Swarmer Boxing Style Explained

With most boxing styles, a boxer will naturally gravitate to one. Whilst this is the same for swarmer style boxers, it is one of the hardest to apply.

A swarmer is also called a pressure-fighter because they aim to constantly attack their opponent and not let them have a break.

If you want to be a successful swarmer boxer then you need to be able to take a punch as you push forward and excel at close-range boxing.

This style requires an immense amount of stamina too. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep attacking which is when you’ll slow down and get countered.

What is the Swarmer Boxing Style?

A swarmer style boxer is often referred to as an in-fighter which is the total opposite of the out-boxer style.

This means that a swarmer boxer wants to put constant pressure on their opponent. This requires great stamina and conditioning as doing this for 12 3-minute rounds is hard work.

The in-boxer also needs to be able to take a punch so having a strong chin is vital.

To apply constant pressure they need to be moving forward, attacking their opponent all the time and this can result in getting hit a few times.

If a swarmer has good head movement this can make them even harder to fight. Look at Tyson’s bob and weave that allowed him to come forward without getting hit and then go for the knockout.

They can also deliver many punches once they’re where they want to be on the inside. Not all swarmers have the power that Tyson had though.

How to fight a Swarmer Boxer?

Fighting a swarmer boxer can be hard as their pressure is relentless. But, as with all the boxing styles, there are things you can do to defend.

As a swarmer aims to get as close as possible to you, you need to keep creating distance with them.

This requires good footwork as you’re constantly moving and counter-punching when you see the opportunity.

Also, before a fight with a swarmer boxer make sure you’re practicing your pivots and step-outs to create angles to then attack.

If you pivot to the left (orthodox) you can then throw a strong right jab and watch a swarmer walk straight into it.

Another technique is to try to jab the swarmer’s guard up. If done correctly this will reveal their body which you can then punch with your right.

Each time you see a swarmer progressing forward, make sure that you throw the first punch to stop them from gaining ground fast.

Another important thing is to deliver potshots when the chance comes.

This is a great way to wear down a swarmer boxer as if you’re potshotting then moving they’re not going to be able to get close.

If your strategy is to win the fight on points this is also a great way to rack them up without having points scored against you.

Famous Swarmer Boxers


The swarmer boxing style is relentless as it’s all about being at a close range to deliver punches constantly. Boxers of this style need an immense amount of stamina to keep this up for the entire fight.

In-boxers have strong punches too as they’re usually shorter fighters with explosive power. Though, if they come up against a slugger they’d lose in the power contest.

From a strategical point of view, it’s arguable that swarmers are the easiest to fight against. But, when they’re forcing you against the ropes constantly it’s definitely not easy.

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