this pair from Ringside. We love the patent leather vinyl finish on these shoes as they’re designed to provide support while looking good. 

Another factor that impressed us was the ease. They feature a low-top ankle that supports the ankle without restricting movement.

The shoes ar e made of a nylon mesh pattern that’s highly breathable and will keep your feet dry. Another excellent feature is the rubber sole that offers an excellent grip and reduces the risk of accidents. However, the lace is not very durable and the plastic part may come out.

We picked the Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes as the runner up for a variety of reasons. We think these are among the best boxing shoes as they offer an excellent fit.


  • This boxing shoe is available in five colors
  • Made for both men and women
  • Offers a good fit


  • Women size is available in a single color – pink

Product Specifications:

Sizes2 to 13 – increments of 1
Weight12 ounces
Fastening MechanismLace

Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes

Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Here’s another incredible product from Amazon for those who want to excel in the ring. The best thing about Ringside is how unique each of their products is. Unlike the previous option, this one features a high-top ankle that supports your entire foot and improves performance. 

We also love the impressive leather vinyl finish on this. It gives the shoe a unique touch. Another amazing feature of this pair is its rubber sole. It keeps the foot secure and reduces the risk of slips and accidents. 

Just like our previous options, this one also features a nylon mesh pattern to keep your foot comfortable and dry. However, this show is heavier than most other options and may not be suitable for beginners.

Consider the Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes if you are searching for the best high top boxing shoes. Their unique look is their biggest asset. 


  • This boxing shoe is available in two colors – black and white
  • Look good and can be used as fashion shoes
  • Very durable and reliable


  • Might be too heavy for some boxers

Product Specifications:

Sizes2 to 13 – increments of 1
Weight1.5 pounds
Fastening MechanismLace

Adidas Box Hog 2 Men’s Boxing Shoes 

Adidas Box Hog 2 Mens Boxing Shoes

If comfort is a priority then the Adidas Box Hog 2 Mens Boxing Shoes can be a good pick. These are among the best boxing shoes due to features like a synthetic sole, single-layer open mesh, synthetic suede overlays, low-profile EVA midsole, and gum rubber outsole for excellent grip and traction.

The shoe provides good support to the feet including the heel. You’ll be able to perform in the ring without feeling any pain or discomfort when you wear these boxing shoes. These shoes also are very durable and perfect for boxers who train for long hours.

The sole makes sure pressure is evenly distributed. Ventilation is also well taken care of. Your foot will not get sweaty as the shoe can keep it dry. Plus, since it’s lightweight, there will be no problem in moving around even if you have to train for extended periods.

Consider the Adidas Box Hog 2 Mens Boxing Shoes if you are searching for durable boxing shoes that can be worn for hours without any problem.


  • This boxing shoe can protect your foot thanks to excellent grip
  • Overlays make it durable
  • Its unique, 3-stripes design looks very good


  • Available in a single color

Product Specifications:

Sizes9, 10, 10.5, 11, and 12
MaterialSynthetic leather
Fastening MechanismLace

ASICS Men’s Matflex 6 Boxing Shoes

ASICS Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes

These imported shoes for boxing have a rubber sole that provides a good grip. You’d be able to train without any issue as it offers excellent traction and provides good support to the foot.

One of the best features of this pair is its hi-top silhouette that supports the foot and offers a good grip. The lightweight mesh upper is reliable and contains synthetic overlays for durability.

You will feel very comfortable wearing these shoes as they are lightly padded and have a soft tongue for added comfort.

We included the ASICS Men’s Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes due to their easy to manage laces. These can be great if you want a pair that’s not cumbersome to handle and is durable as well.


  • This boxing shoe is available in three colors
  • Lace garage to tuck laces away
  • Works well on all surfaces


  • Sizes can be an issue

Product Specifications:

Sizes7 to 12.5 – increments of 0.513, 14, and 15 
Weight8 ounces
Fastening MechanismLace

Reebok Men’s Boot Boxing Shoes

Reebok Boot Boxing Shoe

If you are looking for heavy boxing training shoes then look no further. These are among the heaviest shoes for boxing but that’s not all that sets these apart.

These pro boxing shoes contain a rubber sole that offers good traction and works well on all surfaces including mats. The sole is cushioned and can handle shocks like a pro. This makes it a very versatile option as you will be able to even workout and run wearing these. However, weight can be an issue for some wearers.

The Reebok Men’s Boot Boxing Shoes can be good for those who want comfort and protection. They offer a snug fit and are very easy to wear and remove.


