Best Double-End Bag Reviewed 2024 (Including Mexican)

For any boxer or fighter out there, no training material is more important than a punching bag. You can improve your punches without practicing on these bags. They do not only improve your technique but are also known to aid in agility and speed.

Having knowledge of what style, weight, material and size you need to look out for is vital to a good training session. Since there are a huge number of options out there, it can be very hard to pick the right one.

In this best double ends bags review, we’ll explain all there is to know about double-end bags and also highlight some of the top double end bags for boxing.

Our Top Picks

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There are numerous types of punching bags, each with its own benefits, including heavy bags, free-standing punching bags, speed bags, and, obviously, double-end bags.

Most experts prefer double-end bags due to their benefits. They are said to be suitable for various tasks and are highly versatile unlike other options such as heavy bags.

A heavy bag is mainly used to improve hits but does not benefit agility or speed. On the other hand, a double end bag can improve both. 

Now without much ado, let’s take a look at some of the best double-end bags on the market.

Winner: Pro Impact Double End Boxing Punching Bag

Pro Impact Double End Punching Bag

Hands down, this is the best double end punching bag on the market. 

Available in various sizes, this double boxing bag is suitable for both beginners and pros. Make sure to choose the right size so you can enjoy it the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed.

The punching bag is made of strong and durable, genuine leather. This means that it will not begin to frail with the passage of time. You can use it to practice punches and kicks without the leather punch bag getting worn.

It also features welted seams and reinforced loops for durability. Moreover, the interior bladder of the punching bag is strong and durable as well. Made of heavy-duty rubber, it makes the bag durable and ensures it retains its shape. 

You’ll be able to get started right away since this bag comes with all the accessories including a pair of S-hooks and cords. 

The Pro Impact Double End Boxing Punching Bag is made to work for both beginner and professional boxers. It is designed for constant movement and is quite effective.


  • Easy to set up
  • Can take multiple blows without losing shape
  • Made of 100% genuine and durable leather


  • Bungee cords are not of good quality.


SizeAvailable in two sizes (9 and 7 inches)
Material100% pure leather
Weight2 pounds

Runner-Up: Title Boxing Double End Bag

Title Boxing Double End Bag

This one hits the ball out of the park when it comes to durability. It features double-stitching for added durability. For extra protection, it also has welted leather seams. These prevent any loose threads or rips providing you with a firm double end bag to practice with.

The bladder of the punching bag is composed of heavy-duty ‘Butyl Rubber’ that adds to its durability and capability to withstand multiple punches and kicks. 

Thanks to the zipper along the bladder, you can easily access the rubber interior, if needed.

In addition to this, the double-ended bag has been fitted with extra long attachment straps. These provide better and quicker rebounds to help boxers work on their speed.

You will not have to worry about additional purchases as this double end bag comes with rubber cables and s-hooks. 

Any boxer looking for a double-ended bag to use at home can opt for the Title Boxing Double End Bag. It is great for practicing uppercuts, footwork, and reflexes.


  • Durable Butyl rubber bladder
  • Perfect for small areas
  • Suitable for use at home


  • Plastic logos attached to the side may injure the hands


Size1 size (6 inches)
Material100% pure leather
Weight0.537 pounds

Ring to Cage Mexican Style Leather Double End Bag

Ring to Cage Double end Bag

The Ring to Cage bag is available in one size and contains a larger surface area than most Mexican styled bags out there. This can be a good choice for beginners who need a bigger area to improve accuracy.

This Mexican double end bag allows the combination of both head and body punches. This is ideal for boxers who want to train their entire body instead of only their arms. 

It has a full leather body triple-stitched by nylon threads. The bladder is double ended and provides users with not only a sturdy design, but solid construction as well. 

We love how versatile it is. Thanks to the heavier design, boxers can use both head and full-body kicks to train.

Another good thing about this double ended striking bag is its soft structure. There is little to no risk of damage to your hand for as long as you’re careful. However, don’t let it fool you, the bag is hard enough to improve your punches.

The bag comes with s-hooks and sturdy metal rings fitted into strong leather straps for easy attachment to the floor (optional) and the ceiling.

