Best Punching Bag For Kickboxing

Out of all the fighting practices that we write about, kickboxing is arguably one of the newest to arrive. The United States Kickboxing Association (USKA) was only founded in the early 1970s. So, we’re not surprised when we hear questions like – “are there specifically made kickboxing bags?”

That’s what we’re going to look at. Although most punching bags can be used for kickboxing training, there are some that are better suited. A good kickboxing bag is also the kind of punching bag that is good for Muay Thai training too.

Let’s kick this off then, below you’ll find the 8 best kickboxing bags that we’ve reviewed in-depth.

Fairtex Banana Bag – Best Overall

Fairtex Banana Bag

The first kickboxing bag on the list comes from the brand Fairtex. This black banana bag is great for kickboxing training due to its length and shape. You can easily practice low and high kicks on this bag.

Fairtex manufactures this specific banana bag in two colors, black and neon-green. The bag comes unfilled, with a zip on top of the bag you can fill the bag to your heart’s content. It’s advised not to use sand, but rather old clothes, or specific punching bag filling.

At 6ft the bag is perfect for hanging to a ceiling or on a heavy bag stand. As it’s going to be used as a kickboxing bag you don’t want to have it too far off the ground though.


  • Well constructed bag
  • Fair price point
  • All materials used are long-lasting


  • Comes unfilled

Product Specs:

MaterialsSynthetic leather
Dimensions36 cm dia. x 180 cm
WeightApprox 35-40kg

Fairtex 7ft Pole Bag – Best Large Surface Bag

Fairtex Heavy Pole Bag

Time for Fairtex’s second bag on the list. This is because they specialize in bags that suit kickboxing and Muay Thai training. The 7ft pole bag is great for these types of martial arts as it’s the longest bag on offer from Fairtex. Depending on the height that you hang it from, this bag can sit on the floor, acting as a perfect sparring partner.

The pole bag from Fairtex has a wider diameter compared to the 6ft banana bag. Which one you chose is a matter of preference. If you’re looking for a kickboxing bag with a wider diameter and that is heavier, then this is the one.

You’ll find that you can practice every type of technique on this bag, that’s why it’s great.


  • Large striking area
  • Made for kickboxing and Muay Thai training
  • Quality materials used


  • Comes unfilled

Product Specs:

MaterialsSynthetic leather
Dimensions59 cm dia. x 210 cm (7 feet high)
WeightApprox 140kg 

Century Wavemaster XXL – best standing kickboxing bag 

Century Wavemaster XXL

Century is a punching bag brand that needs no introduction. We’ve included the Century Wavemaster XXL as one of the best kickboxing bags due to its increased striking surface. This is when compared to the Original Wavemaster from Century. It also has a much smaller base, but is still able to hold the bags weight well.

The height of this bag measures 69 inches with a diameter of 18 inches. When the base is fully filled with water or sand the bag will weigh roughly 270 lbs. It’s the heaviest freestanding punching bag from Century. So, you can be sure that it can handle all types of kicks that you throw at it.

All Century bags are made with high-quality material, and it’s the same for the Wavemaster XXL. The cover is made from durable vinyl and behind that is high-density foam. 

The assembly is extremely straightforward, you don’t even need any tools. Just follow the provided instructions in piecing all the items together and away you go. A perfect gift that can be set up in minutes.


  • Super easy to assemble
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • From a World-renowned brand


  • On the expensive side

Product Specs:

MaterialsVinyl, high-density foam
Dimensions59 cm dia. x 69” (7 feet high)
WeightApprox 140kg

Everlast 70lbs Heavy Kickboxing Bag

Everlast 70 lbs Heavy Bag

This next kickboxing bag comes from another famous Worldwide boxing equipment brand, Everlast. This model is the 70lb hanging heavy bag. It’s perfect to hang in your house or garage. If you have a stand or are going to buy a heavy bag stand then this bag will easily attach to it. 

