Best Kickboxing Gloves For Workouts

When it comes to selecting the best gloves for kickboxing, it’s crucial to look to those gloves claiming they’re kickboxing suitable. 

For most glove types, you’ll discover those aimed at kickboxing are usually referred to as actual boxing gloves and even Muay Thai gloves.

This is because these are the glove types that can cope with the increased physical requirements that kickboxing demands.

Here we consider eight of the best glove types that are the more suitable for kickboxing purposes. All these glove types can cope when it comes to this popular sport type, whether that is for training or at a competitive level.

Winner: Everlast Pro Style Kickboxing Gloves

Everlast Pro Style Gloves

Our top choice on this review list is the professional style of training gloves from the hugely popular Everlast. 

Confirming our choice, these are also Amazon’s number one bestseller in the boxing and training gloves marketplace!

Chosen by us as the best cardio kickboxing gloves, these gloves work to protect the wearer’s hands and wrists against hyperflexion. They do this while ensuring continued comfort and protection. That is regardless of how hard those punches are throughout your kickboxing sessions.

The Everlast gloves can offer optimal support and protection in their implementation of C4 foam technology. 

This unique technology boasts both grip and punching power while increasing the cushioning and support inside the glove.

In addition to this, there’s the addition of ProTex3 technology, which is a wrist stabilization technology type. If you want to secure your wrists even more though we highly recommend using a pair of boxing hand wraps.

In a small selection of bright color choices, the Everlast gloves are available in a selection of sizes, with prices dependent on the glove size chosen. 


  • Professional style gloves
  • C4 Foam technology
  • ProTex3  Wrist Stabilization technology


  • Some sizing issues referenced

Product Specifications

Size8 oz to 16 oz and One-size 
MaterialSynthetic leather
Best for Training

Runner-Up: Sanbul Essential Gel Kickboxing Gloves

Sanabul Boxing Gloves

Next up on the list are the Essential Striking Series gloves direct from Sanabul. These also featured in our list of the best Muay Thai gloves.

Designed for those more intense kickboxing sessions, this pair of gloves is cheaper to purchase but in no way detracts from a high-quality make-up and overall construction.

Featuring vivid colors in a wide range of sizes to choose from, these are the more professional types of gloves and tested by the pros to ensure excellent ongoing durability.

Utilizing an engineered leather, these are the gloves that will stick with you for many years to come while providing the ultimate in comfort as you work out.

With gel inserts designed to take the impact, the hook and loop system equally protects the wrist area. 

To increase the security and protection throughout your kickboxing sessions, once you tighten the straps on these gloves, you’re all set and won’t have to worry about them shifting throughout use. 

With a perfect fit via the longitudinal arch design, these gloves feel almost like a second skin when in use and require no breaking in beforehand. 


  • Professional gloves at entry-level prices
  • Built for hard use
  • Longitudinal arch design


  • Some seaming issues over time

Product Specifications

Size8 oz to 16 oz
MaterialEngineered leather
Best for Bag work

Alternative: Venum Challenger 2.0 Kickboxing Gloves

Venum Boxing Gloves

Venum provides its 2.0 Challenger style gloves, which also gain an Amazon Choice award. 

Aimed at both those new to kickboxing and indeed those that have many years of experience, these are a lightweight style of boxing gloves. This means they are perfect for kickboxing purposes.

Offering greater durability, they are the prime glove type for high-performance usage. When training your punches on a heavy bag you

The triple-density foam employed throughout the Venum gloves ensures that shock absorption is unparalleled while your hands are always protected. This also means that you know you’re safe when performing punches on a heavy bag.

Furthermore, a large velcro enclosure coupled with elastic allows a better adjustment while continuing to protect the wrist area throughout.

Boasting an entirely breathable mesh interior, these are top of the list for hand protection during all kickboxing sessions. 

Available in a large selection of modern colors and style, the Challenger gloves also offer varied sizes to select from.


  • Large velcro enclosure
  • Lightweight
  • Triple density foam


  • Considered more entry-level type gloves

Product Specifications

Size8 oz to 16 oz
MaterialPU leather
Best for Striking and training

Alternative: Trideer Pro Grade Kickboxing Gloves

Trideer Boxing Gloves

For an excellent choice of kickboxing mitts, Trideer presents their pro-grade gloves, which can also be used successfully for many other types of martial arts and, indeed, training sessions.