The Ring to Cage Mexican Style Leather Double End Bag is among the best double end bags for beginners due to its wide area. 


  • Full-leather body makes it durable
  • Great for head and body combination shots
  • Long construction makes it a good choice for beginners


  • Does not include hanging cables


Size1 size (6 inches)
Material100% pure leather
Weight3 pounds

Pro Impact Double End Speed Bag

Pro Impact Double End Speed Bag

Another great product by Pro Impact, this punching bag comes in two sizes. One made for beginners and another for professional boxers. They’re similar in terms of features but one is larger than the other.

While using this bag for boxers, we found that it’s very effective in improving defense techniques.

The body is made of 100% genuine leather with seams that are welted to provide a long-lasting finish. In addition to durability, this one also excels when it comes to finishing and appearance. 

The seams are neat and prevent any loss of air. We also like how easy it is to attach and detach loops and cords. It comes with everything needed to get started.

Want a light-weight double ended punching bag that sharpens your footwork as well as your reflexes? Consider buying the Pro Impact Double End Boxing Punching Bag. It’s among the best boxing double end bags.


  • Extremely durable bladder capable of working for two years
  • Two cords and s-hooks provided for easy installment
  • Nicely inflated and feels good


  • Cords may be stiff for some


Size2 sizes (7 and 9 inches)
Material100% pure leather
Weight1 pound

RDX Double End Speed Ball

RDX Double End Speed Ball

There’s a lot that sets this bag apart from others on this list. It is unique in shape and allows more area for punching angles.

The outer shell of the punching bag is made of a special type of leather called ‘Maya Hide Leather’.

This leather is far more sturdy than typical leather used in making punching bags. It does a good job of keeping the bag fine and durable by preventing cracks. You can freely use it without the fear of wearing the leather out. 

It comes with a bungee cord that is adjustable. You will have no difficulty in getting it at the right height making it a suitable double end punching bag for boxers.

While these features are great, what we liked the most about this beauty is its flexible string that allows the bag to return to its original shape and position even after quick and multiple hits. 

The upper base of the bag has a light center hub making it versatile and perfect for boxing, MMA and even Muay Thai.

If you are training to improve your precision, fast-paced punches, and targeting accuracy for boxing, MMA, or any other sport, then consider getting your hands on the RDX Double End Speed Ball. It is a unique bag making it the best option for boxers.


  • Nylon strap with V-gravity ensures stability and a non-wobble training sessions
  • All necessary tools included in the package for easy suspension
  • Flexible bungee cord that is stretchable – up to 48 inches


  • The cords feel flimsy


Size1 size (14 inches)
MaterialMaya Hide Leather
Weight1.3 pounds.

UFC Pro Double End Bag

UFC Pro Double End Bag

The word UFC attached to the name gives authenticity to this boxing bag and once you begin to use it you’ll understand why. It is highly durable and perfect for speed punching.

This double ended bag is made from a special type of ‘cow hide’ leather. It can handle kicks, punches, and hits like a pro.

What we liked the most about this bag by UFC Pro is the elastic bungee it comes with. It offers excellent bounce and rebound. Both can be beneficial to improve timing and reflexes.

The bladder is made of high-endurance rubber. This prevents loss of air due to multiple hits. The double end speed bag shows little resistance when it comes to punches. This helps improve footwork, timing, speed, and hand-eye coordination.

The UFC Pro Double End Bag is among the best in the business and can be suitable for both pros and beginners.


  • Comes in two different sizes fit for beginners and professionals
  • Adjustable suspending system
  • Rebound cables allow intense training


  • Does not come with any s-hooks for easy hanging.


Size2 sizes (7 and 9 inches)
MaterialCowhide leather
Weight2.1 pounds

RDX Boxing Double End Speed Ball

RDX Boxing Double End Speed Ball

This double end punching ball by RDX is hand-stitched to perfection for every boxer out there. It might be a little more expensive than similar products on the market but it’s worth the try as it’s highly durable and fun to use.

The outer shell is composed of cow hide leather. You will find three layers of textile on this for added durability. The unique design makes it a good choice to improve speed.

The ball comes with a nylon strap as well as a bungee cord. Both options work well and are balanced. 