It doesn’t have the same length as some of the other bags we’ve reviewed, so this bag is better for medium to high kicks. It’s also lighter than the other bags, so you’ll have to keep on your toes and act as if you’re fighting a sparring partner. There is the addition of a double end loop on the bottom of the bag. You can attach a punching bag weight to this to keep the bag more stable.

The Everlast heavy bag comes in two different colors, either black/red or platinum/black. Compared to the other hanging bags this one comes already filled, so you won’t have to buy any extras to stuff it.


  • Comes already filled
  • Made with premium synthetic leather
  • Double end loop attached for increased stability


  • Not as heavy as others

Product Specs:

MaterialsPremium synthetic leather
Dimensions50″ in height with a 13.25″ diameter

Century Versys Bag – Best for Cardio Kickboxing

Century Versys Free-standing Bag

Another kickboxing bag from Century is the Versys model. This bag is perfect for mixed martial arts as it can be thrown around and grounded easily. It’s also suitable for cardio kickboxing due to the fact that the bag moves with the base remaining in place.

The base comes prefilled with sand so you don’t have the hassle of filling it yourself. The bag is covered by a durable vinyl shell that feels fine with or without gloves. Whilst using it you can use normal or cardio kickboxing gloves. There’s also the option of using kickboxing hand wraps too. 

The style of the Century Versys makes it great for performing both high and low kicks. The bag weighs approximately 100 lbs and the dimensions are as follows – 60 x 10 x 10 inches.


  • Comes prefilled (base and bag)
  • Great for high and low kicks
  • Good for cardio kickboxing


  • Not suitable as a heavy bag

Product Specs:

MaterialsVinyl cover, sand base
Dimensions60 x 10 x 10 inches

Jayefo Kickboxing Heavy Bag – Most affordable

Best Punching Bag For Kickboxing 1

Time for another banana bag, this time from the brand Jayefo. This bag comes in three sizes, 4ft, 5ft and the largest 6ft. Which is great as it gives you options depending on the user(s). It also comes in a range of different colors with the base color black. These are gold, yellow, red, silver and full black.

This kickboxing bag comes unfilled so you’ll have to buy filling material or use old clothes. We suggest the first option as it fills it better. You can however use a mixture of the two.

The outer material of the bag is premium leather and is attached with 3 secure hanging nylon straps.

Depending on the size that you buy, the bags can be filled between 70lbs and up to 150 lbs. All offered sizes are excellent for practicing your kickboxing technique.


  • 3 size choices
  • Constructed with premium leather
  • Great price to quality ratio
  • 10 years warranty


  • Comes unfilled
  • No bottom loop

Product Specs:

MaterialsHigh-grade leather
Dimensions4ft, 5ft, 6ft

RDX Kickboxing bag Complete set

Best Punching Bag For Kickboxing 2

This next option is a full kickboxing bag set from RDX. The fact that you get a whole set means that you don’t have to purchase any other items separately.

The RDX heavy bag set comes in two different sizes, either 4ft or 5ft. It’s a bit of shame they don’t have a 6ft option. If you’re after a slightly taller bag we recommend the Jayefo bag above. What’s great about this bag though is that the bag comes already filled. So all you have to do is fix the mount, hang it and then you start training.

The set comes with 14 items including the bag, you probably won’t end up using them all but some are nice to have. The other items are:

  • Boxing mitts
  • Hand wraps
  • Jump rope
  • Wall bracket
  • Hanging steel chains
  • Swivel
  • D-shackle
  • Hand brackets
  • Key rings 

You may not ever use the key rings, but some of the other items are handy. For example, the jump rope is great for conditioning training. Another plus to the bag is the hook underneath the bag. This can attach to a floor anchor to make the bag more stable when using it.


