Out-Boxer Style Explained

The out-boxer style is the most aesthetically pleasing out of the four styles of boxing. But, what is an out-boxer?

An out-boxer is also known as a counter-puncher, both of these names give you an insight into this style.

A boxer of this style will naturally have a long reach and throw punches from the outside. They’ll move around the ring easily to get away from an opponent.

They also look to attack on the counter and then bounce back out again to avoid getting hit.

The lead jab is the out-boxers most precious punch as they can use this to keep their opponent at a distance. It isn’t a style that can be chosen as you have to be tall to be a great out-boxer.

They are also known for their quick feet and stamina which helps them get around the ring.

What is the out-fighter style?

As we already mentioned, you won’t be a good out-fighter if you’ve got a short reach. Naturally, if you’re tall, the out-boxer style will suit you best as you can keep your opponents at a comfortable distance without getting hit too much.

Also, if you have fast footwork that is another ideal trait for an out-boxer as it helps to move around the ring quickly.

Another reason to pick this style is if you don’t have the explosive power that a slugger-style boxer has to knock out opponents. This style fighter will face their toughest challenge against a boxer-puncher who can match their range.

This is because it’s easier to win on a points decision than by knockout or technical knockout.

You can still box in this style even if you do have a lot of power though. That just adds something else to your offense as you can go for the knockout when the chance appears.

Out-fighters need to have elite stamina as the style requires constant movement in the fight. If you don’t, then you’ll have to work on increasing your boxing stamina.

How to fight an out-boxer

So, you’ve seen all the traits of this boxing style, but how do you fight an out-boxer?

It’s one of the hardest styles to box against as they’re constantly moving, ducking, and diving out of the way so as not to get hit.

As you’re aware by now, an out-boxer wants the fight to happen at a distance and for the opponent to keep coming forward.

That’s why when you do go forward to attack, you need to close the distance and then apply the punches before they can get away.

If they can’t get away then the out-boxer will clinch to stop the momentum of the attacker.

Something else you can do against an out-boxer is to feint a lot. Then, when they’re not expecting it, attack straight after the feint.

This will keep them guessing when you’re going to attack as you don’t want to be predictable.

Out-boxers aren’t like swarmer boxers who don’t mind getting hit to get close, they want to receive as few punches as possible.

This is why cutting off their range is key to beating them. This allows you to land as many punches as possible whilst you have them close.

That’s also a good way to get them into combat with you, which stops them from stepping out to get the space they need for their tactical game plan.

Famous Out-Boxers


Out-fighters are usually tall boxers that like to fight at a distance on the outside. This style of boxer aims to avoid getting hit and then counter-attack with a fast jab and cross which will tire out their opponent over time.

As this out-boxer style comes naturally for fighters with a tall physique it’s hard to train as an out-boxer if you don’t have the reach.

Another key trait of a boxer that uses this style is that the mobility and speed of movement need to be quick.

You’ll see out-boxers such as Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard that had beautiful footwork stepping in and then away from an opponent. They’re one of the best styles to watch from a strategical point of view.

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