This boxing ball allows easy adjustment thanks to the strong buckles made of PVC. Its small size makes it perfect for home and gym use.

A ball is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are bored of using best double-end bags and want to take your boxing training up a notch then consider the RDX Boxing Double End Speed Ball. It is challenging yet fun to use.


  • Upto 48 inches stretchable bungee cord
  • Comes with 4 s-hooks
  • Very easy to assemble


  • The bladder could’ve been better


Size1 size (9 inches)
MaterialCowhide leather
Weight3 pounds

Mumian PU Leather Boxing Ball

Mumian PU Leather Boxing Ball

Want a product that’s tailor made for you? Consider this boxing ball. It’s made for heavy hitters and pros who want to improve speed, agility, and accuracy.

We must mention that this ball is not for beginners as it is very bouncy. It can be slightly tricky to use, hence come to this one once you have mastered the basics of boxing.

Mumian is known to make durable products and this one is no different. Its external shell consists of a special ‘PU’ leather. The internal structure is double stitched with almost two layers of textile. This makes the ball highly durable. 

It comes with an elastic rope that supports multiple angles. The feel is great and has a very ‘human-like’ feel to it.

There are few boxing balls as fascinating as this one. Consider this option if you’re looking for the best double end ball to improve your game.


  • Provides a soft feel on impact despite the tough material
  • The double end bladder has a tough gas nozzle to prevent leaks
  • Stretchable yet durable elastic cord


  • Requires a few additional hardware to install


Size1 size (8 inches)
MaterialPU leather
Weight13.6 pounds

TOCO FREIDO Double End Punching Ball

TOCO FREIDO Double End Punching Ball

The double end punching ball by TOCO FREIDO is not only unique in its shape and build but also in its features.

The special size of the punching ball allows more area for punching. You will get to experiment with this punching ball and try new angles. This feature makes it a good choice for beginners to practice and make their way up to the professional level.

It is made of high-quality and sturdy PU material while the internal bladder is leak-free. The bag is double-stitched and has triangular seams. It is bound to last longer than most punching balls out there.

The best thing about this ball is its portability. Thanks to the nozzle in the bladder, you can easily deflate and put the ball away when it is not in use. This allows ease of storage while also preventing any wear and tear caused by the environment.

You will not have to worry about getting it back on as it comes with a hand-pump to easily inflate the ball with. Additionally, it also includes a pair of reflex balls that you can use to sharpen your reflexes with and a headband as well. 

If you want a ball for boxing that comes with it all then get your hands on the TOCO FREIDO Double End Punching Ball. It is one of the most decorated options. Plus, you will not have to worry about anything since it comes with a long warranty.


  • Elastic rope as well as a few carabiners
  • Pump for inflation along with a needle for easy filling
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • Not made of genuine leather


Size1 size (6 inches)
MaterialPU Material
Weight1.2 pounds

Double-end Punching Bags FAQ

What are the different types of double end bags?

Double end bags come in two different types:

  • Traditional double end bags
  • Mexican-style double end bags.

Traditional double end bags consist of only one ball and are very light, hence suitable for people who do not want to hit hard.

On the other hand, Mexican-style double end bags are composed of two balls. This extra weight makes these bags heavier and slower. They are suitable for boxers who want to practice various punching or kicking angles.

How to set-up a double-end bag?

Setting up a double-end bag is easy and takes only a few steps. Your bag might come with specific instructions, nonetheless, here’s a generic guide:

  • The first time you purchase a double ended bag, it will probably be deflated. You will require a hand-pump to fill the bladder up with air.
  • Next, you will need to attach the nylon holders or the bungee cord (depending on what your bag comes with).
  • Once done, you can insert mounting on the floor to hold your punching bag or simply attach a weight to the bottom to keep it suspended.

And that’s it! 

Do I have to install mounts on the floor?

Installing mounts on the floor is fully up to you. You can hang weights to keep the ball in place.


These were some of the best double end bags for boxing. Go through all the options and pick what fits you the most. If we could pick one, we’ll go with the Pro Impact Double End Boxing Punching Bag. It’s highly durable and fun to use but other options in this best double end bags review are also reliable.

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