Boxer-Puncher Style – What is it & How to Fight them?

The boxer-puncher style is a mix of the three other boxing styles combined. It is most like the out-boxer, but there are times when they will go for the heavy hits like a slugger and even apply constant pressure like a swarmer.

Instead of boxing fully on the outside like an out-fighter, they’ll box at the mid-range and step in close when they want to deliver more punches. This makes them hard to box against.

As they can match your style, they then have an advantage when applying one of the other styles. Although they do have more trouble when fighting brawlers.

What is a Boxer-Puncher?

A boxer-puncher, also known as a fighter-puncher, is a boxer that has many qualities of the out-boxer with some slugger and swarmer traits.

For example, they have good hand speed, a strong lead jab, great counter-punching skills, and still a solid defense.

A boxer-puncher still has great power though and this is why they can act like a slugger at times in fights. Their defense is much better than a slugger boxer though and this makes them hard to fight against.

There are times in a fight when they’ll go hard on the offensive too like a swarmer. This is something that you wouldn’t see an out-boxer do and is another difference between them.

They are high-risk boxers as they know the opportunities are there to win by knockout. They’re more likely to win by knockout or technical knockout than an out-boxer.

How to fight a boxer-puncher?

Fighting a boxer-puncher can be one of the hardest styles to face. It’s really only a slugger that has a chance to knock out a boxer of this style.

So what should you do to fight a boxer-puncher? Keep reading to learn.

The key strategy to fighting a boxer-puncher is to only engage with them on your own terms.

You need to try to use your strengths to dictate the fight rather than allowing them to switch between styles and punish you.

If they’re keeping you at a distance with their typical mid-range reach then try to step in to close the gap. This will force them to step back out to defend or if they can’t then you’ll be on the front foot to try to go for a knockout.

Though, this is much easier for boxers that are swarmers and sluggers to do and not so easy for out-fighters.

But, remember that the best boxer-punchers can fight at range and up close.

So, if they’re acting as the aggressor stepping forward to get close then you need to be the one who steps out to get more space.

That’s when you can then try to punch them on the counter as you would if you were an out-fighter. This is hard for a swarmer which is why boxer-punchers have that advantage over them.

Famous Boxer-Punchers

  • Canelo Alvarez – one of the best Mexican boxers of all time even and he’s not finished yet.
  • Sugar Ray Robinson – arguably the greatest pound-for-pound boxer ever!
  • Tank Davis
  • Joe Louis
  • Ezzard Charles – one of the best light heavyweight boxers of all time.
  • Sam Langford


Boxer-punchers are some of the most exciting boxers to watch fight due to the fact they mix all the styles into one.

The boxer-puncher style requires you to take risks and if you don’t have the power, plus speed, it’s going to be hard to fight in this style.

It is the most versatile style though as it allows you to easily change your fight strategy based on your opponent’s style.

This is why we can watch Canelo fights again and again and not get bored. He’s one of the best boxers of this style at the moment.

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