  • The rubber outsole makes it comfortable
  • Very versatile shoes
  • Ankle strap and overlay upper add to the stability


  • This boxing shoe is a is expensive

Product Specifications:

Sizes7 to 13 – increments of 0.5 
MaterialTextile and leather
Weight3 pounds
Fastening MechanismLace

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

No best boxing shoes list can be complete without the mention of boxing training shoes from Venum. These shoes are the result of years of research, collaboration, and development between Venum product engineers and pros like Jorge Linares, Juan Francisco Estrada, and Miguel Berchelt.

We love the construction of these shoes. These contain branded insoles for improved traction and grip. These make it the best shoes for boxing training as they provide a nice balance between pivot and grip.  Plus, ankle support is also pretty good.

You will be able to train and fight without worries as the outsole is highly durable and will keep your foot stable. The shoes are made for comfort and contain an anatomical insole.

While these are great, be careful when buying these as ‘fit will be a half size larger than standard US sizing’ according to the manufacturers.

It is hard to dislike anything about the Venum Elite Boxing Shoes. Consider these best boxing shoes if you can find the right size as they offer good grip and protection.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Its mid-cut silhouette provides lateral ankle support 
  • The front incurved design makes the shoes comfortable and durable


  • This boxing shoe may not fit all boxers

Product Specifications:

Sizes4 t0 14 – increments of 0.5
MaterialGlossy PU patent, mesh honeycomb, and PU flex
Fastening MechanismLace

Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

Made for in-ring use, these hybrid boxing training shoes are versatile and perfect for the gym as well. The sole on these shoes is nicely designed and works well to keep the foot secure. 

It offers excellent traction, support, and flexibility, and is perfect for side-to-side movement, which is important for boxing. You will also love the open weave mesh upper on these shoes. It keeps them comfortable.

Plus, you will not have to worry about safety as the high top design provides good support to the ankle and keeps it stabilized. There’s an ankle strap as well to enhance support when you suddenly change direction.

Few boxing shoes are as flexible and versatile as the Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes. Get your hands on this pair if you want boxing shoes that you can wear in your daily life as well.


  • These shoes are available in multiple colors
  • The hybrid design improves flexibility
  • Look good and can be used regularly


  • Sweat can be an issue in this boxing shoe

Product Specifications:

Sizes6 to 13 – increments of 1
Weight12 ounces
Fastening MechanismLace

Everlast PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoes

Everlast PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoes

Everlast is again on the list as it produces some of the best boxing shoes out there. These professional boxing shoes feature the company’s trademark low top design.

The rest of the features are the same as our previous pick. Its hybrid design works well and can be perfect for pros and new players who want to enjoy lightweight shoes and train without any worries.

The sole is pretty good. It has been built using the company’s special technology that improves traction and keeps the foot protected.

It can be a great pick for those who are learning to be on their foot as it’s highly durable and can handle sudden movements. The shoe supports the shape of the foot and you can remove the sole if it doesn’t fit you well.

The Everlast PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoes is one of the best boxing training shoes as it’s highly versatile and can be used to play a variety of sports.


  • This boxing shoe is available in two colors
  • Microfiber works to keep your feet comfortable
  • The shoe is quite versatile


  • Sizing can be a problem for some boxers

Product Specifications:

Sizes6 to 13 – increments of 1
Fastening MechanismLace

Title Boxing Innovate Mid Boxing Shoes

Title Boxing Innovate Mid Boxing Shoes

If you are looking for boxing training shoes then consider these as they are tailor made for boxing and are among the most affordable pair of boxing shoes.

The highlights of these training shoes are the polyurethane full-length rubber soles and the full length double-last mid-soles that offer support to the entire foot and make sure you can walk, jump, and move around without any difficulty.

The height of these shoes is also perfectly; they’re 7 inches high and offer great speed, grip, and ring performance.

The Title Boxing Innovate Mid Boxing Shoes can be a good option for those who want a shoe that fully supports their foot.


  • Available in four colors – white, blue, black, and red
  • Comes with a drawstring mesh bag
  • The padded tongue provides support to the foot


  • This pair of boxing shoe may not be suitable for those with wide feet

Product Specifications:

Sizes1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 13
Fastening MechanismLace

RXN Boxing Shoes

RXN Boxing Shoes

If you’re looking for boxing shoes under $50 then this pair from RXN can be a good pick. 

It isn’t as decorated as some other low top boxing shoes and high top boxing shoes on this list, but it still deserves to be called one of the best shoes for boxing due to its low price tag and features like its high quality anti-slip sole.

