Best Boxing Shorts for Sparring & Fights

Some boxers want to look and feel the part whilst fighting, and why not? If you are one of those persons then you might want to get a custom pair of boxing trunks, or else you can see the best boxing shorts on our list here, which are all available on Amazon.

The right pair of boxing shorts can actually help you get into a competitive state of mind. That may sound a bit stupid, but you need all the confidence you can get before a fight.

Brands that design the trunks don’t just want to make them look cool, oh no, boxing shorts also play a vital part in allowing for ease of movement while keeping you cool throughout your sessions. That is if you choose the correct pair.

So, here we have reviewed a selection of eight of the very best boxing shorts available to buy online.

Offering a vast choice of size, style, and indeed price, there’s a boxing short type here to suit all tastes.

Winner: Anthem Athletics Classic Boxing Shorts

Anthem Athletics Boxing Shorts

Our best boxing shorts are the classic signature type from Anthem Athletics.

They have been designed to bring the wearer a combination of style, performance, quality and value to rival all others, these are the company’s new 2020 boxing short styles.

Available in a selection of colors and with various sizes ranging from XX-Small to XXX-Large, these really do offer something for everyone. 

The Anthem Athletic shorts are made using a lightweight but higher-grade microfiber material. This ensures they remain durable throughout your performance, and over time remain tear-resistant during a lengthy use.

Best of all, these shorts can be put straight into the washing machine, along with your boxing hand wraps. No separate hand washes are needed!

Featuring an elastic closure, the stretch elastic waistband here is a traditional four-inch waistband type. 

These shorts are designed to be knee-length, this is the normal boxing short design that ensures an optimal fit as well as sheer comfort throughout use.

With fully embroidered logos on the shorts that are designed not to peel or crack, the company claims that their high-performance sports shorts are not only higher quality than standard boxing shorts but also fantastically lower on price.


  • High-performance material
  • Stretch elastic waistband
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Considered a more basic short type, visually

Product Specifications

SizeXX-Small to XXX-Large

Runner-Up: Ringside Pro-Style Boxing Shorts

Best Boxing Shorts for Sparring & Fights 1

Our runner-up and Amazon Choice for Best Ringside Pro-Style Shorts are the fantastic boxing training shorts from the makers at Ringside.

In a vast range of sizes from Small to XX-Large, these trunks also come in a wonderful selection of striking colors.

Designed to give a more customized and aesthetic fit, these Ringside shorts are said to be ideal for many types of activities. They wouldn’t act as great Muay Thai shorts though as they are too long, and don’t have side slits.

Utilizing a satin material that is super thick in its design, these shorts boast an internal drawstring for ongoing comfort throughout. 

This fabric choice also makes the shorts even lighter, allowing the wearer to concentrate solely on the activity at hand.

The use of an internal drawstring means that the shorts can be adjusted to fit different waistlines, but it’s still best to select the correct size so that the drawstring is there for extra support.

Ringside’s boxing shorts are soft and flexible, in fact, they mirror those similar choices that are chosen and worn by the professionals

The famous Ringside logo is also embroidered to the left hem to make the shorts stand out when worn.


  • Adjust to different waistlines
  • Professional style look
  • Super thick stain fabric material


  • Some find the fabric too lightweight

Product Specifications

SizeSmall to XX-Large

Alternative: Title Edge Boxing Trunks

Best Boxing Shorts for Sparring & Fights 2

Designed to provide you with impressive results when working out, training or sparring, Title Boxing present their full cut boxing trunks.

These are comprised of 100% polyester and allow for sizes from Small all the way through to XX-Large.

In a good selection of color choices, these shorts make use of additional leg side slits. This is to encourage better movement throughout and provide more comfortable wear each time.

To complement such ongoing comfort, there is an extra-wide waistband incorporated into the shorts of four inches.

With approximately 24 inches bottom of knee-length, the inside drawstring works hard to assure an extra secure and no-slip fitting.

Best of all the Title Boxing shorts are roomier in the seat, crotch, and legs to further provide less-hassle workouts. 

Title Boxing believes all these small choices make for a greater fit and supply the demands of both training and competition conditions.

Fully machine washable for ongoing practicality and use, these shorts are finished with the Title Boxing logo center stage of the waistband.


  • Roomier short types 
  • Additional leg slits
  • No-slip fitting


  • Some sizing issues experienced

Product Specifications

SizeSmall to XX-Large

Alternative: Anthem Athletics Infinity Boxing Shorts

Anthem Athletics Muay Thai Shorts

If it’s short boxing trunks you’re looking for, Athletic Anthems present their Infinity range. This style can be used for boxing training, however, they’re not suitable for competitive bouts. The style is more common in other martial arts, like Thai boxing for example.

Available to purchase in a massive range of color combinations, sizes here range from Small all the way through to XXX-Large.

A most striking short type, these lightweight trunks are made from an ultra-high-grade type of micro-fiber. This means they are also tear-resistance and best of all, can be washed in the machine. 

