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Best Kids BJJ Gi

Best BJJ Kids Gi Reviewed 2024

If your kids are starting their journey in Jiu Jitsu, it’s important that they dress in the adequate gi. A good BJJ gi will give …

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Best Boxing Shoes 2022

Best Boxing Shoes For Wide Feet & Arch Support – 2024

You might have great footwork, but are your current boxing shoes the right pair to take you to the next level? Having strong footing is …

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Best Jump Rope For Boxing

Best Jump Rope for Boxing Reviewed 2024

If you want to master your boxing skills and last a fight that goes the full number rounds then you need to be fit and …

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Best Double End Bag

Best Double-End Bag Reviewed 2024 (Including Mexican)

For any boxer or fighter out there, no training material is more important than a punching bag. You can improve your punches without practicing on …

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Best Boxing Reflex Ball

Best Boxing Reflex Balls to Improve Reactions – 2024

Boxing requires you to be quick with your actions and react even quicker. To give yourself an advantage when boxing with someone, you need to …

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Best Heavy Bag Stand

Best Heavy Bag Stands & Hangers Reviewed 2024

Whether you’re trying to bring your boxing and martial arts home, looking to practice your techniques without the need for a trainer and without the …

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Best Outdoor Punching Bag

Best Outdoor Punching Bag for All Year Round

Did you know that not all punching bags are suitable for the outdoors? That’s why we’ve put this guide together of the best outdoor punching …

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Best BJJ Mats For Home

Best BJJ Mats for Home & Academy 2024

The last thing you need after hours of dedicated practice is shin splints or joint strains. Instead of risking injury on carpeted floors and backyard …

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Best Judo Gi

Best Judo Gi in 2024 – Double & Single Weave

An appropriate gi is undeniably crucial to your performance as a Judo player. Whether this is your first time buying a Judo gi or if …

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Best Headgear For BJJ

Best Headgear for BJJ & Wrestling Reviewed 2024

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or BJJ, is a form of martial arts. It’s based on ground fighting. It teaches you how to use your opponent’s body to …

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Best BJJ Rash Guards

Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Rash Guards Reviewed 2024

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is more than a competitive sport. It can transform your whole life with its unique tactical thinking and robust physical attributes.  But rolling …

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Best Reflex Bags

Best Reflex Punching Bags for Boxing – Reviewed 2024

Reflex bags are one of the most common types of punching bags that people buy. They’re great for all levels of fighters, beginners and experts. …

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Best Kickboxing Hand Wraps

Best Hand Wraps for Kickboxing Reviewed 2024

Depending on your kickboxing training, kickboxing hand wraps might be better than gloves. Don’t call us crazy just yet.  For example, there are many people …

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Best Water Punching Bags

Best Water-Filled Punching Bags 2024

Are you looking for a new punching bag and weighing up the different types available? One type of punching bag that’s becoming more popular is …

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Best Punching Dummy

Best Human Punching Dummy Bag Reviewed 2024

When buying a new punching bag, one of the options that you’ll consider is the punching dummy models. These realistic-looking punch bags might look tough …

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