  • It’s a complete kickboxing bag set
  • Bag comes prefilled
  • Hook underneath for increased stability
  • Great for all ages


  • No 6ft option

Product Specs:

MaterialsNon-tear leather

Atlasonix Inflatable Punching Bag – Best Kickboxing Bag for Kids

Atlasonix Inflatable Kids Punching Bag

This last kickboxing bag focuses on one for kids. It’s an inflatable punching bag that comes with a fillable base. The easiest method is to use water to fill the base.

This kids punching bag is one of the most popular for kids under the age of 10 years. It’s made from non-toxic PVC so your child can kick and punch this until they’re tired. It can also be used as an outdoor bag when the weather is good. As well as the fact that you can deflate it and transfer it to anywhere you want, a truly portable punching bag.

This inflatable punching bag comes in three colours, red, blue and yellow. It will make a perfect present for a kid, and a good way for your child to keep active. 


  • Easy to move around
  • Quick assembly
  • Made with quality materials


  • Not good for advanced kids

Product Specs:

TypeFree-standing (inflatable)
MaterialsPVC cover
Dimensions5ft 3 inches

Kickboxing Bag FAQs

What kind of punching bag do I need for kickboxing?

To be honest, you can use regular punching bags for kickboxing training. But, there are some that are ideal for kickboxing. The ideal bags for kickboxing are pole bags and banana bags. This is because they are long in length, making it great for practicing low, medium, and high kicks.

Hanging heavy bags are also a good option if the bag has a large enough striking surface. Then the other option is a free-standing bag which also has a big striking area.

What size heavy bag to get for kickboxing?

The size of the heavy bag should be at least over 70lbs. If it’s any lower than that then you should make sure that there’s a double end loop so that you can attach a floor weight. This will increase stability, which is great for when you’re punching and kicking the bag.

What is best for kickboxing bag sand or water?

This question comes up with all types of punching bags, not just kickboxing bags. What shall I fill the base with water or sand? It’s a personal choice, and it depends on a few things.

Is the bag going to remain in the same place at all times? If yes, then sand is great. If the answer is no, then use water as it’s easy to drain and then you can move the bag to a new location. Undoubtedly, the bag will be heavier when filled with sand, compared to filled with water. So, if it needs more weight in the base then use sand.

How to hang a kickboxing bag

The best way to hang a kickboxing bag is using a wall/ceiling mount or a punching bag stand. The set from RDX gives you everything you need, all you need is the tools.

If you get a stand, this is the easiest setup. All you have to do is assemble the stand, add the chains to the hook on the punching bag.

If you are using a wall bracket or ceiling hook, you’ll need to find the right place in the wall/ceiling to add this fixture. This is because punching bags are heavy and if you don’t find the right location you could damage the wall/ceiling.

Once the hanging structure is in place, follow the same steps with attaching the bag to the hook.

How to fill a kickboxing bag

If you’ve bought an unfilled kickboxing bag then you’ll need to add the materials inside yourself. Each bag will have an opening, usually a zip on the top of the bag, this is where you need to add the stuffing.

The different types of materials that you can use include:

  • Punching bag filler (memory foam)
  • Old shredded clothes
  • Sand and sawdust (not advised)

These are the most common options you have. The best option is to go with the punching bag filler, but this could end up being costly, depending on the size of the bag. Using old clothes is one of the cheapest options.

If you want your bag to be extra hard then sand and sawdust is the way to go. But, it’s not ideal for a kickboxing bag unless you’re wearing shin guards. To be honest, one good option is to use a mixture of two or even all three materials so that the bag is completely packed.

In Summary

That wraps up our list of the best kickboxing bags, hopefully you’ve found one that suits your needs. As stated above, the best type of bag for kickboxing training are banana or pole bags. This is followed by standing bags that don’t have a large base like the two from Century.

We think that you’ll be pleased with either of the Fairtex models (6ft banana or 7ft pole), or those from Century. The two from Century are a bit more expensive, but the quality is at the highest level.

You can check out all of our equipment reviews here.

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