The Infinity range shorts incorporate the more aggressive side splits in their construction. This, combined with wider leg openings, works hard to give the wearer a maximum range of motion.

For increased optimal fitting and indeed a comfort, there’s also a stretchy elastic waistband with drawstring. 

As with all Anthem Athletic choices, their logo is fully embroidered to prevent any problematic peeling or cracking.

The company believes that these shorts are ideal for use in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and many more combat style activities.

Anthem Athletics claim that their shorts are of a higher quality compared to other boxing short brands, and believe their prices are the ones to beat! To highlight their confidence here, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Aggressive side splits
  • High-performance microfiber material
  • Optimal fitting


  • Some find them too short in length

Product Specifications

SizeSmall to XXX-Large

Alternative: Hawk Unisex Boxing Shorts

Hawk Sports Boxing Shorts

For those looking for a simplistic one color and unisex type of short, Hawk Sports provide their workout athletic type shorts.

Also, gaining Amazon’s Choice for the Best MMA Shorts, these trunks come in a simple choice of waist sizes all the way from 30 inches to 40 inches in total. Obviously, these won’t be good for someone with a waist under 30 inches.

Designed for use by those taking part in boxing, kicking, grappling, cross-training, gym work, Muay Thai, wrestling and running, besides many other activities, these are an all-purpose short type! 

Featuring a drawstring closure element, a hook and loop velcro closure system works alongside that inner drawstring closure for the most comfortable of fits. 

Hawk Sports have designed an ultra-lightweight solution of trunks. Ideal for use by men and women, these benefit from 125 gsm of micro stretch fabric.

Completely breathable, these are the shorts that boast a sweat-wicking capability. They also come with a clever design aspect which is a hidden pocket for you to store your boxing mouthguard in!

Double-stitched to increase their durability, the Hawk Sports trunks make use of reinforced seams and lycra stretch panels in the crotch area. The result is an increased 360-degree movement throughout every session.

Machine washable for increased practicality, the wonderful Hawk Logo sits neatly at the base of these shorts, finished in high-tech embroidery.


  • All-purpose type shorts
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Stretch fabric


  • Some sizing issues noted

Product Specifications

Size30 inches to 40 inches waist
MaterialMicro-stretch fabric

Alternative: Contender Fight Sports In-Stock Trunks

Contender Boxing Shorts

With an emphasis on looking great while offering an easier to maintain short type, Contender Fight Sports showcase their In-Stock trucks. 

This short is available to buy in a simple choice of three colors – including black, red, and blue. These modern shorts also come in 3 different sizes – medium, large and extra-large. We advise checking out their sizing guide before making a purchase.

The design of the Contender Fight Shorts offers a single three-inch waistband. This ensures that the trunks fit snuggly, but most importantly, hold up under pressure. 

Best of all, this increased comfort fit is enhanced by the addition of a poly-satin material which is super lightweight. 

Claimed to be the better looking of shorts on the current market, the Contender logo is showcased neatly on the short’s waistband.

Sitting neatly above the knee area, these are the ideal choice for all martial arts types, whether competitive or training.


  • Snug fit
  • Hold up well under pressure
  • Poly-satin material


  • Sizing issues noted

Product Specifications

SizeMedium, large and extra-large

Alternative: Sanabul Essential Workout Boxing Shorts

Best Boxing Shorts for Sparring & Fights 3

From their Essential range comes Sanabul’s workout shorts, which they feel hold up extremely well when used in cross-training, MMA, boxing sessions and workouts.

Sanabul is known for its top-quality products that come with affordable prices, just like their cheap boxing gloves.

Perhaps aimed more towards those new to the world of contact sports and sparring, or the occasional of wearers, these come in a variety of sizes from 30 to 38-inch waist.

With black as the main block color of the shorts, these are wonderfully finished off with a choice of vibrant colored stripes in the waist, and this color is repeated in the small logo on the bottom leg of the shorts.

Intending to ensure you fit in rather than stick out when wearing them, in the gym environment, Sanabul’s boxing shorts are a classic style, giving a cleaner sharper look.

More importantly, these are shorts that are designed to perform. High functioning, they offer a hook and loop closure, so they always remain firmly on!

These are shorts made to go the distance, the durability comes from seam protection, reinforced stitching, and antimicrobial treatment for increased freshness.

Size-wise they are the less baggy of choices with a four-way stretching system that allows for more motion while ensuring the fabric never gets caught up.


  • The iconic classical style of shorts
  • Four-way stretching design
  • Treated with antimicrobial 


  • Some sizing issues mentioned

Product Specifications

Size30 inches to 38 inches waist
Material100% Polyester

Alternative: Hayabusa Kickboxing Shorts

Best Boxing Shorts for Sparring & Fights 4

Our next pair of shorts comes from Hayabusa, the popular Japanese combat sports brand.

