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Boxer against the ropes

Different Boxing Styles & Stances

When I was a beginner, I remember not knowing all the boxing terminology when it came to boxing stances and styles. That’s why I’m writing …

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Best Light Heavyweight Boxers - Bernard Hopkins & Roy Jones Jr Fight I

Best Light Heavyweight Boxers of all Time

Light heavyweight boxers are sometimes overlooked due to many rating heavyweight boxers as the best boxers of all time. That said, many light heavyweight boxers …

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Ali & Frazier - Two of the Best Black Boxers of all time

Best Black Boxers of all Time

In preparation for Black History Month in October, we’re going to look at the best black boxers of all time. Over the years, many of …

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Best Boxing Books

Best Boxing Books in 2022

If you’re addicted to boxing like me, you’ll want to know which are the best boxing books to read in your downtime. That’s why we’ve …

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Typical Boxer's Diet

Boxers Diet Plan – What do Boxers Eat?

A boxer’s diet will differ depending on the goals of the individual. For example, if you’re wanting to maintain weight for a fight then you’ll …

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Aikido & Judo images side by side

Aikido vs Judo

Aikido and Judo are two Japanese martial arts that both stemmed from jujutsu. There are some key differences between the two martial arts which we …

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Boxer Jumping Rope in a Gym

Why Do Boxers Jump Rope?

When you think of jumping rope your mind immediately pictures a boxer, at least it does for us. There are many videos on YouTube of …

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Muay Thai Stretches

Muay Thai Stretches

Stretching before and after a Muay Thai session is vital. It’s important to stretch in any walk of life, especially if you’re taking part in …

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Man Shadow Boxing in Ring (Black & White)

Shadow Boxing Benefits

Shadow boxing is one of the first exercises you learn when starting as a beginner in boxing and other martial arts. A boxer would often …

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10 Best Boxers in MMA

Best Boxers in MMA & UFC History

Are you a mixed martial arts (MMA) or Ultimate Fighting (UFC) fan? Do you recognize the sport’s great boxers? Would you like to know the …

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Canelo Alvarez Boxing Gloves vs Floyd Mayweather

Canelo Álvarez Boxing Gloves

Canelo Álvarez is up there with the best pound-for-pound boxers of all time. He’s won world championships in four different weight classes and even though …

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Vegan Boxers

Vegan Boxers

Veganism is becoming more popular as people are starting to see the health benefits of not eating meat. Some boxers have been experimenting with vegan …

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Sugar Ray Leonard vs Robert Duran Bolo Punch

What is a bolo Punch?

The bolo punch was a punch first used in Filipino martial arts. It is like a huge circular uppercut strike and can be a devastating …

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Boxer on the canvas from rabbit punch

What is a rabbit punch?

Whilst boxing and MMA are completely different fighting sports some rules are the same. One similarity is that a rabbit punch is an illegal punch …

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Contact lenses set - Can you box with contacts?

Can you box with contacts?

Some people are born with poor eyesight whilst others deteriorate over time. You might be a talented boxer, but if you can’t see punches being …

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