It prevents the risk of injuries and improves performance. The shoe also has overlays made of synthetic leather for increased durability. You may also like its single layer mesh that ensures you stay comfortable and dry even if you train for extended hours. However, we do not recommend these if you train very regularly as they can put a little pressure on the heel due to a lack of heel support.

You can get your hands on the RXN Boxing Shoes if you are looking for an affordable pair of lightweight boxing shoes to train. However, they may not be suitable for very aggressive players.


  • Very affordable pair of boxing shoes for boxers
  • This boxing shoe fits wide feet
  • This boxing shoe is available in multiple colors


  • These shoes do not support the heel

Product Specifications:

Sizes3 to 12 – increments of 0.5 
Fastening MechanismLace

Nike Kids’ Speed Sweep VII Boxing Shoes

Nike Kids' Speed Sweep VII Wrestling Shoes

Nike finally makes it to the list with this boxing and wrestling shoe made for kids. Since more kids start boxing at a young age the demand for best boxing shoes for children has increased in the last few years.

The company has paid special attention to the build and design of this beauty. It contains split suede upper and breathable mesh for comfort and durability. You will be able to move freely without the risk of injuries or damage to the shoe.

One of its best features is the gum rubber outsole. It provides excellent traction and makes sure you stay on your foot. 

Consider the Nike Kids’ Speed Sweep VII Wrestling Shoes if you are looking for reliable and affordable boxing shoes for children.


  • EVA socklines improve cushioning and ankle support
  • These shoes help maintain balance 
  • Looks good and can be bought in multiple colors


  • Some boxers may find the sole to be too thick

Product Specifications:

SizesAll kids sizes – up to 6 years old and 1.5 to 5.5 US sizes
Fastening MechanismLace

Boxing Shoes FAQ

Thick soles vs thin soles, which one should I choose?

Thick soles provide better protection to the foot but they come at a cost as they can lead to balancing issues due to there being more distance between the surface of the ring and your toe.

It ends up being a personal choice, some boxers enjoy thicker soles and some enjoy thinner soles. 

How to pick the right boxing shoe size?

Make sure to pick a boxing shoe pair that fits you well. Remember that not one size fits all approach is to be followed and very few are true to size, especially for women.

You can choose your regular size if the company offers true to size options. However, it may be a better idea to go one size lower if you can.

Make sure your boxing boots can be worn with socks and cause no problem when you run, jump, or move. If your foot is wide then you can consider going one size up than your regular fit.

Difference between low & high top shoes

Low top boxing shoes end at or under your ankle, whereas high top boxing shoes go around or above your ankle. The latter can get a little uncomfortable for some but it provides better support to the ankle. However, some of the best low top boxing shoes come with ankle straps around the ankle and are as effective as the best high top boxing shoes.

Shall I choose heavy boxing boots or light boxing boots? 

A light boxing shoe will give you more sense of the ground and let you be more agile but can be risky due to a ‘low’ level of protection. On the other hand, a thicker show offers more stability but can make it difficult to move around.

Most experts who have boxed in a boxing ring prefer lightweight boxing shoes as they make it possible to move how a boxer is supposed to move.

What features does a boxer need in the best boxing shoe?

Some features you will need include good material (leather or synthetic materials, for example), ankle support, reliable fastening mechanism, and excellent fit.

Can training without shoes cause injuries to the feet?

Yes, it is important to wear boxing shoes because training barefoot can lead to fallen arches and other foot injuries. However, you can’t pick any shoes for boxing. Make sure to choose a pair that fits you well as poorly fitted pro boxing shoes can do more damage than good.

Also, they must support your arch, heel, and ankle so that your foot can handle shocks without any trouble. Lastly, the fastening mechanism must be reliable. Best shoes for boxing training use the loop mechanism but the strap system may be good as well.

If you use laces, always ensure to tie ‘em properly when you wear boxing shoes. Many boxers have had accidents due to a bad lack or ankle strap system.

Best Boxing Shoes 2024 Summary

We have covered some of the best shoes for boxing in this review but if we had to pick one we’d go for the Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoe. It is one of the best men’s boxing shoes that Adidas is known for. It protects the feet, which is very important when it comes to boxing.

If you want more options then the Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes can be a great choice as well. These amazing pro boxing shoes are suitable for both men and women and are available in a number of sizes. Hence, you will be able to get a snug fit and enjoy the ankle support this boxing shoe offers. These are lightweight and very comfortable.

All the other options on this boxing shoes list are good too! Go through all the boxing shoe choices and pick the shoes that suit you the best.

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