Best Martial Arts for Women

Although for a long-time a lot of martial arts have been male-dominated, there is nothing preventing women from joining. Over time, women have embraced these combat sports, which have shown great benefits and results. There are many forms of martial arts for women that yield the same results and benefits to both their body and mentality. Let us first go straight to the best martial arts for women, before we discover what the key benefits of martial arts are for women. By learning more about each type, women can choose one that suits them. Below are the best forms of martial arts.

Martial Arts for Women’s self-defense


Judo is a form of martial arts that was created in Japan by Jigoro Kano and means “gentle way”. In fact, it is the most practiced martial art worldwide, and the second most practiced sport in the world behind soccer! Judo is a combat sport that develops discipline with its foundation firmly founded on respect for others and yourself. You may have already seen women competing in Judo in the Olympic games. It’s a hands-on martial art but the aim isn’t to hurt your opponent. It is also a great martial art to learn for women as it can help with self-defense.

Two women practicing judo


Aikido is a form of martial art where the strength of your opponent is not important. In short, the user of this self defense art technique uses the movement and strength of her opponent to counter the attack. This is achieved by redirecting the opponents strength in a certain way and changing the center of gravity to apply this technique effectively. Some of the movements commonly used in Aikido include twists, detours, and projections.

Tae Kwon Do

This Korean martial art technique was founded in the 1940s. It combines both combat and self-defense techniques with sport and exercise. It emphasizes throwing kicks and punches from a mobile stance. It is one of the other Asian martial arts in the Olympic games, the other being Judo. As a martial art, it isn’t predominantly for men or women, which makes it perfect for both sexes to practice. Although, you won’t see men and women competing against one another in the Olympics.

Woman in Taekwondo Gear

Muay Thai

Muay Thai or Thai boxing, as it is also known, originates from Thailand. That’s quite clear from the name. It was founded hundreds of years ago in the old Thai Kingdom when they were under attack. Still to this day the Thai army learns Muay Thai in case they were to find themselves in combat without a weapon. This technique of martial art includes the use of elbows, elbows, shins, and knees. In training, you will wear Thai shin guards for protection.

It is a highly effective martial art for self-defense, yet a very dangerous combat sport. Meaning it isn’t for the faint-hearted. Still, it’s perfect for women to learn for self-defense purposes.

Wing Chun

This martial art technique is a concept-based Kung-fu style and a self-defense technique. In fact, the founder of Wing Chun was a woman named Ng Mui. This is why it is one of the most suited martial arts for women.

To defend yourself from an opponent, this martial art form requires that you have strong legs and quick arm movements. Fundamental to effectively perform this technique is softness and unleashing it in a relaxed manner. The popularity of the Wing Chun technique has grown thanks to the ease to learn, its practicality in the modern world, and does not limit people according to their size or shape.


Karate is a martial art technique that has Japanese roots. This martial art form has a physical aspect that seeks to develop both counter-attacking and defensive body movements. The traditional karate training revolves around fighting and self-defense though it generally targets the overall improvement of an individual. This technique promotes discipline and persistence and upholds the principle that you never attack first in karate.

Woman practicing karate on beach with sunset

Benefits of martial arts for women

The second part of this article now that we are done with the best martial art forms for women is looking at the benefits. The martial arts for women that we’ve mentioned above are just a handful of arts you can learn to yield great benefits to both the body and mind. Let us now take a closer look at these multiple benefits.

Empowerment and self-confidence

Through martial arts, women boost their self-confidence and self-esteem, reduce the feeling of inadequacy, by developing mental fortitude and resilience. It is obvious that at some points in our lives, our self-esteem and self-confidence levels drop, but you should not give up because martial arts is one of the best remedies to counter this.

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to defend yourself if need be. Domestic and sexual violence against women have been rampant and thus women are encouraged to take martial arts classes for self-defense. It is through martial arts that discipline is instilled in women and this character goes a long way in helping them achieve their set goals and targets in life. This is because they learn to persevere and commit themselves to progress through the ranks.

Stress relief

For many people including women, martial arts can help reduce everyday stress. Martial arts for women help enhance focus, mindfulness, and contentment with oneself. Physical activities are well-known remedies for anxiety and mild depressions, this is because they pump up your endorphins and reduce those symptoms. In fact, martial arts such as karate and kung-fu incorporate meditation which is effective in reducing stress. It helps you keep calm and mindful of yourself.


Many women are busy with raising family, working in their households among other things, and rarely have time for themselves. Well, martial arts are a perfect way to get some personal quality time. A healthy social life is necessary for every human being, in order to stay happy and lead a fulfilling life. Martial arts for women classes have created friendships between women that have lasted for decades. This is because of the bonds created while practicing.

Healthy lifestyle

In the modern world, there are so many lifestyle-related diseases, these diseases include obesity, hypertension, strokes, and diabetes among others. Martial arts forms demand changes in your eating habits. It not only allows you to be conscious of what you are eating or drinking, but also learning to balance the intake of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, carbs, and supplements. The results of a healthy lifestyle are an improved immune system, a healthy body weight, and quicker recovery periods.

Boost physical health

Martial arts lessons require robust physical stamina and with time you build strength. This is the reason why women who practice martial arts have a well-shaped physique. They have fewer fats in their body regardless of their age.

The second part of this article now that we are done with the benefits of martial arts for women is the best form of martial arts. By learning more about each type, women can choose one that suits them. Below are the best forms of martial arts.


If you practice any of the above forms of martial arts you can be sure to live a healthy and more fulfilling life. Just as Joe Louis said “everyone has a plan until they’ve been hit” you can confidently walk knowing you can defend yourself. Martial arts for women go a long way in ensuring the society is better just as the saying goes “if you empower a woman you empower the whole world” then the world will be a better and safe place to live in.

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