Available for selection in a range of bright, fresh colors, these are also in a large size range – most importantly, fitting most customers 100% as expected. 

These are the stronger of glove types using a PU leather but one that is high hydrolysis resistance. This means it is more capable of holding up against tear and corrosion no matter what you put them through.

The inside of this pair of gloves boasts a high-quality foam type, these are thoroughly cushioned while remaining moisture proof as well as non-toxic.

Added to these many wonderful properties is the silken cotton inner design of the Trideer gloves. 

Best of all, these are ideal for kickboxing purposes as they offer a fist peak and thumb design, which ensures they blend to the natural position of the hand ergonomically. 


  • Offer superb fits
  • Durable
  • High-quality foam type


  • Many mentions of a lingering smell

Product Specifications

Size8 oz to 16 oz
MaterialPU leather
Best for Sparring and training

Alternative: Everlast Evercool Kickboxing Gloves

Everlast EverCool Kickboxing Gloves

Getting our vote for some of the best fingerless kickboxing gloves, these are a stunning pair of gloves that will certainly look the part throughout any session. 

These are also the gloves that gain an Amazon’s Choice award and can be used as MMA gloves as well, due to them being fingerless. That said, they aren’t the best pair of kickboxing gloves for use on a heavy bag.

A slight variation on standard kickboxing glove types, these are a newer design that has been constructed to deal with training purposes while allowing the wearer the ultimate of comfort. 

Featuring mesh ventilation panels and a closed-cell technology for hand safety, these also provide a hook and loop adjustable wrist strap for the most secure of fits.

Furthermore, with the addition of Everfresh, these offer an antimicrobial treatment that actively prevents those most offensive of odors. The result is a fresher feel and indeed improved smell!

With the emphasis on encouraging you to make the most of your training sessions, these are a superior pair of gloves that allow for a more customized fit.

What’s more, the new design features here now give an extended knuckle padding.


  • Mesh ventilation panels
  • Customized fit
  • Increased knuckle padding


  • Still some complaints of lingering odors after use

Product Specifications

SizeOne size fits all (adjustable)
Best for Training

Alternative: Anthem Athletics Stormbringer Kickboxing Gloves

Best Kickboxing Gloves For Workouts 1

For an outstanding pair of leather kickboxing gloves, we believe the Stormbringer series is an excellent choice.

These are Anthem Athletics premium buffalo leather gloves, which make them the most superior of choices material wise. 

This use of leather means a more durable choice, and one that works hard to increase performance every time. 

Furthermore, the company believes their gloves beat those standard leather type gloves hands down!

In bold colors and boasting of the Anthem Athletics logo, these gloves are available for purchase in sizes 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz.

Incorporating a high performance and PU type foam into the gloves cushioning, these assure of maximum impact absorption and, of course, protection.

In addition to this inner padding, the wrist area is also highly protected with increased padding enhanced here, thus encouraging a more secure fit every time. 

What’s more, inside the gloves is a moisture-wicking lining to keep the wearer feeling fresher throughout.


  • Premium buffalo leather
  • High performing foam
  • Moisture-wicking lining


  • Suggested as better for light training rather than heavy work

Product Specifications

Size12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz
MaterialBuffalo leather
Best for Training, sparring & competition

Alternative: Elite Sports Kickboxing Gloves

Elite Sports Boxing Gloves

For an increased kickboxing session every time and one that ensures added protection, the Elite Sports kickboxing gloves offer shock-absorbent action throughout.

These are constructed with the sole purpose of ensuring you can keep your focus, taking care of the safety and protection element for you.

This equals a lightweight glove type that is constructed using high-quality PU leather.

With a pre-curved anatomic hand design, the correct fist closure comes naturally while training rather than requiring you to rethink your positioning every time.

Triple density gel and impact foam dominate the inner glove area while the outer surface ensures durability and an easier to clean style. 

With a secure velcro wrist closure to continue that protection down to the wrists, these gloves are designed to minimize potential sprains and injuries incurred during kickboxing training and workouts. 

Finally, a 3D mesh inside encourages a cooler, dryer, and fresher workout.

Available in a wide selection of modern colors, these also come in a wide choice of sizes. 