This pair, in particular, have been made mainly as kickboxing or Thai boxing shorts. But there’s nothing to say that they can’t be used for boxing too!

Hayabusa creates high-quality products, I know this as I own a pair of their engineered leather boxing gloves. So, when I saw that they had created mid-thigh kickboxing shorts too I had to get them!

These shorts are ultra-lightweight, and they come with a fancy hybrid waistband that is secured via elastic and a drawstring. This makes the fit extra comfortable and reduces any friction whilst wearing them.

Not satisfied with offering 1 color, Hayabusa offers 6 color options to choose from, and 5 different sizes, ranging from 30 to 38 inches in width.

If you regularly take part in boxing and kickboxing training then these Hayabusa shorts are the ideal pair for you. Trust us when we say that the Japanese know how to manufacture quality products.


  • Lightweight fabric used
  • Hybrid waistband (elastic & drawstring)
  • Multiple colors to choose from


  • Lacking in size options

Product Specifications

Size30 inches to 38 inches waist
Material100% Polyester

Alternative: Adidas Base Punch Boxing Shorts

Adidas Base Punch Boxing Shorts

Our final boxing shorts for review on the list are the hugely popular Adidas Base Punch style shorts. 

In their trademark boxing style and with colors of red, blue, or black, these are all designed with the well-loved white Adidas stripe on either side of the leg. There’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing some Olympic boxers sporting shorts made by Adidas in this year’s Olympic Games in Japan.

The larger than average elasticated waistband is also finished in a clean white color.

Finally, the well-known Adidas trademark logo is displayed on the bottom leg of the short to the front.

The base punch style offers a rather classical style of boxing shorts. This means they are the preferred choice for boxers.

With a looser fit and lightweight design throughout, they are claimed to offer some of the best technical designing for use within the ring.

Ultra-comfortable, they are available in a wide range of sizes from extra small to extra-large. 

Fabric wise, this is a stretchable and moisture management choice which not only prevents restriction but actively works to keep sweat away from the skin. You know that you’re getting a quality product when buying Adidas branded gear, and these boxing shorts aren’t any different!


  • Trademark Adidas shorts
  • Superior moisture management
  • Increased waistband comfort


  • Aimed more towards boxing use

Product Specifications

SizeX-Small to X-Large
MaterialCLIMALITE material

Boxing shorts FAQ

Are loose, flexible shorts better?

When it comes to boxing, loose and flexible shorts work better to help the blood circulate as you move around. They are also ideal for encouraging the body to stay cool throughout. 

Loose and flexible shorts are more comfortable for boxing and tend to have a more elasticated waist to further enhance comfort. Thus when boxing, they’re certainly the better choice. 

MMA and other combat sports though will perhaps benefit from those tighter fittings, therefore, more flexible of short types. This is simply because here you use your whole body against your opponent, meaning loose and flexible shorts wouldn’t be practical here. 

Which material is the best to choose?

The most popular choice for material when it comes to boxing shorts is that of satin fabric and/or polyester. 

Both are cooler material choices and therefore encourage a stable temperature throughout use while working better to control sweat in the process.

In addition to this, ensuring that the stitching is of good quality is of equal importance here. This is especially so if the material is roughly made, as it will impact the skin and, thus on your concentration and performance levels.

How to know which size?

Most boxing shorts will offer a choice of sizes measuring by the waist or utilizing size ranges from X-Small to XX-Large.

However, the exact size of each type will also vary depending on the supplier.

For this reason, we strongly recommend using their own size guide to get just the right fit for you.

As many of these shorts are aimed at both men and women, with some junior sizes catered to as well, it’s important to check whether the supplier has its own specific sizing guidelines. 

The shorts that work by waist sizes are often easier to choose form. However, one brand’s medium can often vary greatly from another brand’s same size, for example!

What’s the difference between boxing and Muay Thai shorts?

Specific boxing shorts should ideally be the looser and flexible of shorts to encourage less restriction in movement. This will also make sure you stay cool throughout your session.

Muay Thai, on the other hand, requires a closer fit of short. This is mostly due to the need to make contact with your opponent; therefore, these should be tighter but flexible shorts that don’t get in the way of your sessions. 

Should I wear a groin guard with the shorts?

For most people, boxing or when taking part in other combat sports, a groin guard is perhaps one of their most valuable pieces of equipment!

Whether training or sparring, groin injuries can occur regularly in such sessions, even with accidental hits.

So, a groin protector can offer extra protection against such unbearable pain.

Best of all, they can be easily placed underneath most boxing shorts.


To demand the very best from your training and competitive sessions, selecting the best pair of boxing shorts will ensure you’re wearing the most appropriate kit for the right sport.

You can see our top picks above, but if you’re traditional like me you’ll most likely want to pick one of the knee-length pairs of boxing short. Here’s a recap of which these were:

With each type of boxing short considered here, you can enjoy some at wonderfully low prices. We’re sure any of these will help you make the most of your performance, every time!

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