  • Sold as a set of two boxing gloves
  • Improves correct fist closure
  • 3D inner mesh


  • Long term durability questioned

Product Specifications

Size4 oz to 16 oz
MaterialPU leather
Best for Sparring & training

Alternative: Ringside Gel Kickboxing Gloves

Best Kickboxing Gloves For Workouts 2

Our final kickboxing gloves for review on our list here come from Ringside and are their gel-type gloves designed to help you reach all your training needs and goals.

In a massive collection of colors and designs, these gloves also receive an Amazon Choice award for Best Ringside Boxing Gloves.

These come in a selection of sizes ranging from small to x-large.

Providing the wearer with full wrist support in the form of a tapered wrap-around closure, protection is even more increased via the hook and loop closure.

Claimed to be all-inclusive gloves, these benefit greatly from injected molded foam to increase the layers giving the ultimate comfortable glove type and one which endures more every time. 

What’s more, with a pre-curved molded hand for increased striking ability, these also offer a sleek surface texture in their use of synthetic leather material.


  • Gel type of design
  • Injected molded foam
  • Pre-curved molded hand


  • Suggested as taking more time to break-in

Product Specifications

SizeSmall to X-Large
MaterialSynthetic leather
Best for Bag work

Kickboxing gloves FAQ

Difference between kickboxing & boxing gloves

You may find that there aren’t many variations between that of boxing gloves and that of kickboxing gloves when searching the marketplace.

This is because boxing gloves are the most padded of glove types, and most people look to this increased protection to also help them through kickboxing sessions.

Though – we do suggest ensuring that if a glove type is advertised as a boxing glove, it also features kickboxing in the title. 

Boxing gloves offer more in the way of protection for your knuckles, which is why they double up as great kickboxing gloves as well. On that note, Muay Thai gloves can also be used during kickboxing sessions.

What are cardio kickboxing gloves?

Cardio kickboxing is different from that of standard kickboxing as it relies entirely on cardio. Therefore it usually doesn’t include fighting of self-defense – just pure fitness.  

So, when selecting gloves for this practical training session, you won’t necessarily need to look for the increased protection that standard kickboxing gloves require. This means you can opt for a lightweight choice here or alternatively choose from a greater selection of glove types.

The pair of fingerless Everlast kickboxing gloves are the best-suited gloves for if you are doing cardio kickboxing. You can find them in pink or black on Amazon.

Which material gloves should I pick?

The best kickboxing glove material is that of leather. The gloves that we’ve reviewed all boast a leather construction, and it’s this material that ensures a strong and most durable of gloves. Leather is also the easier of materials to care for.

Buffalo leather is a top-quality leather choice here, with PU leather the next best. However, you will also find high quality engineered, and PU leather choices hold up well throughout use.

What is the difference in how the gloves close?

You may come across more gloves that offer a velcro closing. This is the more popular of choices and allows for easy access when putting them on and taking them off. It also makes them stronger and more likely to remain in place throughout use.

However, there are also gloves offering a tapered wrap-around closure. These are a more selective choice and take a little longer to master. However, some feel that wrap around closures offer more protection and prefer them as opposed to velcro. 

The differences here, though, may very well come down to a matter of personal preference in feel, access, and, ultimately, ongoing protection levels.

How to identify which weight gloves to pick

Most gloves offer sizes ranging from as light as 4 oz to as heavy as 16 oz. You should ideally look at the type of activity you intend on taking part in when considering gloves, but the weights of your chose gloves are hugely important as well.

As a guide:

  • Gloves 10 oz and under are suitable for those under 100 Ibs in weight
  • Gloves 10 oz to 12 oz are suitable for those from 100 to 125 lbs in weight
  • Gloves 12 oz to 14 oz are suitable for those between 125 Ibs to 160 Ibs in weight
  • Gloves of 16 oz weight and over are suitable for those weights of 180 Ibs plus.


To get the best out of every kickboxing session, we thoroughly recommend you choose a glove type that claims to support this wonderful sport. 

This way, you ensure better all-around performance as well as protecting your hands and wrists as best as you can.

All gloves reviewed here are selected as suitable for kickboxing purposes and work hard to ensure you can get on and focus on the task at hand, albeit fully protected each time you do.

Here at PunchPrime we also review much more than just gloves, take a look around our site.

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